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In fairness to General Bell, the character we're seeing run around atop the waterfall (sans half of face) is Hetr. General Bell seems to be quite sane, albeit also quite ruthless.
Ah, yes. Right. Seems I was mixing up names again. Oh well, it happens.
In that case I take my statements about Bell back and say it about Hetr instead.

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Wasn't he the guy tasting the blood of the girl he had just sucker sworded? Unless it's an ancient Crescian way to show respect by spreading hepatitis, I wouldn't put him into the "fully normal" bin. Toma doesn't do that.
Did he actually taste the blood?
Either way, until we know more about him than „vampirism as a gesture of... respect(?)”* and „seems to be involved with the tasty lizard and his silver beasty”** I will hold back on judging him.

*Or whatever that was supposed mean.
**Although that is pretty damning in itself.