After you make the comment about Kasumiís behavior, she blows a large bubble and pops it. Loudly.


Your pokedex pings and recites the same information as Tysonís about the frog.

Raum growls contentedly.

Spoiler: Tysonís perception
As you walk, you donít notice any pokemon, except for a tiny grey bird pecking and scratching away at the dust on the side of the Route.

Spoiler: Cassandraís perception
You hear a rustling off to the your left, through a gap in the trees you see a circle of strange mushrooms and a shiny object floating in the middle of itÖ it appears to be some sort of archaic key ring. There are also several pokemon scuttling about the clearing, seemingly tending to the mushrooms.

Spoiler: Cassandraís General Edu.
You are unable to place the name. You feel you are missing a really big, obvious thing.