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    Dire Animals

    More quirky, semi-prehistoric animals! Aren't you happy? I'm not.

    Dire Ape

    As far as melee characters go, one could do worse. Talking your DM into allowing a wielded weapon shouldn't be hard, and even if that doesn't work, there's mouthpick weapons. However, animal intelligence and 5 RHD cut down on versatility a bit. Still, the damage output is quite large for this level, so I'm playing it safe here and assigning them a +1 LA.

    Dire Badger

    Three animal HD net you great constitution and acceptable strength. Both can then get further boosted by Rage. A burrow speed and Track as a bonus feat add a bit of out-of-combat versatility. All things considered, +0 LA.

    Dire Bat

    High dex, good strength and constitution, large size, fly speed... and a single weak bite attack. I can't really see anyone playing these any time soon: even with mouthpick weapons there's better options out there. -0 LA.

    Dire Bear

    Yes, it's a giant fearsome bear. Yes, it's the poster child for dire animals. But honestly: do you want to spend 12 levels on being moderately good at mauling stuff? -0 LA.

    Dire Boar

    Ferocity is interesting, but a 1st-level spell does the same thing better. The huge strength bonuses and size would make dire boars attractive warrior-types, but they're going to have a very hard time wielding weapons. There's not even a bonus on charge attacks: -0 LA will suffice here.

    Dire Lion

    Stick to lion totem barbarians: the animal itself just isn't worth spending 8 levels on. Grappling is much less useful now that FoM is a thing, and the fact that one will need at least three expensive amulets to make the natural attacks viable isn't working in the lion's favor either. -0 LA.

    Dire Rat

    Do these guys have potential? I think so. The animal HD hurt less now that it's only a single one, and the dexterity bonus and free Weapon Finesse are a nice entry into Rogue. However, when a moderately optimized character can have four of these guys as pets at 1st-level, adding a LA above +0 just seems rude.

    Dire Shark

    18 HD means grappling jumped the shark (hah!) long ago. The relatively low strength (an orc barbarian is far surpassing it by now) isn't helping either. -0 LA (I keep repeating myself here, don't I?).

    Dire Tiger

    Hi there, dire-lion-but-bigger. Doubling in HD but increasing the stats only by a fraction of this does not a viable character make. *sigh* -0 LA.

    Dire Weasel

    This, at least, is somewhat more interesting. Like the dire rat, these guys have good dexterity, free Weapon Finesse, and good movement. Constitution damage is scarce at these levels, and combined with Attach a dire weasel character should bring something new to the table. I'm tempted to give it a LA, but that's probably just the endless line of worthless animals skewing my norms. +0 LA, I guess.

    Dire Wolf

    [insert GoT meme here]

    Six RHD net you some admittedly high strength, but that's it. Either dire wolves focus on a subpar bite attack, or they get a Mouthpick weapon and lose their one special attack. -0 LA.

    Dire Wolverine

    Dire badger II: mushroom mushroom. (jokes are hard, okay?) Seriously: these critters are a lot like their badgerous kin, except bigger, with more strength and a climb speed replacing their borrow speed. It's alright, but not worth a LA over +0.
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