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    The thread has existed for almost 12 hours and I hadn't even realized

    Alright besides the fact that permission is (obviously granted), let's get this started in earnest.

    Draconium, Covetous Stretched too Far

    Draconium was a dragon of immense power whose greed grew too great. Betraying the All-Mother he was cursed to never rest and never more to truly exist in the world.
    Vestige Level: 4th
    Binding DC: 24.
    Special Requirement: You must scatter gold or platinum coins worth 200 GP across Draconium’s seal. In addition Draconium refuses to be bound at the same time as Tiamat’s more famous failed suiter Ashardalon.

    Legend: Draconium was a red dragon of great power, one that vied for the envied, if short lived, position of Consort to the Queen. His power was great enough to be feared across his Prime home, his wings likened unto a hurricane, his breath to the flames of Hell itself. The dwarves feared him enough to flee their kingdoms to escape his terrible wrath.

    There was only one thing Draconium was better known for on his world than his power, his great and unquenchable greed. It was his greed which drove him to steal the kingdoms from the dwarves, to cease their fortress city and lair within it upon his pile of stolen wealth. It was his greed which led him to press suit with the Queen of Dragonkind.

    For Draconium did not hunger for the coveted position, no he hungered for the chance to do the unspeakable, the unthinkable, the absolutely blasphemous. Draconium attempted to steal the hoard of the Queen herself. As Draconium pressed his suit he brought his kobold servants to offer tribute and gift to the Mother of All Evil Dragons, but in truth they each carried with them a bag of holding and when they delivered their tribute and Draconium distracted the Queen they set about their theft, pilling as much as they could into their bags, and escaping through the final act of mockery and blasphemy, by shattering the urns and gifts they had brought the Dragon Queen, each one a powerful planar travel item.

    Tiamat was enraged when she discovered Draconium’s deception and she tore into him with fang and talon and tore the red wyrm limb from limb and piece from piece until he was nothing more than a scattered corpse. Now the tales begin to differ here.

    Tiamat is the Mother of All Evil Dragons, Draconium’s soul was indisputably hers. Some say she simply tore his soul to tatters, but that the dragon’s greed was too great and that even when he should have, by rights, been utterly destroyed it lingered there, unwilling to pass into nothing until he had at least gotten to savor his stolen hoard, to feel the sweet touch of that wealth beyond legend. Too tattered and torn to become a ghost, Draconium’s greed became a vestige.

    Other tales tell that Tiamat in her fury cursed the blasphemous wyrm. She sentenced him to the world of the vestiges never to be allowed to pass into non-existence until every stolen coin had found its way back to her hoard.

    Manifestation: Draconium manifests as a great and powerful red dragon head rising first from the seal and his full body following utterly intangible. Slowly the great dragon dissipates, one coin-like disc floating from his body before vanishing after another. When the deal is made what remains of Draconium scatters into nothing more than these phantasmal coins.

    Sign: Your flesh begins to peel, pieces of skin sloughing away from time to time, as if your body has trouble holding itself together.

    Influence: While under Draconium’s influence if you have the chance to take an object of value without immediate repercussion you must. In addition you will never willingly part with wealth without something of equal or greater value in exchange. The only exception to both is when you see a shrine of Tiamat where you must place a coin in honor of, or a plead of forgiveness to, the All-Mother.

    Granted Powers: Draconium grants those who bind him the power to sense wealth, and to bring it into their hand, as well draw power from their coveted wealth, to burn like the fires of the slain dragon, and to escape the eye of his kin.

    Distant Theft: As a standard action you may attempt a sleight of hand check at +4 with a range of 30 ft. You may not manipulate an object weighing more than 5 lbs with this action and the object is teleported into your hand on a success. Once you have used this ability you may not use it again for 5 rounds.

    Escape Detection: While Draconium is bound you are able to escape the enhanced senses of dragon kind. Creatures with darkvision are unable to see you with that ability when you are in total darkness (a devil’s see in darkness ability is unaffected). Creatures with low-light vision, or superior low-light vision, treats you as being in an area of shadowy illumination if a creature without low-light vision would and in total darkness if you would be to a creature without low-light vision. You are also undetectable to blindsense (but not blindsight, or non-blindsense abilities which act like blindsense). Finally true dragons suffer a -1 penalty to Spot and Listen checks to detect you per 10 ft instead of per 20 ft.

    He was Fire: While Draconium is bound you deal additional fire damage equal to your Charisma modifier with all melee attacks. You may suppress this ability or resume it as a move action.

    Miser’s Smite: You may declare a melee attack you make as a Miser’s Smite. If you do so you gain a bonus to attack rolls equal to your Charisma modifier and a bonus to damage equal to your effective binder level, however to gain either bonus you must carry 100 * bonus squared GP in wealth (objects with value simply for trade and not due to their function); if you carry insufficient wealth this bonus is reduced to match the amount of wealth you do carry. Once you have used this ability you cannot use it again until 5 rounds have passed.

    Sense Wealth: You are able to sense any accumulation of wealth (i.e. within the same 5 ft square or carried by the same creature) within 60-ft. You know the presence of any accumulation of wealth worth more than 100 GP within range; objects with value due to their function (armor, weapons, magic items) outside of to trade for other objects do not count as wealth for this ability. You do not know the individual value of accumulations of wealth sensed with this ability but you do know relative value (i.e. if there’s a secret chamber of 500 GP, a kobold guard with 120 GP, and a flawless diamond worth 10,000 GP within range you know the location of each to their 5 ft square, and know the diamond is worth more than the secret chamber which is worth more than the kobold guard). A layer of lead, 1 inch of adamantine, 1 ft of other metal, or 5 ft of stone block this ability, lesser barriers do nothing.

    For Contractors: Enthralling Voice (DrM).

    Al’Pala, Spirit of Loyalty (LoyalPaladin)

    Al’Pala is in truth not a vestige but a celestial spirit of loyalty and justice, however it allows itself to be bound through pacts much like a vestige.
    Vestige Level: 6th.
    Binding DC: 27
    Special Rules: Al’Pala is not truly a vestige but a spirit of justice and loyalty. They may only be bound by Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral, and Neutral Good characters; if they are bound by a character whose alignment changes permanently from these three alignments Al’Pala is immediately unbound, if the alignment change is temporary (Morality Undone for example) they are not unbound but become suppressed for the duration.
    Special Requirement: You must worship Torm (if Torm doesn’t exist replace with another LG Torm-esque god).

    Legend: Legends tell of how Al’Pala became a vestige, of how the archon stood firm against Hellish armies that tried to sweep up from the Lower Planes and claim Mechanus for the Hells, dying torn apart by Baatorian legions… in a campaign and war which never happened. Others claim that Al’Pala was given contradictory orders by Torm and in attempting to obey both tore into nothing more than scattered essence.

    In truth Al’Pala is merely a spirit of Loyalty. They are not a vestige in the strictest sense, but another variety of spirit altogether which allows themselves to be bound by mortal practitioners of pact magic so as to protect and preserve the world.

    Manifestation: Al’Pala manifests as a two-handed sword which rises up from their seal, held in a single gauntlet-clad hand. From this sword a sense of well-being and protection seems to emanate, bringing peaceful calm to those near it. No words are spoken by the sword during the pact making process, nothing but those waves of protectiveness which seem to soothe the soul itself.

    Sign: Gauntlet-like chitin seems to cover your hands, and a small pair of vestigial wings grow from your back.

    Influence: While under Al’Pala’s influence you must abide by a Paladin’s Code of Conduct.

    Granted Powers:

    Aura of Soul’s Guardian: Allies within 20 ft of you gain a +4 bonus to saving throws against any effect which you are immune to thanks to the Soul Guardian special ability (see Binder). If you have Slippery Mind due to Soul Guardian allies other than yourself within range which fail a saving throw against an enchantment spell or effect are allowed a second saving throw 1 round later at -4.

    Blade of Just Transference: As a standard action you may make a single attack. If it hits a Chaotic or Evil creature which poses a real and immediate threat to you or your allies you may heal a single ally within 20 ft 4d6 + effective binder level damage and deal an equal amount of additional damage to the target. Once you use this ability you cannot use it again for 5 rounds.

    Heavenly Flirt: While Al’Pala is bound you gain a +6 sacred bonus to Diplomacy, Gather Information, and Perform checks involved in honest (on your part) flirting and courtship. These bonuses increase to +10 when dealing with barmaids, and disguised evil outsiders (if you are aware they are an evil outsider this increased bonus does not apply).

    Holy Splendor: As a standard action you release a holy radiance from your entire body. When you use this ability you emit bright light out to 120 ft (shadowy illumination out to 240 ft), evil creatures within the radius of bright light must make a Will save or be blinded for 1d4 rounds. You continue to radiate bright light as a daylight spell for 1 minute after using this ability. This ability interacts with magical darkness as if it were a daylight spell. Once you have used this ability you must wait 5 rounds before using it again. Stand Against Evil: While Al’Pala is bound you gain a +3 sacred bonus to AC against attacks from Evil creature, and a +3 sacred bonus on opposed checks made to resist their actions, and spot, listen, and sense motive checks to oppose their hide, move silently, and bluff checks.

    Innate Gauntlets: You are considered to have masterwork gauntlets worn. This ability is only in effect as long as

    Unwavering Loyalty: While Al’Pala is bound you gain immunity to fear and a +4 bonus on all saves against mind-affecting effects.

    For Contractors: Transform Magic (Complete Mage, Page 62, Enlightened Spirit ability which grants a unique 6th level Greater Invocation).

    Mahroni, the Violist (MahroniViolinist)

    Mahroni was a hero broken by the tragedies of life, or perhaps a creature of strife and darkness.

    Vestige Level: 5th
    Binding DC: 23
    Special Requirement: You must have at least 1 rank in Perform (Stringed Instruments)

    Legend: Legend says that Mahroni was a changeling (ECS). The daughter of a passer she was taught never to use her powers, to do whatever she could to be human for as a shapeshifter she was a being of evil, an abomination. The town’s response when a group of becomers who were passing through town slipped up and were accused of all crimes committed in the town within the last few years as they were lynched.
    Mahroni learned the viola as she grew working on and perfecting her art, skillfully playing the notes with ease and grace that would have served her well in times of peace, but peace was not to be and war burnt across the land. Mahroni joined the human armies out of some sense of loyalty and rightness of her kingdom’s cause.
    She rose through the ranks a respected commander. That was until one day she found her squad faced with a dilemma and captured. Mahroni could save them but to do so she would have to reveal her changeling nature. She did so in the end, but found even her men so loyal she had believed no longer wanted anything to do with her. Her commanders learning her nature had her seized as a potential spy, to be tortured and killed.
    Mahroni escaped, after hours of torture, traveling under a dozen guises moving from village to village as a violist, playing for her supper. As she traveled she saw horrors, evil acts perpetuated again and again, and she tried her best to put an end to them with all the means at her disposal. Yet again and again she was not hailed as a hero, but reviled as an interloper, a jinx who was somehow blamed for bringing the trouble, or worse her nature as a changeling revealed she was hated and reviled for it.
    Time and time again Mahroni encountered this until she had finally had enough. She snapped. Her deeds of heroism stopped, and instead she tried to live by one rule: look out for number one. She stole, she lied, but when she saw a child in danger she acted to save the child. It was a trap for the changeling ‘thief’, and Mahroni was captured and restrained.
    The tales claim she was tortured to the very edge of death and led out to be publicly executed, and with her last dying breaths she spat what curses she still could. How this figure became a vestige is lost in legend, though some claim it was simply the feelings of injustice her soul felt, but why she’d pass beyond the gods and not merely become a ghost in that case…

    Others of course claim the whole tale is a lie made by none other than Mahroni to hide its true nature, a creature of strife and terror, born in darkness to spread darkness.

    Manifestation: Mahroni appears rising from her seal in a red hooded cloak. Her features continuously shift, appearing as various loved ones of the would be binder, with eyes of pure black from which blood-like tears flow freely. A pair of simple dolls sit rise beside her their eyes human eyes, but glassy and dead. Mahroni does not speak but sings with a mouth lacking teeth and tongue, even as she plays her viola.

    Sign: Viscous black fluid leaks from your eyes at all time, quickly evaporating once it has run down your cheeks like tears of black blood.

    Influence: If not actively engaged in combat whenever you encounter music you must stop and listen as if fascinated for 1 minute or until it stops. You may act normally during this period but only at the cost of ignoring the vestige’s influence and the penalties therein.

    Granted Powers:

    Born to Strife: When in a strife-filled situation, such as active combat, or an otherwise chaotic and unpredictable situation in which taking 10 is (normally) impossible you may as a free action draw upon the strife to rise to the occasion heroically. You gain one of the following: a luck bonus to attack rolls equal to +1/4 effective binder levels; a luck bonus to AC equal to +1 +1/3 effective binder levels; a luck bonus to saving throws equal to +1 +1/3 effective binder levels; a luck bonus to ability checks equal to +2 +1/3 effective binder levels; or a luck bonus to skill checks equal to +2 + ˝ effective binder levels. Whichever you choose the bonus lasts merely one round. After you use this ability you cannot use it again for 5 rounds.

    Chords of Terror and Splendor: As a standard action you may play a stringed instrument you hold. When you do so choose Terror or Splendor. If you choose Terror: enemies within 40 ft which can hear you play must make a Will save or be frightened as long as they can hear you play. At the end of each of their turns enemies affect by this ability may make another Will save, if they succeed they are no longer frightened and unaffected again by this use of this ability. If you choose Splendor: enemies within 40 ft which can hear you play must make a Will save or be fascinated as long as they can hear you play. The distraction of a nearby combat or other dangers prevents the ability from working. This is a mind-affecting compulsion. Regardless of which you choose to perform continuing to play is a standard action each round and you must maintain concentration (if you take damage, ride a horse, or otherwise engage in activities which would force concentration checks to maintain concentration you must make them) and once you stop you must wait 5 rounds before using this ability again.

    Elude Truth: While Mahroni is bound you gain the ability to elude attempts to discover your true nature, for allowing it to be revealed proved disastrous time and time for the violist. You gain a +10 competence bonus to Bluff checks made to lie, and if a divination spell would reveal information about you, or targets you, you must make a(n effective) binder level check against DC 10 + their caster level.

    Master Violist: While Mahroni is bound you gain a competence bonus to Perform checks with stringed instruments equal to 4 plus ˝ your effective binder level.

    Morphic Features: While Mahroni is bound you may change your appearance at will, as if using the disguise self spell, but only to appear as a different member of your race. This affects your body but not your possessions. It is not an illusory effect, but a minor physical alteration of the your appearance, within the limits described for the spell.

    For Contractors: Humanoid Shape (DrM).

    Blackhawk the Slayer (Blackhawk748)

    Blackhawk was a mercenary of legendary prowess and puissance of arms, a prowess he lends those who bind him.

    Vestige Level: 5th
    Binding DC: 24
    Special Requirement: You must have proficiency in at least one martial or exotic weapon.

    Legend: Blackhawk was a mercenary of legendary skill and prowess. He led his band of Black Bear in battle after battle, war after war, caring not for the cosmic struggles, nor for greed, but simply for the love of the fight. He fought for the forces of Law and Good, for the forces of Chaos and Evil, and fought for each interchangeably.

    His prowess on the battlefield was immense, his great, iron club smashing through any foe who chose to stand in the way of him and his men. Some claim he was the first to perfect the combat talents that became the foundation of the Stone Dragon, and thus the foundation of the Sublime Way in its entirety, long before Reshar’s temple. Others claim he was merely an early master of it, the one who taught Reshar its way and one who sided not with the Temple but with the masters of Shadow Hand and Tiger Claw when they betrayed it. Other stories place Blackhawk at a far later date, but most agree he was a master of the art of combat.

    Blackhawk’s tendency to switch sides often enough to make a yugoloth blush caught up with him, though, and the Band of the Black Bear found themselves crushed between two armies, one of which they were currently employed by.

    Blackhawk’s soul passed to Ysgard and its eternal battles and revels, but it was ill-suited for the plane. Certainly it was a soul of war and battle, but it was too ready to betray sides, lacked the moral rooting that even those who adhered to Chaos and Chaos alone must possess for the glorious battlefields, so Blackhawk found himself rejected by Ysgard and pushed into its opposite upon the wheel, the Eternal Battlefield of Acheron.

    There Blackhawk’s soul fit better, but there was too much chaos in it, and his betrayals were not motivated by cowardice or greed, but simply through sheer love of the fight. He turned not to ingratiate himself with a side already winning, but to fall into the very bloodiest heart of battle. In the end there was no loyalty in his heart except to War.

    Blackhawk fell on the battlefields of Acheron as he had in life, torn apart by friend and foe alike in the midst of bloody melee. They tore into him enough that even as a petitioner of a plane of War he would not reform, rending him absolutely till nothing remained except his love of War.

    Manifestation: Blackhawk rises up from his seal in the form of a powerfully built male warrior drenched from head to toe in blood. As the pact is made the blood slowly drips from Blackhawk’s form, to reveal his face as the face of the first humanoid creature the binder ever killed (if they’ve never killed a humanoid creature the face is non-descript and indistinct), bloodless and dead, eyes staring and reproachful.

    Sign: While showing Blackhawk’s sign you sweat, cry, and spit blood.

    Influence: While under Blackhawk’s influence you are not allowed to disengage from combat, or deal with openly hostile creatures except through direct confrontation.

    Granted Powers:

    Bloodhawk’s Dive: While Blackhawk is bound as a standard action you may make a single melee attack. If it hits this attack deals +2d8 + 1d8 damage per 2 effective binder levels and ignores hardness and DR. Once you have used this ability you may not use it again for 5 rounds.

    Combat Expertise: While Blackhawk is bound you gain the benefits of the Combat Expertise feat. If you already possess the Combat Expertise ability you apply its bonus to AC to Fort and Reflex saves as well as AC as long as you would not be denied your Dexterity bonus against the effect if it was an attack.

    Giant’s Blow: While Blackhawk is bound as a standard action you may make a single melee attack. If it hits this attack deals +2d8 + 1d8 damage per 2 effective binder levels and the target must make a Reflex save or be knocked 10 ft + 5 ft per 5 effective binder levels away from you in a straight line (you may choose to knock the target less distance); a creature with four legs or stability gains a +2 bonus to their save, and a creature that is larger than you gains a +2 bonus per size category larger they are than you. However you add your Strength modifier to the save DC of this ability. Once you have used this ability you may not use it again for 5 rounds.

    March to Battle: While Blackhawk is bound you may lead yourself and up to one creature per effective binder level on a march to battle. To do so you lead them cross country and decide upon a location upon the Prime Material Plane, the Abyss, Acheron, Baator, Carceri, the Gray Wastes, Gehenna, or Ysgard. After 45 minutes you enter the Astral Plane in a personal Astral Pocket (similar to the space of a Bag of Holding or other such item) after another 45 minutes in this pocket you and the led creatures arrive at the site of the nearest ongoing large scale battle upon that plane to the designated location. If there are no large scale battles happening on the plane at the moment you end up on Acheron in one of its continuous large scale battles.

    Reckless Attack: On your action, before making attack rolls for a round, you may choose to subtract a number from your AC and add the same number to all melee damage rolls. This number may not exceed your base attack bonus. The penalty on AC and bonus on damage apply until your next turn. You may combine this ability with Power Attack but the total penalty taken between the two abilities may not exceed your base attack bonus.

    Terrible Slayer: If you deal a creature enough damage to make it drop (typically by dropping it to below 0 hit points or killing it), enemies within 10 ft per effective binder level which can see you must make a Will save or be shaken for 1 round. The save DC against this ability is increased by 1 per 5 ranks in Intimidate you possess.

    For Contractors: Path of the Blackened Blade (Doomsayer invocation).
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