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    Quote Originally Posted by DigoDragon View Post
    Hilarious answer using GURPS:
    Assuming a 5,000 ton train, at 8 mph it would deal approximately 129d6 damage.
    That explains the DM's near coronary, then. And technically speaking, I didn't survive, per se.
    I was forcibly transformed into a graveknight. Thankfully, that D.M. quit.
    And come to think of it, it WAS a crossing we were at, with tiny gnomish cars.

    And now, thread-relevant quotes!
    Me: "I'll now do a dramatic pose, leaping grandly into the air, attacking the wraith with my armor gleaming!
    And I roll...{nat 1}. Oh."
    DM: Tch. Alright, mr album cover, you take 18 cursed damage. "
    Yes, I actually said "Fudge." I don't cuss. It just feels off.
    Me: "You know what, fudge dramatics. They don't help anyone.
    I jump up to reach the ceiling, and attack the wraith to keep it off of (Thief.)"
    DM: "Alright, and your damage is...{Nat 20.} The wraith dissipates mid-air,
    and I need an aspirin."
    Moral of the story? Being dramatic doesn't work for me. Ever.
    Thank you for reading this, and I hope you have a better day!
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