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    For your viewing pleasure:

    Frostscape of Absolute Zero (Snowbluff)
    Vestige Level: 8
    Binding DC: 30

    Legend: Tales tell that Frostscape was a powerful ice mage with extremely violent tendencies. Every day was spent creating new and painful ways to inflict pain and torment upon those lesser beings, by which any creature that was not Frostscape. After a time, an idea came up that caught his attention and held it fast: What would happen if you tried to chill something beyond what was physically possible? Magic could do thing that were impossible, so why not see what happened if something had no heat left at all? Frostscape studied every cold-based creature he could find, from white dragons to yuki-on-na, and found that even these creatures could be harmed by cold if you applied enough magic. Frostscape eventually got one of his IZ test subjects to a point of absolute zero, when all molecular motion ceases, and tried to push beyond it. The resultant cold snap froze everything within a mile of his tower. By the time it had thawed enough to explore, Frostscape was no where to be found.

    Manifestation: No physical sign of Frostscape shows when he is summoned. Instead, the ground inside the written sigil becomes layered with frost and the temperature drops noticeably.

    Sign: When Frostscape is bound, the binder's skin and hair turn a pale white color.

    Influence: While under the influence of Frostscape, the binder must take every opportunity to make the lives of those around them more difficult or painful in some way.

    Granted Powers:
    Aura of Ice (Su): As a standard action, the binder can release an icy aura that chills everything within 10 feet. Any creature other than the binder in this radius must make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 the binder's effective binder level + the binder's Charisma modifier) each round it is active or take 2d6 cold damage and 1d4 Dexterity damage. The Fortitude save halves the cold damage and negates the Dex damage. This ability ignores Cold Resistance, and creatures with Cold Immunity still take half damage (and can save for 1/4 damage). The binder can turn suppress this ability with another standard action.

    Chill Touch (Sp): At will, the binder can use chill touch as a spell-like ability except that the binder adds half of his effective binder level to the damage. The DC to resist is 11 + the binder's Charisma modifier.

    Love of Suffering (Ex): Whenever someone binding Frostscape inflicts damage to another creature, they gain a +2 insight bonus to attack rolls, damage rolls, skill and ability checks, and saves for every 10 points of damage inflicted as you learn the weak points of your enemy. If you go more than 5 rounds without inflicting damage to another creature, the effect ends.

    Come Here, My Pet (Su): A binder can attempt to lure a target closer by gazing into their eyes. The target is allowed a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 the binder's effective binder level + binder's Charisma modifier) to resist the effect. If the target fails the save, they make every effort to move closer to the binder, up to and including attacking allies who prevent the movement. The compulsion ends the turn after the target's movement places them adjacent to the binder, so long as they are adjacent to the binder at the start of their turn. This is a mind-affecting (compulsion) effect. The binder can only use this ability once every 5 rounds.
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