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Cassandra smiles and begins to bow to Tyson as he introduces himself, but stops and takes his offered hand instead. "I'm suppose to shake hands, right? It's hard to get use to when you been bowing to everyone your whole life," she says with a chuckle. "My name's Cassandra Kelani. Cassie, if you want."

She gestures to the Houndour beside her. "This is Raum. He's good with strangers, so you don't need to worry about him. I've been told some people don't trust the Houndour line."

"Are we ready to head out, Ty? Do you have anything you want to do before we leave the city?"

Cassandra is ready to go whenever Tyson is. She's already said all of her goodbyes and has nothing else she needs to purchase. She does, however, need to to be pointed in the right direction.
Tyson laughs in return. "Yeah, I guess it would be."

If she only knew half of it... Now then, let's see how this works.

He kneels and pulls out his pokedex, registering Houndour.

"Hey Raum, nice to meet you. Looks like we'll be traveling together for a while." He then offers his left hand for the Houndour to inspect and will pet Raum if he seems receptive.

Tyson softly shrugs his shoulders as he rises to his feet. "He seems friendly enough. Why wouldn't someone trust a Houndour? Regardless, if you trust him that's good enough for me."

He points north of Oak's Lab and looks back to Cassandra. Hmm... was her eye always so green? "Route 1 is that way."

"I haven't been in Pallet long but I've seen just about everything I there is to see here. Well, everything except for the Gym I guess. Unless you have anywhere you want to visit or anyone you still wanna say goodbye to, I'm ready to get started too."

If Cassandra has no objections Tyson will lead them outside the city and onto Route 1.

"So Cassie, you from here?" he says as he looks sidelong to his companion.