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    More pseudo-aliens!

    Also, can anyone explain to me how this is TN?

    Quote Originally Posted by Monster Manual
    They are interested only in themselves and regard all others as playthings to be manipulated and deceived.
    But enough about the logical weirdness of the pretend game monster, let's take a look at its abilities. 4 monstrous humanoid HD, small bonuses to all abilities, a weak slam, and (most importantly) Change Shape and Detect Thoughts.

    Change Shape is semi-interesting, but it's barely more useful than a human with a wand of Alter Self. The same goes for Detect Thoughts: reading minds may be useful in some situations,

    Would I play a doppelganger? Perhaps. Their HD leave enough room for martial adept or skillmonkey levels, and they have a few bits of material tailored to them (Mindspy, Able Learner). Would I play them at +1 LA, though? Definitely not. Current LA, which I can't imagine changing; +0.

    Next up: Dragons! Oh god.
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