Tyson (twisting the Space-Time-Continuum)

The Pokedex you hold in your hand is a Calculator sized and shaped object that folds open like a book. It’s interior contains a small screen, a tiny speaker, and a number of buttons.

“The Mark K5 Pokedex is a self-contained communication and data storage device.” Professor Oak begins to explain with a smile. “Unlike the original, which was only capable of providing information about encountered pokemon, this version also contains information about notable locations in the region, a map, and enables text and video communication between units and hard-wired structures, service is spotty away from designated travel routes however. There is a camera on the anterior surface that will register nearby pokemon and provide information about them.”

OOC: you receive a Gen 1 Pokedex that is capable of making video calls, texting, has a map, and a handful of other assorted tools.

Cassandra (slightly warping time)

Raum looks around once he’s released from his pokeball, he sniffs the ground and around your shoes. He then looks at the lab and watches your new partner approach.

OOC: the timeline is caught up, you are now conversing in front of Oak’s compound.
Players are encouraged to frequently note in the OOC thread what pokemon they have out.