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    Hmmm, even if I am not yet big enough (^^), I am giving my permission.
    After all, I am OLD enough at least. ^^
    Bifrons, Carrier of the Gray Death (GrayDeath)

    Bifrons was a pit fiend bard who betrayed Hell for power from an even older evil. He grants those who bind him the power of the Gray Death which wasted him away, and the music of the Eternal Song which gave him his power to challenge the Lords of the Nine themselves.

    Vestige Level: 6th.
    Binding DC: 25.

    Legend: Bifrons was a pit fiend of great power and ambition. Determined to push himself beyond the rank of pit fiend and into the ranks of the nobility of Hell he worked to form his own little barony within Cania. Ambitious and cunning, Bifrons knew he needed power from the outside to rise, no one can truly do it on their own merits alone. He was not favored by Mephistopheles and had been assigned to that schemer, so support from above was not an option, and Mephistopheles was far more secure than Zariel so following in Bel’s footsteps of betrayal was not an option; besides Bel was assigned to the front lines of the Blood War and the Lords of the Nine only accepted him because he kept the Blood War at bay from Avernus, it was not an option on the lower layer of Cania. Instead Bifrons looked for support from outside of Baator. He sought out an ancient existence, an entity of sorts which had existed since before the Great Wheel itself and which had seen its own powers turned against it when it and its kin had tried to reclaim the Great Wheel to the Chaos which came before. Bifrons petitioned this existence, the Eternal Song, and became its devotee and carrier back into the Great Wheel.

    As vessel of the Eternal Song Bifrons rose in power, known as the Singing Fiend, his song seemed to bind even the cold, steely hearts of the Baatezu, and he began to truly suspect that he might in fact be able to overthrow Mephistopheles. He was wrong. The Lord of the 8th clashed with Bifrons and the archfiend’s hellfire burned Bifrons to the ground. Mephistopheles demoted Bifrons and cast his soul stuff into the hellfire of Cania, but Bifrons crawled back forth. He was a pit fiend, he had survived the 1000 years in the fire pit before when a mere gelugon, now demoted to nupperibo he was still not to be dismayed so easily. The Eternal Song sustained him, and reinforced his sense of identity, and still singing its profane refrains Bifrons emerged from the hellfire pit as a pit fiend once more.

    Asmodeus intervened now. While the civil war in Mephistopheles’s domain had been one thing, the Lord of the Nine would not allow the Eternal Song the foothold in Baator it sought, not for long. He banished Bifrons from Baator and the pit fiend found himself utterly incapable of returning there, but that was not all he did, he infected Bifrons with the Gray Death, a horrible disease made by the Oinoloth at Asmodeus’s request. This purest strain was too much for any power short of a Power to heal him of, and only the Eternal Song kept Bifrons from wasting away entirely to nothing. He wandered the planes, carrying the fiendish disease across the Great Wheel, even as his own powers waned more and more. Eventually, hope abandoned, Bifrons wandered into the wastes of Oinos, never to be seen again until he was discovered by binders as a vestige.

    Sign: Your skin turns dark gray, pieces of flesh peeling away from sores as pustules form across your body.

    Influence: While under Bifrons’s influence you are unable to directly act against the forces which serve the Ancient Ones/Great Old Ones, and similar primordial beings that predate the birth of the world. Bifrons also requires you to attack any victory dragon you see on the extreme off chance you see one.

    Granted Powers:

    Disease Sense: You are able to sense the presence of diseases within 60 ft including what disease they are, whether they are in a creature or object, and the location of that patch of disease. This allows you to detect diseased creatures within range as if with blindsense. You may detect the Gray Death at a much further distance, up to 60 miles without needing line of effect.

    Hellfire Accompaniment: As a standard action you can create a number of miniature instruments made of hellfire equal to 1 plus your Charisma modifier (minimum 1), these fiery instruments float around you and provide bright illumination out to 10 ft per instrument. These instruments play music at your direction, allowing you to use them to make Perform checks (using any instrumental perform), perform hands free bardic music (you still must take any normal actions), or accompany the playing of you or another creature offering a bonus on a Perform check equal to the number of instruments. Dismissing your hellfire accompaniment is a move action.

    Songs of Hell: By playing a song of Hellish power you can grant your allies a variety of benefits. You must play this song for 1 minute and cannot play other special songs during this time; you may play this song indefinitely on the instruments granted by your Hellfire Accompaniment and it takes no action to play although you must spend a full-round action to begin. You must play the song loudly and proudly, a muted song loses its effect until played at full blast for 1 minute. Once you have played for 1 minute allies within 60 ft of you gain some benefit based upon the tune you currently play, but only if they’ve heard at least 1 minute worth of the song within the last 10 minutes (this needs not have been 1 continuous minute of song, and they need not have been within 60 ft if they could hear it). Although it takes no action to continue to play the song it takes a standard action to switch tunes and once you have switched tune you cannot do so again for 5 rounds. The tunes available to you through this ability are:

    • Ballad of Hellfire: By playing this tune you grant allies the power to channel hellfire through their weapons. When you play this tune allies within 60 ft of you find their weapons wreathed in hellish flames. These fires do not burn them, but they add 2 + ½ your Charisma modifier hellfire damage to each weapon attack they make. This damage coming from hellfire is not reduced by DR, or energy resistance. Allies benefiting from this effect also find that their weapons provide light as torches.
    • Eternity’s Refrain: By playing this tune you grant allies a fraction of the Eternal Songs resilience and endurance. When you play this tune allies within 60 ft of you gain 2 temporary hit points at the beginning of each of their turns (these temporary hit points last indefinitely but do not stack with other temporary hit points including those granted by this ability) and the benefits of the Endurance feat.
    • Flight of the Erinyes: By playing this tune you grant allies a sense of fearlessness and the blessing of victory as they march forward. When you play this tune allies within 60 ft of you add your Charisma modifier as a morale bonus on saves versus fear or disease, and they gain a +2 morale bonus to AC.
    • Song of Lies: By playing this tune you grant allies the power to lie and deceive. When you play this tune allies within 60 ft of you may use your Charisma modifier in place of their own for Bluff and Disguise checks. In addition while you play this tune you may use Perform in place of Bluff, and may make a Perform check as a standard action to distract creatures which can hear and see you to allow your allies to hide even if observed (by these distracted creatures) for 1 round. This is an opposed Perform vs Sense Motive check.
    • Vampire’s Anthem: By playing this tune you grant allies the power to draw life from those they kill. When you play this tune allies (including yourself) within 60 ft of you gain the following benefits: Whenever they kill a creature they heal hit points equal to twice its hit dice, and whenever they make a successful melee attack against a creature which poses a direct threat to themselves or you in an immediate way they regain 2 hp.
    • Wolfpack Hymn: By playing this tune you can grant allies improved mobility on the battlefield. When you play this tune allies within 60 ft of you find that they may move up to 10 ft (but no greater than their speed – 5ft) as a swift action.

    Touch of the Gray Death: With a touch you can afflict a creature with the Gray Death. The target must make a Fortitude save or contract the baleful, supernatural disease. Immunity to disease does not prevent the Gray Death with the exception of a good aligned paladin’s Divine Health or other immunity which represents a good-aligned blessing from a higher power (not merely being an angel) and is Ex or Su, creatures without Constitution scores also remain immune; bonuses to saves versus disease also do not apply unless from one of the aforementioned sources (bonuses to saves or Fort saves in general still apply). If they fail they contract the disease with an immediate onset time and take 1d4 ability damage to each ability; this damage replaces the Gray Death’s normal damage even for subsequent days. If a creature contracts the Gray Death from one you have infected they use the Gray Death’s normal ability damage and save DC or those of your Touch of the Gray Death ability whichever are lower. If your binder level is or higher it deals 1d6 damage to each ability score instead, this increases further to 1d8 at , 1d10 at , and 2d6 at 20th. Gray Death inflicted with this ability can only be cured by a Remove Disease (or other magical healing) with a caster level at least equal to your binder level, those that contract it second hand use either this minimum caster level or 8th whichever is lower; non-Good creatures treat their CL as 2 lower for the purpose of removing this disease. Once you have used this ability you cannot use it again for 5 rounds.

    Spoiler: The Gray Death
    The Gray Death is no natural disease. Created on Oinos specifically to infect fiends. The Gray Death causes a creatures flesh to take a strange, dark gray coloration, even as sores and pustules form across their body. A diseased creature is contagious, through contact with diseased fluids or flesh. While infected with the Gray Death the creature becomes unaffected by Conjuration (Healing) spells unless a DC 20 Caster Level check (a non-Good creature suffers a -2 penalty to this check) is made and cannot naturally heal hit point damage (including fast healing; regeneration is unaffected). The Gray Death does not heal naturally and can only be cured through the application of magical means. Even then it requires a CL of 8th or higher and a DC 20 Caster Level check; non-Good creatures treat their CL as 2 lower for the purpose of removing this disease.

    The Gray Death has an onset period of 1d4 days, deals 1d6 damage to each ability score when it inflicts damage, and has a Fort save DC of 22.

    Vessel of the Eternal Song: When you would take damage that would reduce you to 0 or lower hit points or fail a save against a death effect you may call upon Bifrons’s connection to the Eternal Song. Make a Perform check and reduce the damage dealt by that amount, or if you had failed a save compare the Perform result to the save DC and if the Perform result matches or exceeds the DC you are considered to have succeeded the save. Your Hellfire Accompaniment applies to this ability. Once you use this ability you must wait 5 rounds before using it again.

    For Contractors: Plague Viper (Doomsayer Invocation).
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