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    Quote Originally Posted by Cerefel View Post
    While I don't post super regularly as of yet, I'll still give permission. I tend to enjoy characters that are good at hitting things, and have a soft spot for gishes and bards.
    Cerefel, the Song of Battle (Cerefel)

    Cerefel is not a vestige at all, but the first song ever sung to inspire courage in the heart and steel a warrior for battle. She grants some of her music to those who would bind her, and aids them in defeating the same evil she was first born to fight.

    Vestige Level: 3rd.
    Binding DC: 20.
    Special Requirements: Perform (Song) 3 ranks.

    Legend: When the first bard sang upon the field of battle, a song to stir the heart and embolden their comrades in battle Cerefel was born. She was not the first bard, but the first song that stirred courage in the hearts of pre-human beings and drove them to battle more fiercely against the ancient aberrations that ruled the world of the far past.

    Cerefel is the spirit of that first battle-song, never dying for it was never Ďaliveí in the traditional sense but existing across the world as a force, a spirit of a thing. A patron muse to bards and war chanters (as a quasi-divine spirit, Cerefel can grant the Song and War domains, her favored weapon is Rapier), Cerefel was considered by many to be little more than a myth. Of late, however, binders have taken note of Cerefel and through the use of magical seals and pact binding have managed to draw in the Song of Battle and bind her much as they would a vestige.

    Manifestation: Cerefel begins her manifestation as a sonorous hum that builds from just below the verge of hearing, forming into a womanís voice before a beautiful female figure, closer to an elf than a human, but matching neither. She speaks only in song, her words snippets and verses from a thousand poems and ballads. When the pact is made she vanishes in a burst of song, as if a hundred voices were singing a hundred different songs at once.

    Sign: You are unable to speak normally but must sing all things while you show Cerefelís Ďsigní.

    Influence: While Cerefel is bound she requires you not to interrupt a song, and to linger when one can be heard, taking it in in its full before moving on.

    Granted Powers:

    Battle Singer: While Cerefel is bound you gain a +8 competence bonus on Perform (song) checks and may make Perform (song) checks in place of Concentration checks.

    Cleanse Ancient Taint: As a standard action you may make a single melee attack against an aberration, obyrith, creature with Aberrant feats, servant of any of the Great Old Ones/Elder Evils/Ancient Ones, or native of the Far Realm (at DMís discretion other Far Realm or aberration connected creatures are affected such as members of the Alienist PrC or Brainstealer Dragons). You ignore any miss chance you might suffer against such a creature (including incorporeal miss chance), and may strike them with non-magical weapons if theyíre incorporeal, as well as any DR they may possess. In addition you deal +1d6 damage per binder level to the target. If the target is not an aberration, obyrith, servant of an Ancient One, or other valid target for this ability it functions as a regular attack and this use of this ability is wasted. Once you have used this ability you must wait 5 rounds before doing so again.

    Countersong: You may sing a countersong. This functions as the bardic music ability of the same name except that you may begin your countersong as an immediate action, and may use your Binder Level + Charisma modifier in place of your Perform modifier on the requisite perform check.

    Dance of Battle: As long as you are under the effect of a magical song (such as a bardic music performance, war chanter music, sound based virtuoso performance, or even the songs created by a Tall Taleís exaggerated perform, a princessís Mystical Song) created by an ally other than yourself that is still being sung or played you may add Ĺ your Charisma modifier to Dexterity based skill checks, Dexterity checks, Reflex saves, and to your AC. This bonus to AC is considered to be part of your Dexterity modifier and is lost if you lose your Dexterity bonus to AC and once added to your Dexterity modifier is capped by your armorís Maximum Dexterity Bonus.

    Dancerís Finesse: You may add your Charisma modifier to hit in place of Strength with melee attacks using finessable weapons and to hit in place of Dexterity with ranged attacks. If you have the Weapon Finesse feat you gain a +1 to hit with finessable weapons (regardless of whether you use Charisma or Dexterity with them).

    Song of Battle: As a full round action you may begin to sing a song of battle. Each round you must sing a different strain, changing at the very beginning of your turn, although once all strains other than the stalling strain have been sung all strains become usable once more allowing you to sing a song of battle indefinitely. In addition you may sing the stalling strain any number of times exempt from this rule. While singing the Song of Battle your voice does not grow hoarse and you may sing it indefinitely, though while singing the Song of Battle you cannot activate command word items, cast spells with verbal components, or other such sophisticated uses of your voice.

    You may not sing the Song of Battle quietly, but must always do so in a clear and firm voice, if you attempt to muffle its sound the Song of Battle ends and you must take a full round action to begin it again.

    • Strain of Valiant Blows: While singing this strain you may add your Charisma modifier to melee attack and damage (in addition to the normal modifier) when wielding a finessable weapon; if you already add your Charisma modifier to your attack or damage you do not do so twice.
    • Strain of the Warrior Maiden: While singing this strain you may take a penalty to attack rolls up to your binder level and add twice your penalty to damage with finessable weapons.
    • Strain of the Goddess of War: While singing this strain you become supernaturally terrifying and awe-inspiring. Creatures that are adjacent to you at any point during which you sing this strain must make a Will save or be shaken for a number of rounds equal to 1 + Ĺ your Charisma modifier (max 5 rounds).
    • Strain of Inspiration: While singing this strain allies which can hear you (including yourself) gain a +1 + 1/8 binder levels morale bonus to attack rolls, weapon damage rolls, and will saves against fear and compulsion effects.
    • Strain of Blinding Alacrity: While singing this strain allies which can hear you may make an extra attack at their highest attack bonus as part of a full attack; this extra attack does not stack with that granted by haste, a speed weapon, or similar effects.
    • Stalling Strain: This strain has no effect, does not count as unsung for the purposes of refreshing your other strains, and may be sung for any number of consecutive rounds. This strain is a gamist concession so that you can start a battle with all your songs available while keeping the stealth difficulty of traveling around singing, and the narrativist/simulationist side of it being a continuing song not a brief burst of sound.

    For Contractors: Baleful Utterance.

    With (Improved) Bind Vestige Feat: If bound through the Improved Bind Vestige feat Cerefel grants you the Dance of Battle ability. If Practiced Binder is also used she also grants Dancerís Finesse.

    Quote Originally Posted by Waker View Post
    Isn't the purpose of the perma permission thread there for people to give permission for threads like these? Eh, whatever. I give my permission.
    The perma permission is useful so that if someone misses a thread being posted you still can make them, let them know and let them join the fun. That said people posting permission in the thread can be a big help and is a big way to present something to guide people making things into making something you'll enjoy. Or just remind people to make something of you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Xuldarinar View Post
    Wonderful to see this thread, and I love this addition. It suits me quite well.

    If i ever had a chance to bring it to the table, I think I could have a great deal of fun with it.
    I am a little uncertain about the mechanics for it. Shadow Shape was... well it's based on (nerfed) Polymorph and that's a whole kettle of troubles. Glad you liked it. At some point soon I have to make one of NeoPhoenix just because I know it's inevitable that I will do so. Right now, however, I must away to make Corpse Binders
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