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    Dragon, Blue

    Blue Dragons: apparently the second-strongest of all chromatic dragons. Breath weapon is a line of lightning, they can burrow and fly and have the earth subtype. Their extra skills are Bluff (useful) Hide (not that great without MS) and Spellcraft (leave it to the wizard).

    With all that said, let's take a look at the actual dragons.


    Are we getting our six RHD's worth? ...Not really. Small size, a few weak attacks and 13 strength aren't a viable melee chassis.

    Maybe their awesome magical powers make up for it? No. 2d8 points of damage every 1d4 rounds is still weaker than a dragonfire adept/half-decent blaster. Create/Destroy Water is just sad (hey guys, I just spend an action on maybe destroying some of our loot!). -0 LA.

    Very Young

    Size increase, ability increase, flight speed increase, breath weapon increase (though it still loses to Lesser Orb of Electricty)... The blandness of what three extra HD add is almost enough to make me forget how bad it is.

    Almost. -0 LA.


    I had to look twice before finding out what's supposed to make up for the HD increase. Another -0.


    Does anyone else find it weird that the [Earth] blue dragon can cast spells from the air domain?

    Also, -0 LA.

    Young Adult

    DR/5 magic and Frightful Presence? Man, those will help when I'm fighting ancient black dragons, balors and formian queens.

    You know, just assume every time I describe an age category with nothing but sneers and mockery, just assume it's -0.


    Welcome to epic levels: here's 3/day ventriloquism! It's not like it could already be cast with inherent sorcerer casting, is it?

    Mature Adult

    Another of those featureless age increases. I'm okay with unplayable monsters, but let them be interesting unplayable monsters at the very least.


    4th-level sorcerer spells are finally (at ECL 27) gotten! Guess what moment the developers picked to give Hallucinatory Terrain as a SLA?

    Very Old

    You know, I expected dragon-rating to be a difficult and slow process, but in practice it just amounts to ridiculing weird abilities. Could've been worse, I guess.


    Then again, difficult-to-rate monsters at least provide mental gymnastics and entertaining forum debates. This I doubt anyone is ever going to read.

    Also: Veil joins the club of SLA's-dragons-can-cast-now-anyway.


    More DR! More worthless HD!

    Great Wyrm

    As capstone, blue dragons get something that's horrible even within the abysmal blue dragon framework: Mirage Arcana 1/day.

    They. Have. Been. Able. To. Cast. That. For. Nine. Levels. It's like letting a 20th-level wizard cast Greater Dispel Magic 1/day: except the latter ability is by far superior.
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