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Dude, I just have to say, THANK YOU.

It always bugs me when people get on their high horse and refuse to even entertain the idea that physics might not function the same in fantasy worlds as they do in the real one. When Bob's level wizard has broken the laws of physics so often Newton and Einstein have a restraining order against him, and he's just third level, I'd say it's a pretty big clue that things don't neccisarilly work the same way as they do in reality. It's fine to assume normal stuff for a base line, and most of the time it's probally not going to come up anyhow, but in the event it does, I mean, if people've already accepted that things work different here, so why are they surrprised and upset to find out that things work different here.

Personally finding out that gravity works not becasue a natural phenomenon by which all things with energy are brought toward one another is in play but because greed spirits that live in the planet's core are constantly trying to pull everyone down too them is no more threatening to my verisimilitude than a 50ft tall Giant's spine not snapping like a twig in defiance of the square-cube law. "That's just how this particular world works"
I've often thought that fantasy worlds probably run off debunked science. For example, the presence of the (ever increasing number of) elemental planes suggests a different elemental system, closer to the classical system than Mendeleev's. The existence of alchemists and elementals suggests that proto-sciences work just fine. Magical healing runs off "positive energy", just as today's psychic healers will tell you it does, and medical scientists won't. The possibility of half-dragon suggests that genetics is not behaving itself at all.

The entire world is controlled by 5 Platonic solids, after all...