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I hereby grant permapermission, should anyone want to use it.
Fulmen Feles, the Gaea Machine

Fulmen Feles was a great cat-golem created by druids to house their spiritual totem, only to be destroyed when they discovered the nature of its creation.
Vestige Level: 6th.
Binding DC: 26.
Special Requirement: You may not bind Fulmen Feles if you are an aberration or not living.

Legend: Fulmen Feles is rumored to have been born in the early days of myth and legend. A druidic sect pressed by forces from beyond reality created a great totem of the cat spirit they served, offering prayers to it that it might protect them. The ongoing battle went poorly for the druids and enemies at the very gates of their sanctuary they turned to prayer. Lightning shattered through the roof and stroke the silver and copper totem.

The totem was not damaged, however, but came to life, bounding to the front lines of the fight, claws and teeth tearing through the aberrant beings. They tide of battle turned and the invaders were routed, fleeing back from the fledgling world. For years Fulmen Feles protected its realm, looking over the druids that had given it life and peace reigned. Yet the cat-totem was never ready to accept that peace ruled, always it warned that an evil still lurked within the shadows, that darkness still threatened to grow.

Its warnings fell on deaf ears, however. After all, no evil had shown itself in centuries of its warnings for vigilance. It was in this time of peace that one of the druids found the journal of one of those from the time of Felesís creation, a journal talking about how they had been using heretical arcane magic to try and give life to the totem to create a weapon to protect the order. The druids confronted Feles about its origin but the cat-totem could not give an answer as to whether it was made by Natureís will or through sorcery. The druids decided the latter and condemned Feles to destruction through having its animating essence siphoned out; if it was Natureís will, and not blasphemy, they could learn it this way and attempt to make recompense to Nature.

Feles warned them once more that this would bring disaster, that only its presence was keeping the forces of darkness from gathering and striking. On the fourth day as they drained the great totem of its life, its warning made manifest. A lich, one who had in the past fought against the same otherworldly forces as the druids, attacked his army of vampires and undead feasting upon the druids. Feles rushed out then, more than half drained, closer to dead than alive, but the might construct attempted to strike down the lich only to be slain itself.

Still Feles had been worshipped as a god for centuries, even though its believers had turned against it. Felesís life was therefore not easily extinguished, and a part of it lingered on even as the druids it had sought to protect were slaughtered, their elder race expunged. The only remnant the vestige Feles.

Manifestation: Fulmen Feles appears in his seal as a silver and copper cat before it begins to transform, its body shifting from feline to humanoid, a metallic man with eyes that glow and spark with electricity. He lacks external ears, his artificial nose merely a pair of nostril slits, his mouth bearing a forked tongue within. He speaks with an oddly mechanical voice in a near monotone.

Sign: Your flesh becomes semi-metallic, metallic components forming across your flesh.

Influence: While under Fulmenís influence you must attack undead and aberrations preferentially in combat and may not associate with such creatures.

Granted Powers: Fulmen Feles grants you

Alt Mode: As a standard action you may transform between your normal form and the shape of a mechanical tiger. While in this latter form any magic items you are wearing that cannot be worn by a large cat are subsumed into your body but continue to function (and occupy their body slots). Any armor you wear alters to fit your new form. You cannot, however, hold items in your hands, or wield weapons. While in this form you gain a +4 bonus to Strength and Dexterity, a +10 ft bonus to your land speed, gain pounce, a pair of claw attacks (dealing 1d6 damage if medium sized), a secondary bite attack (dealing 1d8 damage if medium sized), and a pair of rake attacks (dealing 1d6 damage if medium sized) usable on a charge or a grappled foe at no penalty, and are a quadrupedal creature (this increases your carrying capacity and checks to resist trip and bull rush, but may reduce your reach if you are large or larger). Once you have transformed you may not change again for 5 rounds.

If your shoulders chakra is open and you are able to bind things to it you may bind this ability to it (this counts as a chakra bind), if you do so you gain an additional +2 to Strength and Dexterity while in this animal form, and the Improved Grab ability. You may only use the Improved Grab ability with your claws against creatures at least 1 size category below you.

Living Machine: Your type changes to Construct and you gain the Living Construct subtype. If you were already a Living Construct you lose that subtype becoming a true Construct, you retain your Constitution score, however, and do not gain bonus hit points as a construct. You must show Fulmen Felesís sign to benefit from this ability.

Lightning Channeler: When you would be subject to an effect which deals electricity damage to you, you may, as an immediate action, redirect a portion of that energy towards another creature or object within 20 ft. This ability is used after you make your saving throw (if any), but its effects apply before energy vulnerability, energy resistance, or energy immunity. The electricity damage that the effect would deal to you (after the save, but before other abilities) is halved, and you may make a ranged touch attack against a creature or object within 20 ft which deals electricity damage equal to the amount of electricity damage reduced by this ability (1/2 what the effect would have dealt). The ranged attack granted by this ability does not provoke attacks of opportunity. Once you have used this ability you cannot use it again for 5 rounds.

If your hands chakra is open and you are able to bind things to it you may bind this ability to it (this counts as a chakra bind), if you do so the range of your ranged touch attack granted by this ability is increased to 60 ft.

If your waist chakra is open and you are able to bind things to it you may bind this ability to it (this counts as a chakra bind), if you do so this ability negates all electricity damage you would have been dealt and deals that much electricity damage to the target of your ranged touch attack.

Silver Claws: Metallic silver laces through your claws and fangs. Any natural weapon you possess which deals Slashing or Piercing damage is considered silver for the purposes of overcoming DR. This ability only functions when you show Fulmen Felesís sign.

Speaker of the Woods: You gain the ability to speak Sylvan and to speak with plants (as if under the spell speak with plants).

Storm Claws: Your natural weapons deal +1d4 electricity damage. You may invest essentia into this ability as if it were an essentia receptacle, each point of essentia invested into it adds +1d4 to the electricity damage dealt by your natural weapons.

Wild Walker: Once per round you may ignore the movement reduction of a single square of natural difficult terrain. You may invest essentia in this ability as an essentia receptacle and may ignore an additional square each round per point of essentia invested into this ability.

If your feet chakra is open and you are able to bind things to it you may bind this ability to it (this counts as a chakra bind), if you do so you may ignore man-made difficult terrain and difficult terrain created by spells as if it were natural difficult terrain. You may not, however, ignore difficult terrain actively imposed by creatures (such as that created by a knightís Bulwark of Defense ability).

For Contractors: Steal Incarnum.

Vestige Mastery - Fulmen Feles [General]
Your connection to Fulmen Feles grants you the ability to open a single chakra and bind power to it.
Prerequisites: Character Level 15+, Constitution 13+, Favored Vestige (Fulmen Feles), .
Benefit: When you bind Fulmen Feles you may select one of the hands, shoulders, or feet chakras. You gain a single chakra bind which can be used to bind a soulmeld (regardless of class), item, or vestige ability to the chakra selected and that chakra is considered open allowing you to bind things to it. If your effective binder level for Fulmen Feles is 21 or higher you may select the waist chakra as well. Once you expel Fulmen Feles you lose this ability until you bind Fulmen Feles again.

In addition as long as Fulmen Feles is bound you gain 2 bonus essentia.