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    Well, if we're doing epic vestiges anyways...

    Bind Zaydos "Draconus Arcana" [Epic] (Zaydos)

    A Dragon-King, lich, and Archmage of ancient times, Zaydos now lies an eternal slumber, waiting for a day of reckoning.
    Prerequisites: Ability to bind 8th-level vestiges, Knowledge (Arcana) or Knowledge (Religion) 27 ranks, special.
    Special: To bind Zaydos, you must find and decipher the Tome of Draconus Arcana, an ancient work of text written by Zaydos himself, containing all he knows on the nature of magic.
    Benefit: You may bind the epic vestige known as Zaydos "Draconus Arcana".
    Legend: Zaydos was a dragon with an immense interest in the workings of magic, and how it could affect the world. The wyrm devoted his life to to understanding it, and as time passed by, he became extraordinarily talented in manipulating arcane energy to his whim.

    However, the more he understood, the more Zaydos wished to hoard this power for himself. It was simply not enough to know - to truly find the essence of magic, one must undertake every aspect of it. And as long as there existed others in the world that could use magic for themselves, Zaydos would never possess enough power alone. And so he began a grand scheme.

    Zaydos began to conquer. First towns, then cities, then kingdoms, then continents. He exerted control over every inch of land that fell under his rule, using his arcane might to ensure none could stand up to him. And when he had conquered his material plane, he expanded his reach past planar bordered. He sought to kill every other mage in existence, or at least entirely subjugate them, so that all magic in existence would one day belong to him. And when his body began to fail on him, for the toll of age finally catching up to him, he simply discarded his mortal shell and descended into undeath, so determined that a small inconvenience like death or time could not stop him.

    Eventually, though, the threat he posed became great enough that the heavens themselves took notice. The celestial powers banded together and fought with the dracolich in a battle so ferocious, it is said that entire planes were torn asunder from each blow struck. Zaydos cleaved through a great portion of the heavenly army with fang and spell, but even he could not last forever. He was struck down by the celestials, and his tyranny was finally ended.

    However, he had not faded from existence. His phylactery still existed, guarded by so many wards than even the most powerful celestials could not break it. Instead, they simply wove their own magic into it, turning it into a prison that the wyrm's soul could never escape. Then they hid it away, so no one could accidentally free him.

    But this was not the end. His magical might still lingered unhindered, and eventually formed into a powerful vestige, even if it was but a pale reflection of his power in life and undeath. This vestige is bound itself to the Tome of Draconus Arcana, a journal of sorts where the wyrm zealously hoarded his knowledge. They say that should you find the Tome, and decipher the contents, than the remnants of the dragon's might will be yours to command.

    Manifestation: A faint cackling of energy is heard, just before a searing light bursts out of the ground before you. When the light fades, you find yourself standing before a floating dragon's corpse, barely decayed after all these years. The eyes of this corpse glow in seemingly random colors, and veins of energy pulse through the body. When the vestige speaks, the jaw doesn't move - rather, the voice simply manifests out of thin air, seeming to come from all directions at once.

    Sign: Your pupils and veins glow with an unearthly arcane light.

    Influence: While Zaydos is bound to you, you may not share any knowledge you possess that others do not, unless doing so would allow you to discover more knowledge.

    Granted Powers:

    Dracolich's Scales: You gain Damage Reduction 20/Bludgeoning and Epic, and Spell Resistance equal to 20 + your effective binder level. You also gain resistance to Fire, Cold, Electricity, and Acid 30.

    Dragon-King's Demand: You may take a standard action to inflict a gaze attack upon anyone within 60 feet of you. They must make a Will Save, or be affected as though you had cast a Dominate Monster spell on them with a caster level of 20. Regardless of the results of this attack, you may not use this ability again for 5 rounds.

    Dweomer Arcana: You may use any spell trigger item (including scrolls, wands, and staves) as though their spells were on your class list, regardless of what the spell actually is. You also gain a +20 bonus on all Knowledge checks and Spellcraft checks, and may use these skills untrained. Finally, you are under the constant effects of Greater Arcane Sight.

    Breath of Magic: You gain a 30' cone breath weapon dealing 1d10 points of damage per effective Binder level you possess, usable once every 5 rounds, with a Reflex save for half damage. This breath weapon is made out of pure arcane energy, and is not subject to Damage Reduction or Energy Resistance.

    Magic Crafter: You are capable of creating any magic item, as though you had the appropriate caster level (but no higher than your effective Binder level), feat, and spell to do so. You must still pay any GP and XP cost for creating the item. You only need to have this ability on the day you begin crafting the item for it to apply.

    Vestige Mastery - Zaydos "Draconus Arcana" [Epic]
    you have made your soul home to Zaydos' magic, and gain greater mastery over channeling it.
    Prerequisites: Bind Zaydos "Draconus Arcana", Favored Vestige (Zaydos "Draconus Arcana")
    Benefit: While Zaydos "Draconus Arcana" is bound, you gain the following additional granted abilities.

    Dragon's Final Command: You may use Power Word Kill, except that it can affect creatures with an amount of Hit Points equal to 10 X your effective Binder level. Once you have used this ability, you must wait 5 rounds before you can use it again.

    Magi Wings: You gain a supernatural fly speed of 150 feet, with Good maneuverability.
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