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He kneels and pulls out his pokedex, registering Houndour.

"Hey Raum, nice to meet you. Looks like we'll be traveling together for a while." He then offers his left hand for the Houndour to inspect and will pet Raum if he seems receptive.
Cassandra smiles as Tyson greets Raum. This was her and her Houndour's first time really outside the temple; they'd seen more in their short journey to Pallet City than they's seen pretty much their entire lives.

"My father told me that some people don't like Houndours and Houndooms. Something about criminal teams using them, or something?"

She follows Tyson out to Route 1, conversing with him as they walk. "I'm from just outside Lavender Town. My grandparents own a temple, which my parents help them take care of. What about you? You said you hadn't been in Pallet long."