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    Quote Originally Posted by ryu View Post
    Permission granted.
    It that Forgot and was Forgotten (ryu)

    The nature of It that Forgot and was Forgotten is difficult to ascertain for almost all traces of them even as a vestige are forgotten almost as soon as they pass by.

    Vestige Level: 8th.
    Binding DC: 35
    Special: To know about It that Forgot and was Forgotten requires 18 ranks in Knowledge (the planes), Bardic Knowledge as a 15th level bard, or Lore as a 15th level cloistered cleric/loremaster/bard. This is not a requirement to bind ItFawF, but to remember it exists in the first place.

    Legend: It that Forgot and was Forgotten is a being that has been all but entirely forgotten. What is known is that It forgot what it was, and whispered rumors that Vecna may have been involved.

    Manifestation: It that Forgot and was Forgotten does not appear before the pact maker. There is just a mere sense of presence and then nothing as it withdraws back to observe the would be binder. If the pact is successfully made that presence returns flowing into the pact maker.

    Sign: While showing It that Forgot and was Forgotten’s sign your face becomes frozen and unemotive.

    Influence: While under It that Forgot and was Forgotten’s influence you may not reveal to other creatures any information about yourself. In addition ItFawF’s forgetting of themselves affects you as well, while under ItFawF’s influence you must not willingly remember your own personal information.

    Granted Powers:

    Constant Alertness: While ItFawF is bound you are never surprised or flat-footed as a sixth sense warns you of danger. In addition you gain a +6 insight bonus on Listen and Spot checks.

    Contingent Planning: While ItFawF is bound you can spend 10 minutes to create a contingency plan. This functions as the spell Contingency but instead of placing a spell upon yourself you place a course of action which must be able to be completed by you with a single attack action, move action, or a standard action to use a vestige’s granted ability (you must have the appropriate vestige bound). This action is immediately taken when the Contingency would be triggered, and once it is triggered it is lost until you make another contingency plan. You may only have one contingency plan at once.

    Emotionless Visage: While ItFawF is bound and you show its sign Sense Motive checks made against you suffer a -8 penalty due to the total inscrutability of your face. However you suffer a -4 penalty to Charisma checks, and Charisma based skill checks to interact with other creatures.

    Focused Forgetfulness: While ItFawF is bound as a standard action you may make a single creature within 20 ft per binder level forget you exist. The target must make a Will save or forget all it knows about you, and become unable to perceive you for 1 round per binder level. If you attack the target or touch the target they are able to perceive you once more but they still do not remember who you are. This is a mind-affecting effect. Once you have used this ability you cannot use it again for 5 rounds.

    Freed from Fate’s Weave: While ItFawF is bound to you, you gain immunity to divination spells cast against you, and divination spells not directly cast upon you do not give information about you; you still show up in Scrying spells that would show your area (though they must target someone near you and not you).

    Inevitable Betrayal: While ItFawF is bound to you flat-footed creatures, creatures denied their Dexterity bonus against you due to being unable to see you, or creatures unaware of your presence suffer a -2 penalty on saving throws against your spells and abilities.

    Paranoia Surge: While ItFawF is bound to you, you may take a 2nd immediate action within a round (the first one still uses your next round’s swift action, the 2nd does not). Once you do so you must wait 5 rounds before doing so again.

    For Contractors: Pyre of Fantasy (homebrew invocation).
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