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I'll say that I don't know a lot about your group, but you killing them is obviously going to end the campaign. I mean, it's almost worse with DM approval, although I think in that case as a player I would be pissed at the DM more than the player. It could be that this is a fine thing in your playgroup, I dunno.

As for advice, I feel kind of dirty giving any, but you're playing a stealthy character, and the party at least somewhat trusts you. Wait until your watch shift and then just slit all their throats with coup de graces?
Here's what you do.

Wait until you're keeping watch and the other characters are asleep.

Nod to the GM and share the moment that your character kills the rest of the party and ends the campaign.

Then, since that campaign is well and truly dead, start a new campaign. In this campaign, your working with the party, instead of against it. Also, to save time, the other players can play their old characters. And, to save more time, the game can have the same setting, and the same backstory. In fact, it can begin at night, as your character keeps watch for the rest of the party.

And to save more time, the other players don't need to be told of this.