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Isn't the purpose of the perma permission thread there for people to give permission for threads like these? Eh, whatever. I give my permission.
It's always nice to have a reminder - it also lets everyone know who's around for this specific thread.

Anyways, your name and homebrew have inspired me.

Waker of Souls

Vestige Level: 6th
Binding DC: 15
Special Requirement: The Waker of Souls's sign must be written in a place from which the prospective binder cannot see any structures used for the worship of one or more deities, such as churches or shrines.

Legend: In life, the Waker of Souls (whose original name is long-forgotten) was one of the greatest meldshapers ever to live, mastering the Incarnum powers of both savage instinct and unshakeable morality. In an ironic twist, their soul was of such great power that upon their death, multiple deities lay claims to the Waker (who did not follow any particular deities in life). Trapped in a state of half-existence on the Astral Plane while the gods quarreled, the Waker could not join the flow of Incarnum in which they had so deeply immersed themselves in life. This enraged the Waker, and so they lashed out at the gods with what power they still held. The Waker of Souls wanders, engulfed with anger and sorrow, somewhere between existence and oblivion. Users of pact magic can call upon the Waker of Souls as a vestige, and the Waker eagerly accepts most opportunities to feel the flow of Incarnum once more.

Manifestation: A whirling column of luminescent blue mist rises from the seal, expanding horizontally and vertically. Once it reaches a height and width of five feet, it collapses onto itself and takes a vaguely humanoid shape which lets out a scream of rage and loss. The figure then stands patiently, awaiting the binder's offer.

Sign: The whites and irises of your eyes turn blue and glow faintly as if lit from within. This light is not bright enough to provide illumination, and does not impose a penalty to Hide/Stealth checks.

Influence: When you are in a situation where a particular religious rule is observed (such as bowing your head in the presence of a holy relic), you must succeed on a Will save (DC 10+1/2 your character level+your Wisdom modifier) to follow the rule. Once per day, if you forgo the Will save and intentionally violate the rule, you gain 1 point of essentia for the remaining duration of the pact (see Essentia, below).

Granted Powers:

Essentia: When you bind the Waker of Souls, you gain an essentia pool with 1 point of essentia, plus 1 for every 3 binder levels you possess. The Waker of Souls's granted abilities can have essentia invested in them in the same manner as soulmelds or incarnum feats. Essentia from the Waker of Souls cannot be invested in receptacles other than this vestige's granted abilities, and essentia from sources other than the Waker of Souls cannot be invested in this vestige's granted abilities. You can reassign essentia from the Waker of Souls and from other sources with a single swift action.

Blade of the Meister: Manufactured weapons cannot be sundered, broken, or destroyed while you wield them. Manufactured weapons you wield also gain an enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls equal to the amount of essentia invested in this ability.

Grace of the Exarch: You gain fast healing and a bonus to all saving throws, both equal to 1 plus the amount of essentia invested in this ability.

Form of the Aspirant: If you succeed on a saving throw against an attack which would normally have a lesser effect on a successful save (such as any spell with a save for partial), you instead completely negate the effect.

Totem of Wrath: When you hit a creature with a natural weapon or unarmed strike, you ignore any harmful effects which would otherwise be inflicted on you when striking that creature, such a Delver's Corrosive Slime. Your natural weapons and unarmed strikes gain an enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls equal to the amount of essentia invested in this ability.

Radiance of Spite: As a standard action, you can cause the faint glow in your eyes to explode into a burst of searing blue-white energy, unleashing hatred upon your foes. This effect takes the shape of a 30-foot cone that deals 1d4 damage per binder level to all creatures in the area and blinds all affected creatures for 1d4 rounds (roll damage once, but roll the blindness duration separately for each affected creature). A successful Fortitude save halves the damage and replaces the blinded condition with the dazzled condition for the same duration. Once this ability has been used, you must wait 5 rounds to use it again. You must be showing the Waker of Souls's sign to use this ability. For every point of essentia invested in this ability, increase the size of the cone by 10 feet (maximum 60 ft total) and increase the Fortitude save DC by 1.