Adamna, the First Homunculus (unseenmage)

Adamna gives his summoner powers like that of a golem's, transforming them into a terror in combat.

Vestige Level: 4th
Binding DC: 22
Special Requirement: Yes

Legend: While there are several conflicting accounts of the story of the First Homunculus, binder scholars have managed to uncover several truths behind this mysterious vestige. It is the story of one of mankind's first follies. An arrogant wizard believed himself equal to that of the gods, and to prove it, he set about creating a being, much as the gods had created man. However, the final product was now the beautiful creature he had imagines, but rather a misshapen horror of stone, iron, and flesh. This Homunculus, as it came to be known, was in truth a gentle soul, but the hatred and revilement he received at the hands of his creator and the rest of mankind drove him first to grief, then to anger, culminating in the death of the foolish, arrogant wizard at Adamna;s hands. The Homunculus then fled to the far corners of the world, never to be seen again. At some point, he passed on from the mortal plane, but he had nowhere to go - he lacked a true soul, and was spurned from the afterlife as a result, but his will was too strong to simply disappear. Instead, it would seem that he became a vestige, waiting endlessly for someone to draw upon his power.

Special Requirement: You must place a drop of your own blood upon the seal to complete Adamna's summoning. This deals 2 points of damage to you.

Manifestation: The ground beneath the seal seems to boil and writhe as the blood flows along the lines of the seal. Eventually the ground rises up before you, shaping itself into a figure that looks vaguely like a humanoid, but taller and misshapen, equal parts stone, iron, and flesh comprising his body. When Adamna speaks, his voice is incongruous with his appearance, sounding smooth and well-spoken, much like a higher-class gentleman.

Sign: Your body twists, appearing misshapen and deformed.

Influence: Despite the anger within him, Adamna is a gentle vestige, who does not wish to frighten or threaten anyone. You cannot use the Intimidate skill while influenced by Adamna.

Granted Abilities: The First Homunculus became an influence on all other constructs created after him. Adamna gives you many of the abilities that constructs possess.
Damage Reduction: You gain Damage Reduction 10/Adamantine. You cannot benefit from this unless you show Adamna's sign.
Homunculus' Fists: You gain two slam attacks, each dealing 1d10 + your Str modifier damage (assuming you are medium sized). These count as Adamantine for the purposes of overcoming Damage Reduction.
Lightning Rebirth: The Homunculus was born from lightning, and you may use it to your advantage. If you would be dealt electricity damage, you may choose to absorb the lighting and charge your body with it. Until the end of your next turn, you may act as though under the effects of the Haste spell, and your slam attacks deal an extra 1d6 points of electricity damage. Once you have absorbed the damage once, you must wait 1d4+1 rounds before you can absorb another attack.
Mind of the Construct: You gain a +4 bonus on saving throws against mind-affecting spells and effects. If your Binder level is 14 or higher, you are instead immune to Mind-Affecting.
Body of the Construct: You have a 25% chance to negate critical hits, and a +4 bonus against poison, sleep effects, paralysis, stunning, disease, death effects, and necromancy effects. If your Binder level is 14 or higher, you instead have a 75% chance to negate critical hits, and are immune the previous effects.