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Actual theorical build:

Race: Elan (Pattern Wielder racial archetype)

Talashatora Carmandine Monk 1 / Cryptic (Brutal Disruptor archetype) 19 // Dirty Fighter variant 1 / Wizard 1 / Unseen Seer 8 / Arcane Trickster 10


- just a level 1 dip to get Flurry of Blows, Stunning Strike and Urnamed Strike and AC Bonus.
- Talashatora to get the monk advancement for Flurry of Blows.
- Carmandine Monk feat for SAD (Int) with Cryptic and use INT instead of Wis for Monk AC Bonus

Cryptic (is fitting perfectly the fluff i want):
- it has Disrupt Pattern as a kinda psionic Sneak Attack version, without restrictions and inflicting xxd6+Int mod. damage to a selected creature type (which is chosen when Psionic Focus is gained); so i can use it in conjunction with the Rogue Sneak Attack.
- Brutal Disruptor archetype allows me to Disrupt on every melee attacks , very tasty!
- Elan favored class gives Add +1/2 to the damage of the cryptic's disrupt pattern ability.
- Elan Pattern Wielder racial archetype allows me to sacrifice a power to gain my Int bonus to damages.
- i have Damage Reduction, and other defensive goodies.
- it has several psionic powers that allow me to be very stealthy/increase my attacks/hit & run and other goodies. i can even hit 2 creatures at once via Bonding Strike power or hit once and teleport away ! perfect ! (Vanishing Strike).

the Monk-ish/Cryptic side is awesome , lot of of hits and damages per hits, it is Brutal ! i don't think we can find better. (thanks to Labelos)


Dirty Fighter / Wizard
- with Unseen Seer and Arcane Trickster , i get 8d6 Sneak Attack (stacking with the 1d6 of Dirty fighter)
- 9th level spells.
- get the Assassin Stance (+2d6 Sneak Attack, Shadow Hand maneuver) at 10th character level via Martial Study feat or via Novice Shadow Hands item.
this is homebrew signiture treat not share your awesome builds treat chuckles