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Professor Oak smiles and glances at the blue haired man. "That's Correct." he says. "Applicants are required to keep their pokemon stowed away in the entrance of safety and security. This requirement doesn't apply to members of my security team, nor to Sergei, who has been requested by the Pokemon League to be present for each year's New Trainer Sendoff*. At the risk of being morbid, Sergei here is my last line of defense against those who would put my research to foul ends, or steal new technology or rare pokemon from my lab."
Tyson's eyes light up when he realizes the man's identity but his expression quickly shifts back to a neutral state. With a small grin on his face he gives a small nod of acknowledgment to Sergei before hearing out Oak.

After the process of registration begins Tyson closes his eyes and leans back further in his seat as he waits for his name to be called.

So they even requested that the Pallet City Gym Leader be here to ensure everyone's safety... Could the lab really be in that much danger? Tyson lets out a brief sigh as he continues to sit with his thoughts. The Safari Zone in Fuchsia isn't even guarded as heavily.

His eyes open as his name is called and in one fluid motion he swings his legs off of the desk and onto the floor to stand. As he walks toward the front of the room he reaches to belt and removes a single pokeball. He gives it a small upward toss and catches in his right hand, placing it onto the machine. Shifting his focus over to the Pokedex he picks one up and looks it over before asking the Professor, "So how's this work exactly? And what can it do?" Tyson retrieves his pokeball and returns it to his belt as he awaits the Professor's response.

After listening to Oak he returns to his seat and continues to inspect his newly acquired Pokedex. Not bad...

He loses himself in thought once again until the Professor begins to speak about their journey to Viridian City and their partner.

Partner huh? Never heard of them doing this before but I guess it's not the worst that could happen. Last I checked Viridian's only a route away.

Hearing his name called, Tyson looks to the woman and gives a half-hearted salute before pocketing his pokedex.

After the Oak's Aide gathers the trainers and escorts them out of the compound Tyson moves to find his partner at his leisurely pace once again. As he approaches he sees her release a small black dog from a pokeball then comes to stop a several steps away, fingers interlocked behind his head.

"Hey, Cassandra right? If you didn't already catch it my name's Tyson, but you can call me 'Ty' if it helps any. Looks like I'll be your partner."

Tyson wears a friendly smile as he extends his right arm and presents an open palm to shake hands with.