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    Bind Red Fel “the First Baatezu” [Epic Vestige] (Red Fel)

    The first Law infused larvae that evolved into a new race upon Baator to lead the coalition to seal the growth of the native lifeforms only to later be cast down by his lieutenant. Red Fel grants his binder…
    Prerequisites: Ability to bind 8th level vestiges, Knowledge (the Planes 30 ranks), Lawful Evil alignment, special.
    Special: To learn to bind Red Fel “the First Baatezu” one must find his ‘tombstone’ in Nessus and touch it. His tombstone is merely an indestructible block of Baatorian green steel which serves Asmodeus as a reminder of the older power waiting for him to fall, and is kept hidden away by the Lord of the Nine.
    Benefit: You may bind the epic vestige known as Red Fel “the First Baatezu”.
    Legend: Stories tell about how Asmodeus, the heroic general of Heaven, came to Baator and found it empty and featureless. Of how the gods of Law and Good forged with him the Pact Primeval. Stories the gods deny. Stories the tanar’ri deny. Stories from one source and one source alone, Asmodeus (see Fiendish Codex II which admits to being part propaganda).

    Asmodeus lies.

    Even ignoring the source it makes no sense. It requires 16 of the Outer Planes in their extant forms before Baator develops. It states he was given the pact to fight the tanar’ri but the great war against the Queen of Chaos, the last time the tanar’ri threatened the Upper Planes, was a war fought against the obyriths (see Fiendish Codex I). It is, in fact, wholly inconsistent with every other source of planar lore.

    What else would one expect of Asmodeus’s propaganda to deceive the Clueless natives of the Prime?

    So what then is the truth? What is the dark of Asmodeus’s rise? That is harder to say. Older sources claimed Asmodeus was one of the Twin Serpents of Law who made the Outer Planes into the Great Wheel that they are, who defined reality from the Primal Chaos, but who then fought over which was better Good or Evil and became Jaziren and Asmodeus, the latter believed dead and secretly plotting, no arch-fiend in truth but the strongest of the Greater Powers, greater than any save an overdeity (see Guide to Hell). Of course this too traces back to Asmodeus.

    This too makes no sense. If Asmodeus had such power that the gods themselves could not rival it, why does the Blood War continue when he could complete his plan in an instant by uniting with the Abyssal forces? If he had such power he would prove victorious in the final confrontation when all those who could truly oppose him were gone. No, Asmodeus fears such an alliance too much, the power he strives for is less than that of overdeity even if his ambition made whole would see the world reformed (see 4e and his ascension to Lesser Deity).

    Again Asmodeus lies.

    Maladomini still houses signs of pre-Baatezu inhabitation of Baator, of beings that predated Asmodeus himself, where even pit fiends fear to tread (see Planes of Law). Sightings of these creatures have happened in the caverns of Malbolge when it was still in its natural form (see Hellbound), before Asmodeus transformed it into its current fleshy hell (see FCII) and there are whispers he did this for fear of the beings that dwelled within. Even the nupperibo which Asmodeus claims to be a form of punishment and demotion alone (see FCII) are able to spontaneously and naturally occur and can even begin to develop into more powerful forms outside of the Baatezu hierarchy (see Tales of the Infinite Staircase).

    So if Asmodeus lies (and transparently at that), where can one look for the truth.

    One could search these sites that terrify the greatest fiends of Hell. One could turn too to the yugoloths, fiends so old that they may be the first denizens of the Lower Planes, said to have been made by the baernoloths themselves. These fiends have ancient records, records that they claim date back to the very creation of the Baatezu and Tanar’ri both. The yugoloths claim in these secret records sealed so that others may not read them, that they expunged from themselves Law and Chaos and placed these taints into the larvae of the Gray Waste and then herded them across the planes to Baator and the Abyss respectively and these twisted and tainted larvae transformed into the Baatezu and Tanar’ri both (see Hellbound), and that these new fiends filled with the energy of the yugoloths overthrew the older races native to those planes.

    This could be true, but the yugoloths lie.

    If you say something to the extent of ‘Yet this is their secret lore stolen at extreme risk from the depths of Gehenna, not like the tales of the Pact Primeval which can be traced to Asmodeus’s active volition to spread it’ you are naïve and a fool. The ‘loths are cunning, if the information was stolen from their archives more likely than not they wanted it stolen.

    So again none can say the truth of things. Yet there is evidence of a truth. Deep within Nessus there is a tainted and indestructible block of green steel. Some sages claim it is the last mark of the former Lord of the Ninth that Asmodeus struck down to usurp his throne. Those who touch the block can feel the presence of the fallen Overlord, can feel his essence wrapping them around, asking for entry within. Those who allow it access find themselves overwhelmed, their mortal forms unworthy conduits for one who (at least claims) to have ruled hell itself.

    Those whose souls are steadied with experience, masters of pact magic, can sometimes survive the ordeal, can bend the soul to their will. It is from the images and fragments that these have seen that the entity’s, that Red Fel’s, story of Asmodeus’s birth is derived.

    Red Fel was the first of the larvae driven to Baator by the ‘loths to transform from larvae to something more and he knew it was wrong. There was no Order here, no Structure, simply random mutation. Simply CHAOS. He selected three larvae, and he gave them forms almost like onto his own, forms that could pass for angels of the Heavenly realms. He gave them names as well, names to bind them in their forms, and they were Beelzebub, Gargoth, and the least of the three Asmodai.

    With these three he set about dividing the larvae, and ordering them, giving them shapes and form. He crafted the first pit fiend, the first cornugon, gelugon, and so forth, overseeing each one, but he senses something that could threaten his power, something ancient that still stirred within the planes they had found. Where the three Red Fel had created were want to ignore the near mindless nupperibo which had preceded them on the plane, Red Fel was deeply concerned by them.

    He assigned Gargoth to investigate them, Beelzebub to watch over the creation of the Baatezu, and Asmodai, the least of his generals, to act as relay between the three. It was during this time that Red Fel discovered many things. He learned that Baator drew the souls of those who held Law and Evil deep in their hearts, he learned that it drew them by nature into the depths of Nessus, and how to divert that flow. Thus Red Fel created the first lemure not made from the tainted larvae. Red Fel learned too that these souls the plane absorbed naturally became nupperibo, and that there was something else there, powerful beyond fathoming, but disinterested now with reality. He called them the Dreaming Powers, mortals call them the Ancient Baatorians.

    Red Fel knew that these Dreaming Powers would not forever ignore him and his, after all if he was to begin siphoning away the powers that spawned their young they would eventually take notice, and without an influx of souls the Baatezu were doomed to stagnation and destruction. Girding himself and his legions for battle Red Fel led the arch-fiends of his creation, Asmodai, Beelzebub, Gargoth, Dispater, Mephistopheles, and others now lost, into the very depths of Nessus. There Zargon, Keeper of the Pit, rose up to stop the would-be conquerers of Hell. As Gargoth, Beelzebub, and the lion’s share of the arch-devils fought with Zargon and the still adolescent Baatorians that served him, Red Fel and Asmodai pressed deeper.

    In the very depths of Hell, Red Fel spoke to Baator itself and forged the Pact Primeval with it. Not a pact with the gods of Good as to the allocation of the souls of the damned, after all that’s ridiculous, the Powers do not allocate where souls go unless they pledged to them in life it is observable fact only a Clueless would believe otherwise. Instead it was a pact with Baator, a pact to increase its influence in exchange for dominion over it. Forged from the green hellsteel of the Plane, Red Fel readied to sign the pact when Asmodai struck him from behind. As Red faltered for a moment, Asmodai signed the pact with the Overlord’s own blood and the power of Baator filled him.

    Asmodai’s first act was to shatter his name and reforge it, even as Red Fel attempted to exert its power over him. Thus was Asmodai destroyed, and thus was he reborn as Asmodeus. The battle with Red Fel raged but Asmodeus had the strength of Hell behind him, and had been made to be almost his maker’s equal. Red Fel was destroyed, and Asmodeus emerged from the depths of Nessus, his angelic form ruined and scarred by his battle with his maker, to strike down Zargon and bind him in the Prime to, hopefully, never rise again to try and wrest Baator back to its native inhabitants.

    The archfiends confronted Asmodeus as to the fate of their creator, and Asmodeus told them of Fel’s fate. The archfiends accepted it as the way of Hell save for Gargoth and Beelzebub, the personal aides of the deceased lord. Asmodeus offered them a deal. He would rule Nessus, but each of them would be given two of the other layers to do with as they wished, that way their power would more than equal his, for even if Nessus was the most valuable, it was not equal to any two of the other layers least not the lower layers. Beelzebub accepted this offer, Gargoth denied it and became the traveling archfiend (see Dragon #91). To ensure his power over Beelzebub, Asmodeus used the art of naming that he, Fel, and Beelzebub had developed together, and the powers of Baator that he, Gargoth, and Fel had learned of in their studies of the nupperibo and baatorians, and he reforged Beelzebub’s name as Baalzebul, shattering his angelic form and cursing him with the shape of a slug.

    Then Asmodeus selected a larvae and breathed into it the name Red Fel, creating in it the Lord of Imps to turn the powers of that name from their original bearer.

    Or so Red Fel claims.

    But he claims to have been the first devil. And what is it devils do? Devils lie.

    Manifestation: When Red Fel manifests the blasted, rock strewn fields of Avernus appears about the seal and the binder, the sky above turning crimson. They soon shift to the iron city streets of Dis, the towers obscuring the sky. Even these soon fade to the fetid bogs of Minauros, the jangling hiter appearing overhead. Phlegethos’s burning hellscape is next, followed by Stygia’s ice. Then comes the rolling, tilted depths of Malbolge’s original form, boulders seeming to rain towards the binder only to fade as Malbolge is replaced in turn with the ruins of Maladomini. Cania’s ice overtake them, and then the pit of hellfire in which pit fiends are purified from lesser fiends seems to roar around the binder, before giving way to Nessus’s gouged and cut surface, the walls of one canyon seeming to rise up around the binder before giving way to a green steel road leading to a throne of the Baatorian metal upon which sits a man of angelic beauty and nobility. He does not rise, but holds a ruby scepter, and points it towards the binder, silver feathers turning black as soot, even as green blood flows from his eyes and then the pact is done.

    Sign: Molten, green steel drips from your eyes like tears cooling to metal before striking the ground, and disappearing moments later.

    Influence: While under Red Fel’s influence you may not break a pact you make, nor forswear an oath. You may however choose whether to obey the letter of the pact/oath, or the spirit of it, and need not make this choice consistently even for a single oath.

    Granted Powers:

    Baatezu Prime: You gain the Baatezu subtype. You gain immunity to fire and poison, acid and cold resistance 10, the ability to see in darkness, Spell Resistance 12 + your binder level, and telepathy 100 ft. In addition you gain the ability to summon baatezu through Fel Summoning below. Lemure and other mindless baatezu recognize you as a baatezu on the level of an archfiend and obey your telepathic commands.

    Devil’s Lie: You gain the benefits of a continuous Glibness spell, and you do not need to roll Bluff checks, the result of the die is always considered to be 20 (before modifiers that is).

    Fel Summoning: As a standard action you may summon a CR 20 or lower creature with the baatezu subtype other than a nupperibo. This creature appears within 100 ft of you and serves you loyally for 1 minute/binder level or until dismissed (as a standard action). You may not use this ability while you have a creature summoned with it, and must wait 5 rounds after it leaves. This is a conjuration (summoning) effect. You may only summon creatures that are normal for their kind, they may not be advanced through hit dice or class levels nor may they possess templates, or above average stats (i.e. you can summon a bog standard pit fiend, or a bog standard CR 20 Aspect of Bel, but not Balus the Pit Fiend general with 8 higher than normal Intelligence, or Glaxyph the Awakened Lemure Wizard).

    Gather Lemure: As a standard action you may call 1 lemure per binder level. These lemure appear wherever you designate within line of sight. This is an instantaneous conjuration (calling) effect.

    Overlord’s Teleportation: You may teleport without error even across the planes. As a standard action you may teleport yourself and any creatures or objects you are carrying and may lift over your head as if using the greater teleport or greater planescape spell.

    For Contractors: You cannot deep bind epic vestiges (at least at this time, if rules are made it will probably require a feat to do so).

    Vestige Mastery – Red Fel “The First Baatezu” [Epic, Vile]
    You have made your soul home to Red Fel “The First Baatezu” and he rewards you with the power of his commands.
    Prerequisites: Bind Red Fel “the First Baatezu”, Favored Vestige (Red Fel "the First Baatezu").
    Benefit: While Red Fel “The First Baatezu” is bound you gain the following additional granted abilities.

    Command of Hell’s Lord: As a swift action you may duplicate the effects of a quickened suggestion, lesser geas, command, or morality undone spell as a supernatural ability. Once you have used this ability (regardless of spell chosen) you cannot use it again for 5 rounds.

    Sense Evil: You may sense the presence of evil creatures and objects within 120 ft as if with the blindsight ability. In addition you learn whether they are Lawful, Chaotic, or Neutral Evil, and the strength of their auras both of Evil and Law or Chaos as appropriate. You need not take an action to sense this information, it is as natural as sight.
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