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    Vestige Mastery Feats

    Vestige Mastery - Al'Pala [Exalted]
    Your holy might improves when you bind the spirit of Loyalty.
    Prerequisites: Lawful alignment, Favored Vestige (Al'Pala).
    Benefit: While Al'Pala is bound, on your action, before making attack rolls for a round, you may choose to subtract a number from all melee attack rolls and whenever you successfully strike in melee a creature whose alignment is not within 1 step of yours and which poses an immediate threat to you or your allies you may heal one ally (including yourself) within 30 ft 2 hit points per point of penalty you took on attack rolls. You may choose to heal ability damage at a cost of 6 hp that would be healed per point of ability damage healed, or negative levels at a cost of 20 hp that would be healed per negative level. You may not take a penalty to your attack rolls with this ability greater than your BAB.

    Vestige Mastery – Bifrons [Vile]
    Your connection with Bifrons the Carrier of the Gray Death deepens.
    Prerequisites: Ability to speak Infernal, Favored Vestige (Bifrons), Perform 6 ranks.
    Benefit: While Bifrons is bound you gain +4 to your Charisma. In addition 1/day while Bifrons is bound you may use Remove Disease as if he granted the ability to do so. If you do you may then inflict another creature with one disease removed this way with a touch with an instantaneous onset (initial DC is as an ability granted by Bifrons). If you do not do so before your bind with Bifrons ends the disease is lost.

    Vestige Mastery - Blackhawk [General]
    You are more adept at binding the warrior vestige Blackhawk the Slayer.
    Prerequisites: Favored Vestige (Blackhawk), at least one Stone Dragon Maneuver.
    Benefit: When you use Blackhawk the Slayer's Reckless Attack ability you gain an additional +1 to damage per 3 points of AC sacrificed. In addition you gain an additional granted power.

    Grasp the Ground: When you would be knocked prone or forcibly moved from your square as an immediate action you may remain standing or not be moved (this ability does not prevent you from being shunted out of a physical object you teleported into, you must be wholly in the space before being moved out of it to use this ability). Once you have used this ability you must wait 5 rounds before

    Vestige Mastery – Cerefel [General]
    You are more closely in tune with Cerefel the Song of Battle.
    Prerequisites: Charisma 15+, Favored Vestige (Cerefel), Perform 6 ranks.
    Benefit: When you bind Cerefel select one of Strain of Valiant Blows, Strain of the Warrior Maiden, or Strain of Inspiration. You cannot use that strain of her Song of Battle, and do not need to sing it to reset your ability to use the other strains, however when you use Stalling Strain it applies the effects of the chosen Strain. This choice remains in place until you bind Cerefel once more.

    Vestige Mastery - Draconium [General]
    You extract more draconic power from the covetous vestige Draconium.
    Prerequisites: Favored Vestige (Draconium).
    Benefit: When you bind Draconium, Covetous Stretched too Far, he grants you the additional ability listed below. In addition your wealth is doubled for the purposes of his Miser's Smite.

    His Kiss Flames: You gain a breath weapon dealing 1d6 fire damage per 2 binder levels plus fire damage equal to your charisma modifier in a 30 ft cone. A Reflex save halves this damage. Once you have used this ability you must wait 5 rounds before using it again. In addition any other breath weapon you possess deals fire damage equal to your Charisma modifier in its area in addition to its regular effect(s).

    Special: Happy now, Snowbluff?

    Vestige Mastery – Exarch Anchovius [General]
    Your connection to Exarch Anchovius allows you to move life force from one creature to another.
    Prerequisites: Effective Binder Level 13, Favored Vestige (Exarch Anchovius), Knowledge (religion) 10 ranks.
    Benefit: While Exarch Anchovius is bound you may score critical hits against undead creatures. In addition if you score a critical hit upon a living or undead creature you may siphon its energy out of it inflicting 1 negative level upon them (this is a form of Energy Drain when used upon a living creature, and is positive energy based when used upon an undead creature), or 2 negative levels if your weapon has a critical damage multiplier of x3, or 3 if it has one of x4. When you do so you may channel the stolen life force into another creature within 30 ft, if you channel energy from a living creature into another living creature or from an undead creature into another undead creature they gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls, ability and skill checks, and saving throws for 1 minute and 5 temporary hit points per negative level you inflicted for 1 minute. If you channel the energy stolen from a living creature into an undead creature or an undead creature into a living creature they must make a Fortitude save or gain 1 negative level, this negative level only lasts for 5 rounds. The save DCs for this ability are as if it was granted by Exarch Anchovius.

    Vestige Mastery – Fizban [General]
    You have a greater mastery of the many aspected vestige Fizban.
    Prerequisites: Effective Binder Level 10, Favored Vestige (Fizban).
    Benefit: When you bind Fizban, the Many Lived, you may reduce your effective binder level for the purposes of the abilities he grants you by 3 to replace Two-Fold Aspect with Three-Fold Aspect allowing you to select 3 of his aspects instead of 2; if your effective binder level to bind Fizban, the Many Lived, is at least 14 you may reduce it by 6 (total) to gain a 4th aspect, if it is at least 17 you may reduce it by 9 to gain a 5th aspect, if it is at least 20 you may reduce it by 12 to gain a 6th aspect.

    Vestige Mastery - Fulmen Feles [General]
    Your connection to Fulmen Feles grants you the ability to open a single chakra and bind power to it.
    Prerequisites: Character Level 15+, Constitution 13+, Favored Vestige (Fulmen Feles), .
    Benefit: When you bind Fulmen Feles you may select one of the hands, shoulders, or feet chakras. You gain a single chakra bind which can be used to bind a soulmeld (regardless of class), item, or vestige ability to the chakra selected and that chakra is considered open allowing you to bind things to it. If your effective binder level for Fulmen Feles is 21 or higher you may select the waist chakra as well. Once you expel Fulmen Feles you lose this ability until you bind Fulmen Feles again.

    In addition as long as Fulmen Feles is bound you gain 2 bonus essentia.

    Vestige Mastery – Illyahr [General]
    The lost troubadour offers you his collected tales more readily, even as you find it easier to escape the limelight or with song claim it.
    Prerequisites: Charisma 15+, Favored Vestige (Illyahr).
    Benefit: When you bind Illyahr, the Lost Troubadour, you may use your effective binder level + your Charisma modifier for Illyahr's Knowledge (instead of this value -6), gain an additional +2 bonus to all Perform checks and the bonus from Natural Performer is no longer considered a competence bonus (this +2 stacks with Natural Performer), and when you expend Stagehand or Star to become a star you regain the ability after 5 rounds instead of requiring 10 minutes of concentration.

    Vestige Mastery – Imperator Mark V [General]
    You have a greater mastery of the ancient construct turned vestige the Imperator Mark V.
    Prerequisites: Favored Vestige (Imperator Mark V).
    Benefit: You may treat the Mark V Torso and Mark V Head as two separate pieces. Not only does this increase the benefit of those abilities based upon the number of pieces currently worn, but you may have the Mark V Torso and Mark V Head manifest as two separate Astral Constructs. The Torso loses the ability to See Invisibility and True Seeing, and the Head loses the increased natural armor and improved DR. If you have the Head Manifested you lose the ability to See Invisibility, but retain the armor bonus to AC as long as the Torso is not manifested and if the Torso is manifested you lose the armor bonus to AC but retain the ability to See Invisibility unless the Head is also manifested.

    Vestige Mastery – It that Forgot and was Forgotten [Epic, Vile]
    Your dark vows to the god of secrets grants you access to those things forgotten by those save It that Forgot and was Forgotten.
    Prerequisites: Favored Vestige (ItFawF), Knowledge (any 3) 15 ranks, Patron Deity (Vecna).
    Benefit: While ItFawF is bound you gain whispers of forgotten lore from deep within the vestige granting you a +10 on Knowledge checks. You gain an additional +5 bonus for the purposes of information which has a DC higher than 30. If information has multiple knowledge DCs for different bits of knowledge the +10 only applies for the purpose of the information with a DC of higher than 30, so if you had a result of 27 without this additional +5 and there was information at DC 30 and 32 you would gain the DC 32 information but not the DC 30 information (or any DC 28, or 29 information).

    Vestige Mastery - Marlowe [General]
    You have a greater connection to the planes through their would be conqueror allowing you to connect to two at once.
    Prerequisites: Favored Vestige (Marlowe), Knowledge (the Planes) 18 ranks.
    Benefit: While you have Marlowe bound you may have two Planar Aspects granted by her at once. You may still only don one suit of armor at once, though if you summon a new one the old one is automatically dismissed. In addition when wearing a suit of armor granted by Marlowe's various Planar Aspect Power, Make Up! abilities you gain an additional armor enhancement based upon the armor worn. When wearing the Z'gok Suit it gains the Vanishing armor enhancement, when wearing the Double Zeta Suit it gains the Aporter enhancement, when wearing the Zaku Armor it gains the Fearsome enhancement, when wearing the Gundam Armor it gains the Soulfire enhancement (BoED), and when wearing the Qubeley Armor it gains the Reflecting enhancement. Note that abilities with daily uses are not recharged if you dismiss the armor and resummon it, but still expended.

    Vestige Mastery – NeoPhoenix [Anarchic]
    You can draw upon powers of the Chaos Senshi long thought lost.
    Prerequisites: Chaotic Alignment, Effective Binder Level 13+, Favored Vestige (NeoPhoenix)
    Benefit: When you bind NeoPhoenix, the Chaos Senshi, she grants you the additional ability listed below. In addition when you use In the Name of the Infinite Rainbow you roll on the alternate table if the d6 is a 5, and your choice of table if it is a 6.

    Dance of the Chaos Senshi: As a free action you may teleport up to 5 ft per 3 binder levels to a square you have line of effect to. After selecting the distance you teleport roll 1d8 to determine the direction you teleport as if you had missed with a grenade-like weapon. If the square you would teleport into cannot support your weight, is occupied, or outside your line of effect you teleport to the furthest square from your position in a line to the original target square which can support your weight, isn't occupied, and is within line of effect. If there are no such squares between you and the destination this ability fails to function. You may only use this ability 1/round.

    Vestige Mastery – Pyrohignus [General]
    You have a deeper connection with the kobold of loyalty.
    Prerequisites: Favored Vestige (Pyrohignus), Dragonblood or Reptilian subtype.
    Benefit: When you use Envenom if you miss with the charged attack or the target succeeds in their initial save the ability is not considered expended and you may use it again immediately (or as soon as you have a swift action to do so). In addition you add your binder level to the fire resistance granted to you by Keeper of the Fire.

    Vestige Mastery – Red Fel “The First Baatezu” [Epic, Vile]
    You have made your soul home to Red Fel “The First Baatezu” and he rewards you with the power of his commands.
    Prerequisites: Bind Red Fel “the First Baatezu”, Favored Vestige (Red Fel "the First Baatezu").
    Benefit: While Red Fel “The First Baatezu” is bound you gain the following additional granted abilities.

    Command of Hell’s Lord: As a swift action you may duplicate the effects of a quickened suggestion, lesser geas, command, or morality undone spell as a supernatural ability. Once you have used this ability (regardless of spell chosen) you cannot use it again for 5 rounds.

    Sense Evil: You may sense the presence of evil creatures and objects within 120 ft as if with the blindsight ability. In addition you learn whether they are Lawful, Chaotic, or Neutral Evil, and the strength of their auras both of Evil and Law or Chaos as appropriate. You need not take an action to sense this information, it is as natural as sight.

    Vestige Mastery – Red Fel (the Helpful Advisor) [General]
    You hear the whispered advice of Red Fel even more deeply.
    Prerequisites: Diplomacy 5 ranks, Favored Vestige (Red Fel the Helpful Advisor)
    Benefit: The insight bonus from Advisor's Voice is increased by +1. 3 times per day you may increase it by another +5 for 1 check.

    Vestige Mastery – Red Fel (the Lord of Imps) [Vile]
    You hear the whispered advice of Red Fel even more deeply.
    Prerequisites: Lawful alignment, Favored Vestige (Red Fel the Lord of Imps)
    Benefit: When you have Red Fel, the Lord of Imps, bound the Imp's Whisper ability he grants you has a duration of 1 hour/binder level instead of 1 minute, and a successful save only grants immunity for 1 hour. In addition your Safety in Technicality ability he grants you functions as long as you have not directly attempted to harm the creature within 5 rounds instead of within 24 hours, and it grants you DR equal to the bonus it provides overcome by good or silver weapons; this DR only applies against damage dealt by creatures that the bonus from Safety in Technicality applies against.

    Vestige Mastery – Socratov [General]
    You can draw from the first bartender the power to party harder and resist poisons.
    Prerequisites: Favored Vestige (Socratov).
    Benefit: While Socratov is bound you gain immunity to intoxication, and a +4 bonus on saving throws against poison, and against disease from tainted food or drink.

    Vestige Mastery - Segev [General]
    Your connection to Segev grants you an increased mastery over his necromantic prowess.
    Prerequisites: Favored Vestige (Segev), Knowledge (religion) 12 ranks.
    Benefit: You may possess 1 soul trapped with Segev’s Cage Soul ability per 4 effective binder levels, though no more than 1 soul may be placed in the same gem (attempting to place another in the gem expels the previously trapped soul); if you would go over this limit you may choose which soul is released. You also gain a +5 bonus on Intimidate checks to interrogate captured souls. When you use Death Storm it deals 1d8 per binder level instead of 1d6 and may create an undead creature if you kill 3 or more humanoids of the requisite hit dice, and all hit dice requirements for creating more powerful undead are lowered by 2.

    Vestige Mastery – Snowbluff “the Winter of Love” [Epic]
    You have made your soul home to Snowbluff “the Winter of Love” and she rewards you with the power of her rage and spurned love.
    Prerequisites: Bind Snowbluff “the Winter of Love”, Favored Vestige (Snowbluff “the Winter of Love”).
    Benefit: While Snowbluff “the Winter of Love” is bound you gain the following additional granted abilities.
    Fury of the Spurned Lover: As a swift action you may enter into the Fury of the Spurned Love. While in this fury you have the same limitations on actions as a raging barbarian, though you may use any Supernatural ability granted by a vestige you have bound, and you gain +8 Strength, +8 Charisma, and DR 8/- (this stacks with any DR you already possess) but do suffer a -2 penalty to AC. These benefits and penalties last until the start of your next turn. In addition when you use this ability you may choose to have any number of creatures within 20 ft of you forced back 10 ft further from you, although they are allowed a Fortitude save to prevent this effect. Once you have used this ability you cannot use it again for 5 rounds.

    Let it Snow: As a standard action you may cause the temperature within a region of 10 miles around you to drop 100 degrees. This effect lasts for 1 week. Once you have used this ability you may not use it again for 5 rounds, and each time you bind Snowbluff “the Winter of Love”. If used twice in the same or an overlapping location its effects do not stack.

    Vestige Mastery – Weckar [General]
    You are able to make better use of the elven vestige Weckar.
    Prerequisites: Favored Vestige (Weckar).
    Benefit: When you use Crag Sniper you may apply the bonus damage to all ranged attacks against opponents within 30 ft or one range increment (whichever is greater) and not just against flat-footed opponents or those denied their Dexterity bonus to AC. If the target is within 30 ft and flat-footed or denied their Dexterity bonus to AC against you, you gain twice the normal damage bonus (this does not apply further than 30 ft even if your weapon has a greater range increment). In addition when using pushing shot you no longer have to push the target in a line directly away from you, but simply in a straight line.

    Vestige Mastery – Xuldarinar [General]
    You are able to more thoroughly assume the protean form of the shadowed vestige Xuldarinar.
    Prerequisites: Effective binder level 12, Favored Vestige (Xuldarinar).
    Benefit: When you bind Xuldarinar choose one of Str, Dex, or Con; this choice remains fixed until the next time you bind Xuldarinar. When you use Xuldarinar's Shadow Shape you gain your new form's ability score that corresponds to the choice you made if it is better than your ability score for that ability.

    Vestige Mastery - Zaydos "Draconus Arcana" [Epic] (by Draconium)
    you have made your soul home to Zaydos' magic, and gain greater mastery over channeling it.
    Prerequisites: Bind Zaydos "Draconus Arcana", Favored Vestige (Zaydos "Draconus Arcana")
    Benefit: While Zaydos "Draconus Arcana" is bound, you gain the following additional granted abilities.

    Dragon's Final Command: You may use Power Word Kill, except that it can affect creatures with an amount of Hit Points equal to 10 X your effective Binder level. Once you have used this ability, you must wait 5 rounds before you can use it again.

    Magi Wings: You gain a supernatural fly speed of 150 feet, with Good maneuverability.
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