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    Actual build (after proposition from the forum members):

    Race: Elan (Pattern Wielder racial archetype)

    Talashatora Carmandine Monk 1 / Cryptic (Brutal Disruptor archetype) 19 // Dirty Fighter variant 1 / Wizard (Psychic Mage Archetype) 1 / Unseen Seer 8 / Arcane Trickster 10

    SIDE 1

    - just a level 1 dip to get Flurry of Blows, Stunning Strike and Urnamed Strike and AC Bonus.
    - Talashatora to get the monk advancement for Flurry of Blows.
    - Carmandine Monk feat for SAD (Int) with Cryptic and use INT instead of Wis for Monk AC Bonus

    Cryptic (is fitting perfectly the fluff i want):
    - it has Disrupt Pattern as a kinda psionic Sneak Attack version, without restrictions and inflicting xxd6+Int mod. damage to a selected creature type (which is chosen when Psionic Focus is gained); so i can use it in conjunction with the Rogue Sneak Attack.
    - Brutal Disruptor archetype allows me to Disrupt on every melee attacks , very tasty!
    - Elan favored class gives Add +1/2 to the damage of the cryptic's disrupt pattern ability.
    - Elan Pattern Wielder racial archetype allows me to sacrifice a power to gain my Int bonus to damages.
    - i have Damage Reduction, and other defensive goodies.
    - it has several psionic powers that allow me to be very stealthy/increase my attacks/hit & run and other goodies. i can even hit 2 creatures at once via Bonding Strike power or hit once and teleport away ! perfect ! (Vanishing Strike).

    the Monk-ish/Cryptic side is awesome , lot of of hits and damages per hits, it is Brutal ! i don't think we can find better. (thanks to Labelos)

    SIDE 2

    Dirty Fighter / Wizard (Psychic Mage Archetype)
    - with Unseen Seer and Arcane Trickster , i get 8d6 Sneak Attack (stacking with the 1d6 of Dirty fighter)
    - 9th level spells and psionic powers.
    - get the Assassin Stance (+2d6 Sneak Attack, Shadow Hand maneuver) at 10th character level via Martial Study feat or via Novice Shadow Hands item.
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