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I never thought of it before reading this thread but I think I might have believed in syringe vampires too.
That might be because in books (outside of the young adult vampire romances*) more often than not it is syringe vampires.

Polidori's "The Vampyre" (first English Vampire story) specifically likened to a pair of bug bites.
Dracula is questionable in the books, and even in the films (Hammer Horror, i.e. the birth place of 60-70% of our modern movie vampire tropes, likened them to giant bug bites, but also had the trickle of blood... once Christopher Lee removed his mouth which is consistent with syringe).
Vampire$ (the film John Carpenter's Vampires was based on) specifically mentioned syringe bites.
Salem's Lot specifically mentioned bug-like and syringe bites.
Even in Anne Rice it's questionable.

So yeah, outside of Buffy syringe vampires are the norm.

*I haven't read these save the first 2 Anne Rice books and the first Twilight book, my gf who does says that chompy chomp or unspecified is more common because eww you don't want to liken the love interest to a mosquito.