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    Quote Originally Posted by Tels View Post
    What are your thoughts on allowing a "could de grace" like effect, but for healing? Essentially, a full-round action to focus the healing and achieve a stronger effect. Rationalizing is casting it as a standard action is inefficient and the energy is scattered, but if you take your time and focus it on the affected areas, you can achieve a greater result.

    It could simply be maximizing it, or 50% more healing, or doubling (ala a critical hit), or something like a vital strike and roll dice twice then add static modifiers.

    I've been considering letting people use coup de grace and vital strike for healing spells or effects to make in combat healing a little more attractive.
    As far as I'm concerned I'd have no problems with that. Most healing spells are touch-range attack rolls which means they can critically hit and they can be used for coup de grace attacks. The rules assume that you don't have to roll attacks with such spells against willing targets so you don't typically end up threatening critical hits, but to my knowledge there's nothing explicitly preventing you from using such a spell to perform a coup de grace, but you'd generally need to be holding the charge already (since you need a full-round action to deliver and it takes a standard to cast). It could be a great way to make healing between combat encounters more productive.

    The biggest issue in regular D20 is anytime you perform a coup de grace there's a 10 + damage taken save DC vs dying, so even if you took no damage from the attack (it actually healed you) you've still got a chance of suddenly pushing daisies (I guess this is the material plane equivalent of vacationing on the positive energy plane or something). I actually wrote a note into d20 legends noting that if the attack deals no damage (using the example of a healing ability being used to make the coup de grace) that they don't have to test vs dying.

    Of course, some healing abilities may have no attack, or even rolls involved (the psionic ability natural healing which heals X Hp * Y PP, or things like lesser vigor or infernal healing spring to mind) so those wouldn't be applicable for those reasons.

    Personally I have no problem with someone doing that. In fact, it might even create a great reason to pre-cast spells like cure light wounds and hold the charge if you intend to be healing in combat. That also has the side benefit of making healing a bit more proactive since you are essentially reading a "big heal" and then using it when someone gets clobbered. You'd need to be careful of positioning though as you'd still provoke from those who threatened you (fortunately if you're behind your target they provide soft cover which prevents AoOs).

    EDIT: Also yes, as best as I can tell, you could use held charged spells with vital strike. That's an interesting thought and would definitely open some doors to launching some big heals or hurts using those feats. Spells tend to have a pretty solid pile of dice associated with them so multiplying those would be really nice. It might also be a tactic that a Magus might be interested in as well since vital striking 5d6 electricity damage can make for some pretty big booms on the cheap.
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