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    Lightbulb Re: Campaign Quotes, No Context Edition V: How dead is that corpse?

    Here's what I got this time:
    And yes, I promise I'll stop this "ongoing train" thing.
    "DM: It is clearly the same huge armored form of you're ally, Sir Je-
    Warlock: "I attack! Arcane bolt!"
    Thief: "I can't believe this. Sneak attack!"
    Ranger: "Acid arrow! That should get through!
    Me: "Seriously!? Was this about the Kingdom Come incident!?"
    I had to choose to save a PC, or a floating castle. I forgot we had a rez.
    Ranger: "That's not you anymore! We can kill and loot, we're murderhobos, dangit!"
    Warlock: " The moral compass is dead, and I've never felt so free!"
    Thief: ."..I don't care who wins, I'm taking the train."
    I didn't expect a TPB. They said THEY liked me, and that their "Chars" didn't. Oy vey.
    DM: "Well, let's see, that...doesn't get past your A.C."
    Me: "I am not putting up with the yahoo reasoning of this! What can I do, exactly?"
    DM: Well, have a look at your new char sheet.
    Me: "... Well. Destructive Retribution it is."
    It wasn't a rampage, It was self defense in rampage-esq styling. No one died.
    Theif: "I thought you said you'd never associate with the unholy!"
    Me: "I said I would never associate with demons. The undead are fine."
    I've reformed vampires, as well as a lich. If I can save them, I usually will.
    Thank you for reading this, and I hope you have a better day!
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