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    Default Re: [PTU, IC] big teej presents: Kanto Plus: Aftermath



    Originally Posted by Pokedex

    Pidove, The Tiny Pidgeon Pokemon, While completely obedient to its trainer, Pidove tend fail to follow complicated commands.

    Spoiler: Pokemon Edu:
    Pidov are fairly common, at least around fuschia city, the flocks can put up quite an annoying racket.

    OOC: Tyson may open Cassandra’s previous perception roll, now that it has been pointed out to him.


    Your pokedex buzzes in your hands, the phrase “SUBJECT NOT FOUND” appear on your pokedex’s screen in blocky yellow text.

    You will need to move closer to scan the pokemon.
    Spoiler: Pokemon Edu:

    The tiny floating object is a Klefki, a Steel Fairy with a fondness for keys. It is surrounded by several Paras tending a mushroom patch.

    neither the Pidove nor the pokemon in the woods appear overtly hostile at this time, what do you do?

    OOC: Players are reminded that should they enter combat, the posting requirement will increase to a minimum of once per day.
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