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    permapermission granted.
    Socratov, the First Bartender (Socratov)

    Socratov was the original bartender, the first person to open a bar and run it. She grants those who bind her the power to intoxicate and party.

    Vestige Level: 2nd.
    Binding DC: 17.

    Legend: Socratov's origin takes place early in the development of civilization. Beer, ale, wine, alcohol in all its forms was a newly discovered font of hedonism. Of course someone had to be the first to make a living by running an establishment which provided beer, and food, occasionally with entertainment. Socratov was that someone. She founded the very first bar, becoming the first bartender.

    The story of how this led to Socratov becoming a truly ancient vestige is rather a bit more obscure. Some claim it involves the Great Old Ones and rebellion against them. Some claim Socratov was cursed by a god for spreading drunkennes, others for getting a god drunk. Others that Socratov was killed by adventurers and the world would not let them fade completely due to their contribution to its development. Whatever the truth, Socratov now exists as a vestige.

    Manifestation: Socratov appears out of a port bottle which thrusts itself up through the seal. She pours forth in the form of a pink-haired woman of the binder's species flipping a golden coin. On one side of the coin is written Beer on the other Civilization.

    Sign: Your hair turns pink.

    Influence: While under Socratov's influence you must not deny an offer to imbibe alcohol, or to recite poetry.

    Granted Powers:

    Barkeep: While Socratov is bound you gain a +6 competence bonus to Profession (Bartender) checks.

    Convert Poison: When you take ability damage or drain due to poison as an immediate action you can gain an alchemical bonus to that ability score equal to twice the damage received for 1 round, this bonus is applied simultaneously with the damage so that the damage never actually reduces your ability score to 0 if it would have until after the enhancement fade. The bonus is based upon the actual amount of damage taken after effects which would lower it (so if you take 0 because you're immune or it's reduced by an amount as high as the damage you gain +0). Once you have used this ability you cannot use it again for 5 rounds.

    Disillusioned to Glamor: While Socratov is bound you gain a +4 bonus on Will saves to disbelieve illusions; the bartender has seen all things fabulous and they no longer bind her mind.

    Host Revel: By spending an hour leading up to a number of other creatures equal to 1/3 your binder level in revelry including food, drink, and entertainment you may grant yourself and the creatures you led into revelry a +1 morale bonus to attack rolls, saving throws, skill and ability checks for 4 hours or until you use this ability again.

    Intoxicating Personality: If you spend at least one minute talking to a creature you may cause it to become intoxicated (with no saving throw, although a creature immune to poison or the negative effects of alcohol is immune to this effect) as a free action. The creature remains intoxicated for 1 minute per binder level you possess.

    Spoiler: Intoxicated
    An intoxicated character takes a -2 penalty on all attack rolls, weapon damage rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks. Any saving throw bonus against poison applies to effects which intoxicate a creature, as does poison immunity, and dwarves receive an additional +2 on saves against intoxication (this stacks with their racial bonus on saves versus poison).

    Nauseating Touch: As a standard action you may make a melee touch attack against a creature. If you hit it must make a Fortitude save. If it fails its Fortitude save it becomes nauseated for 1d3 rounds and then sickened for 1d4+1 rounds, if it succeeds on its save it is merely sickened for 1d3 rounds. Once you use this ability you must wait 5 rounds before using it again.

    For Contractors: Create Feast (Jinnblood, Daily Invocation).

    Quote Originally Posted by Cerefel View Post
    This is spectacular! From the fluff to the paimon synergy to the cool one handed finesse power attack thing, it's simply fantastic! Thank you so much!
    Thanks. I just went on Bards + Hitting stuff.

    Quote Originally Posted by thethird View Post
    Wow Zaydos is on fire.

    I'm always a sucker for vestiges.
    Wait I'm taking 1d6 fire damage a round

    That'd be more worrisome if I didn't obsessively cast Energy Immunity for the... 2 energy types I'm not naturally immune to.
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