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She follows Tyson out to Route 1, conversing with him as they walk. "I'm from just outside Lavender Town. My grandparents own a temple, which my parents help them take care of. What about you? You said you hadn't been in Pallet long."
"Me? I'm from Fuchsia City. Both of my parents work as Pokemon Rangers at the Fuchsia City Safari Zone." Tyson pauses to consider something for a moment. "Now that I think about it, this is probably the first time I've left Fuchsia in years."

A thought comes to Tyson as he looks to Cassandra and Raum. He reaches to his belt and stops to release Kasumi from her pokeball.

"And this is my partner Kasumi."

Tyson pulls out his pokedex and registers the Froakie. He then kneels so that Kasumi can climb onto his shoulder.