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    Also this is what happens when I'm fed gifs...

    Bind Snowbluff “the Winter of Love” [Epic Vestige] (Snowbluff)

    A goddess of winter who gave up her immortality to be with the one she loved and who loved her not.
    Prerequisites: Ability to bind 8th level vestiges, Knowledge (nature) 28 ranks, Knowledge (religion) 28 ranks), special.
    Special: To learn to bind Snowbluff “the Winter of Love” one must kill a being they perceive as a love rival in the depths of a snow storm and draw Snowbluff’s seal in their blood (this is a one time requirement).
    Benefit: You may bind the epic vestige known as Snowbluff “the Winter of Love”.
    Legend: Once there was a far northern kingdom wracked with horrible winters. The king and queen of the kingdom had a single heir, a youth surpassingly fair, with hair of ringlets like spun gold, and eyes the blue of the sky. So handsome was this youth that as he reached the flower of youth, those first steps out from childhood into adulthood he charmed the very heart of the goddess of winter. She took on a human guise to grow close to him, a human avatar that found work in the palace near his side.

    The traditional harsh winter of the land did not strike that year, instead they called it the long summer, for not once did it freeze. That was till his fiancée arrived from a southern kingdom; an arranged marriage between the two ruling houses. The goddess would not have any of it. For two weeks she watched them together till, just before spring would have begun, the princess began her return journey. That was when a freak blizzard struck, the temperature dropping 30 degrees overnight, and the winds causing snow to fall across the road in an avalanche killing the princess and her entourage.

    The mild winter, warm even for spring, resumed the next day after that single freak snowstorm. That was until the prince took a lover, a commoner lass, one of the maids who worked in the castle. This filled the goddess with ire, and the woman was found frozen solid, and whispers began that the prince was cursed.

    Years passed, the Golden Years as they were called for it was warm enough to grow great fields of wheat, to live in ease without fear of frozen death in the night. That was as long as none grew close to the prince, for whenever he showed affection for another they were struck down and storms of ice would rage. He grew distant and aloof, afraid of contact with others, and the goddess still in her mortal guise attempted to approach him.

    At last they grew close for she was the only one who did not fear him, the only one who looked at him with love and was not struck down. They became lovers for a brief time, before he began to question why. He confronted her, accusing her of having killed his friends, his loves, his fiancée, and she confessed it all, confessed how she was the goddess of winter and snow, how she had fallen in love with his beauty, and how it was her will that had sheltered his kingdom for all these years.

    He rejected her, saying that her actions were unbefitting for a god and fit only for a demon. Thus he rebuffed the goddess and she was thrown into a great rage. Snow raged about the castle and she demanded that he swallow those words, that he wed her to make it up to her. He refused.

    In her rage the goddess froze the castle and surrounding country, sealing ‘her prince’ into a block of ice. Cursing him and his kingdom to stay frozen till he repented those words and would be hers forevermore, she attempted to shed her mortal form and could not. She tried again and yet could not. And again, and again she failed, for the other gods had stolen her godhood piece by piece while she dallied in the mortal realms, and with this last act of petty rage on the Prime they had gone from merely opportunistically carving at her domain to acting in direct alignment with deific law and had judged her in absence unfit to be among their numbers. She was a goddess no more.

    The former winter goddess lived and died in the frozen kingdom, wasting away at the side of the prince who would never return her love.

    Manifestation: Snow begins to fall all around you, ice coating everything within 100 ft (or line of effect) and fog filling the area. This fog concentrates over the seal before solidifying into the shape of a beautiful, blonde haired woman with heterochromatic eyes.

    Sign: Breath fogs in your presence regardless of the actual temperature.

    Influence: While under Snowbluff’s influence you will not abide by a rival for your love’s affection, and must take action against any such rival.

    Granted Powers:

    Freeze the Heart: As a swift action you may render a creature within line of sight incapable of receiving morale bonuses and immune to fear. A Will save negates this effect, but any morale bonuses to saving throws do not apply against it. This effect lasts until you expel Snowbluff (or die).

    Heart of Winter: While you are on a plane you may cause the ambient temperature across the plane to drop by 1 temperature band. This only affects ambient temperature, active heat sources (such as lava, fire, or water) still have their normal heat and effects, but the lava filled room would be cooler than the norm for a lava filled room. If you leave the plane, die, or expel Snowbluff “the Winter of Love” the plane’s temperature returns to normal; the effect of multiple binders binding Snowbluff “the Winter of Love” do not stack.

    Seal in Ice: As a standard action you may invoke ice which seems to freeze a creature entirely. They take Dexterity damage equal to your binder level plus your Charisma modifier. A successful Fortitude save reduces this Dexterity damage to 3d4. If this Dexterity damage reduces a creature’s Dexterity to 0 you may choose to have ice envelop them completely. If you do so the creature is affected as if with Temporal Stasis until it is freed from the ice. The ice has hardness 30 and 20 hp per binder level you possess, but fire ignores its hardness and deals quadruple damage to the ice. The Dexterity damage dealt by this ability ignores type based immunity to ability damage, such as possessed by Constructs and Undead, and may affect creatures without a Constitution score although they gain a +8 bonus on their saving throws. Once you have used this ability you cannot use it again for 5 rounds.

    Winter Made Flesh: While Snowbluff “the Winter of Love” is bound you gain Cold Immunity. In addition any creature striking you in melee without a reach weapon takes 2d6+your Charisma modifier cold damage, and your own melee attacks deal 2d6 cold damage (in addition to any damage, including cold damage, they would normally deal). A creature you grapple or that grapples you takes 6d6 cold damage per round in addition to 2d6+your Charisma modifier cold damage whenever they successfully damage you (and +2d6 cold from your own grapples).

    For Contractors: You cannot deep bind epic vestiges (at least at this time, if rules are made it will probably require a feat to do so).

    Vestige Mastery – Snowbluff “the Winter of Love” [Epic]
    You have made your soul home to Snowbluff “the Winter of Love” and she rewards you with the power of her rage and spurned love.
    Prerequisites: Bind Snowbluff “the Winter of Love”, Favored Vestige (Snowbluff “the Winter of Love”).
    Benefit: While Snowbluff “the Winter of Love” is bound you gain the following additional granted abilities.
    Fury of the Spurned Lover: As a swift action you may enter into the Fury of the Spurned Love. While in this fury you have the same limitations on actions as a raging barbarian, though you may use any Supernatural ability granted by a vestige you have bound, and you gain +8 Strength, +8 Charisma, and DR 8/- (this stacks with any DR you already possess) but do suffer a -2 penalty to AC. These benefits and penalties last until the start of your next turn. In addition when you use this ability you may choose to have any number of creatures within 20 ft of you forced back 10 ft further from you, although they are allowed a Fortitude save to prevent this effect. Once you have used this ability you cannot use it again for 5 rounds.

    Let it Snow: As a standard action you may cause the temperature within a region of 10 miles around you to drop 100 degrees. This effect lasts for 1 week. Once you have used this ability you may not use it again for 5 rounds, and each time you bind Snowbluff “the Winter of Love”. If used twice in the same or an overlapping location its effects do not stack.

    I make Yandere-Goddesses turned Vestige.
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