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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Fel View Post
    Cor, been a long time hasn't it? Last thread started end of 2014, sheesh.

    Gonna take some effort to catch up the new folks, won't it? Hm.
    Red Fel, the Helpful Advisor (Red Fel)

    Red Fel was the loyal advisor of a long collapsed empire, or the treacherous shadow behind the throne that led to its fall. He lends his advice to those who bind him, and allows them to speak with his silvered tongue.

    Vestige Level: 3rd.
    Binding DC: 20.

    Legend: Red Fel was a royal advisor, whose words of wisdom were used to turn the small kingdom whose king he advised into the largest empire in the world. He was known across the world for his wisdom and intellect, his skill of wit and word, which had literally reshaped the political landscape. Yet he was blamed too. Every step the king took was assigned to his influence. Every corruption within the empire placed at his head and as coming from his tongue.

    Of course actually managing a world-spanning empire is beyond a single man, it is the work of a bureaucracy, and corruption will always sink in. Not all of Fel's words were heeded either, for his tongue was not the only one which whispered into the ears of the king. Red Fel's supporters (those who bind him mostly) claim that had his advice been fully heeded what came next would never have come, his detractors claim it was those words of his that were heeded which led to the events to come. As the empire expanded the corruption worsened and it festered until it grew into tyranny and that tyranny watered the seeds of rebellion.

    Across the empire rebellion burned. The castle was besieged and the rebels moved to claim Red Fel's head and claim it they did despite his protests, his pleads to let him help them make a new and better world, a new and better government. Executed, Red Fel did not stop, his disembodied head still pleading to be allowed to offer its advice. Horrified the rebels burnt it to ash, and scattered the ashes, praying over them to dissipate the spirit. Dissipate it they did, enough that it could not rest in the Outer Planes, but blew across reality as a restless and scattered spirit till it found its way piece by piece into the void of the vestiges.

    Manifestation: Red Fel appears as a richly dressed humanoid courtier without his head. In his hands he holds a pile of ashes from which his voice springs, eager to have his would be binder accept his advice.

    Sign: Your tongue turns silver, not merely in color but texture as well. It is up to the DM whether your tongue, if used in a natural weapon attack (because you’re a giant frog possibly) or as a monk’s unarmed strike overcomes DR as if silver.

    Influence: While under Red Fel’s influence you must always offer advice if it is requested or invited, except towards creatures you are actively engaged in combat with and which are actively fighting you (if you start attacking a random beggar/merchant/goblin/king who asks advice for how to get you to stop attacking them the influence applies).

    Granted Powers:

    Advice Not Heeded: While Red Fel is bound as a standard action you may offer a suggestion to a creature within 60 ft. This does not function as a suggestion spell however. As with suggestion you offer a course of activity (limited to a sentence or two) and the target must make a Will saving throw. If they fail they are compelled to not perform the suggested course of activity for 1 day per 2 binder levels, unless not performing it would be obviously harmful. Once you have used this ability you cannot use it again for 5 rounds. If a creature successfully saves against this ability they are immune to your Advice Not Heeded for 24 hours.

    Advisor’s Voice: While Red Fel is bound his voice whispers advice to you at all times. You gain a +2 insight bonus to Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma checks as well as skill checks based on those abilities.

    Honest Deceptions: While Red Fel is bound you may use Diplomacy in place of Bluff to convince another of the truth of your words as long as what you say is technically true even if highly deceptive. In addition you may use Diplomacy in place of Intimidate to change a creature’s behavior if you so desire.

    Non-Threatening Posture: While Red Fel is bound you can attempt to make a creature see you as a reduced threat compared to your companions. You can use this ability as an immediate action during an opponent's turn after the opponent announces its intention to attack you or target you with a spell if it could attack a different target that is its enemy or target a different enemy creature with the spell in your place. The target must make a Will save or it cannot target you with the attack or spell. It can choose a new target to attack, but it takes a -4 circumstance penalty on its attack roll due to the sudden change of intentions at the last second. Likewise, the subject of this ability can redirect a spell that had been targeted on you, but it must succeed on a Concentration check (DC 15 + the spell's level) or the spell is wasted. Once you use this ability you cannot use it again for 5 rounds. This is a mind-affecting compulsion.

    Words of Advice: While Red Fel is bound you may use the Aid Another action to assist creatures up to 30 ft away, and if you use it to assist their AC or attack rolls the bonus applies to all attacks against your allies from the designated creature or by your ally against the designated creature. In addition you may increase the benefit from the Aid Another action by your Charisma modifier (up to an increase of ½ your binder level), but if you do so you cannot use this ability again for 5 rounds.

    For Contractors: Beguiling Influence.

    With (Improved) Bind Vestige Feat: If you have the Improved Bind Vestige feat you gain Words of Advice. If you have the Practiced Binder feat as well you gain Advisor's Voice.

    Quote Originally Posted by ryu View Post
    Exactly the kind of features I can get behind. Especially good if I'm remembering right and there was a binder/wizard theurge prestige that could be gotten into with a level in binder. At that point it's most of the big benefits of vecna blooded, plus a few neat and powerful extras, plus whatever cool things you can make from your binder progression. All in all absolutely top notch. Would definitely use.
    Anima Mage, it's a strong one (1 feat and 1 level of casting for 6th level vestiges and some free metamagic), unfortunately this is an 8th level vestige which puts it beyond Anima Mage's reach without jumping through hoops to advance the class's abilities further, or a DM made expansion to make Anima Mage at least 14 levels.

    Quote Originally Posted by ryu View Post
    Actually just read further. Homebrewed a wizardy binder? sweet.
    More warlocky, but yeah someone requested it in base class and PrC flavor back when I was doing random requests so I made it. Unless you're talking Vestige Priest and not Contractor in which case, I've half disowned it.
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