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    Xuldarinar, the Shadow that Warns (Xuldarinar)

    Xuldarinar was a master of shadow magic who lost his very self in Shadow leading to his warnings of imminent evil falling on deaf ears. Now he grants his shifting form and his warnings of doom.

    Vestige Level:5th.
    Binding DC: 25.

    Legend: It is said Xuldarinar was an illusionist of great power and skill, a master of shadow magic. Scorned by his lover, Xuldarinar retreated into the Plane of Shadow to study its nature.

    Years later Xuldarinar emerged, his form no longer stable as it shifted with the shadows, and he warned of a great darkness growing within the Plane of Shadow, a taint within the very heart of darkness. His words fell on deaf ears however as his shifting form led him to assume monstrous form after monstrous form and those he tried to warn struck him dead, or as dead as a shadow could be.

    Manifestation: Xuldarinar emerges from the seal in the form of a writhing shadow, it coalesces into a humanoid form of shadow with no features. As you speak to it the form shifts and changes moving between a myriad of creatures, but the only face that ever forms is the binderís own, twisted into a sneer. It is this sneering reflection that Xuldarinar uses to speak to the would be binder.

    Sign: Your shadow develops a life of its own moving in ways that donít reflect your own (it stays attached, though) nor are they controlled by you.

    Influence: While under Xuldarinarís influence you become adverse to bright light and must not willingly carry a light source or remain within 10 ft of one for an extended duration (1+ minutes)

    Granted Powers:

    Perfect Darkvision: You may see in non-magical darkness as easily as bright light, in full color with no range limit. This does not allow you to see in magical darkness however.

    Sculpt Shadows: As a standard action you may change the radius of light presented by a light source within 5 ft per 2 binder levels. You may either reduce the output to half (reducing the radius to half), or carefully sculpt areas of shadowy illumination within the bright illumination. You may create 1 5 ft square of shadows this way per 2 binder levels, but none may be within half the range of the light source. These shadows move with the light source, but are not magical darkness and if another light source would provide bright illumination in the square the shadow is dispersed.

    Shadow Hop: As a standard action while in shadowy or no illumination you may teleport up to 100 ft per binder level to another square with shadowy or no illumination. While you do not have to be able to see the target square, nor do you need line of effect to it, if it has bright illumination, or is occupied this ability fails. Once you use this ability (even if it fails) you cannot use it again for 5 rounds.

    Shadow Shape: As a standard action you may take the shape of another creature. This functions like the spell polymorph using your binder level as your caster level except as listed here. The new form must be within 2 size categories of your own form. You may only target yourself and you do not heal when you change form. You do not gain the ability scores of the new form with the exception of you use the new formís Dexterity if it is worse than yours. You do not appear as a perfect replication of the creature but instead as a version of it made of living darkness and shadow, as such you cannot typically be mistaken for a normal member of the species. Finally each time you take damage you must make a Will save (DC 5 + damage received) or revert to the form from before you used this ability. This ability has a duration of until you spend a standard action to dismiss it or no longer bind Xuldarinar. Once you use this ability you cannot use it again until you dismiss it and then wait another 5 rounds. In addition you may only assume the form of 1 different creature per 3 binder levels each time you bind Xuldarinar; you may use this ability an indefinite number of times, but you can only assume so many different forms each time.

    Xuldarinarís Warnings: You gain a +2 insight bonus to AC against attacks from Evil creatures as Xuldarinar warns you of their blows. Xuldarinar is extra sensitive to the dangers of the Old Gods and their kin, you gain a +3 insight bonus to AC and a +2 insight bonus to saving throws against attacks from creatures native to the Far Realm or with the Obyrith subtype.

    For Contractors: Hungry Shadows.

    Quote Originally Posted by Red Fel View Post
    My, my. Not often I see one of these painting me in a sympathetic or tragic light. Do like it.

    The Advice Not Heeded ability is a nice touch - a compulsion to not do a thing. Clever. The rest of the abilities are very smart and flavorful, and work quite well together. Do like! A thank.
    Well it's kind of sad when only one aspect is ever focused upon. Yes, you're Evil, Lawful Evil even, but there's more there to work with than Evil. There's the love of giving advice for example. Sometimes it's nice not just to go for the low hanging fruit... he says while going for the one aspect of Xuldarinar that's most focused on and lowest hanging...

    Combine it with Red Fel the Lord of Imps and you can now just mess with people's heads. "Do this" They find themselves doing it. "Do that" They find themselves unable to do it. "No, do that," "Now do this..."
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