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    Ooh, I was thinking of something just like this...

    How about these for tricks?

    Forcefull Blow: If you take a -5 penalty to your next attack, you may attempt a forcefull blow. If it succeeds, your opponent moves back 5 ft. for every five damage the attack deals and is knocked prone.

    Counterattack: You may take a penalty to all of your attack rolls during your turn. (Maximum penalty equal to your martial artist level.) For each -3 penalty you take, you may "Counterattack" your opponent's next X attacks. You roll an opposing attack roll against your opponent's, if you succeed, you attack your opponent rather then the other way around.

    Sidestep: Every time an attack misses you by five or more, you may take a five-foot step as a swift action. If the attack was part of a charge or a bull-rush, you may switch squares with that opponent instead.

    Improved Sidestep: When you sidestep an attack, the attacker becomes flat-footed, and you may make a single attack on him at a -5 penalty.

    Tweak them as you see fit, but that's the general gist of them.

    Also, as combat styles...

    Rapid: You gain Dodge at 1st level, Mobility at 4th, and Spring attack at 9th
    Tactical: Combat Expertise at 1st, Improved Feint at 5th, and Improved Disarm at 7th. Bluff is class skill.

    EDIT: Why is handle animal a class skill?
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