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    Do people still remember me? My ego adores people thinking about me, so. Anyone who wants to is free to.
    Go go old SMBG memories... something about harems, a lemonade stand and wands of reverse gender, and crack ships...

    Lixie the Forlorn, Enamored with Love

    A succubus that fell in love with the idea of true love. She grants those who bind her the power to facilitate love, use ropes, and genderbend people.
    Vestige Level: 1st.
    Binding DC: 15.

    Legend: Lixie was a succubus, a demon born of the Abyss a being of lust and sin. But not all lust is carnal desire, and mortals can be truly fascinating creatures with the oddest of concepts. One of these, love, was especially fascinating. Lixie decided she wanted to experience this love, this concept so often placed as opposite of lust.

    Of course Lixie didn’t quite understand what it meant to have love. She used her powers to try and requite unrequited love, a little charm here and a suggestion there, some shapeshifting impersonations. Playing the matchmaker with all the care one might expect of a demon in revolt against their basic nature, Lixie made some questionable choices, and people noticed how they were acting quite oddly.

    In the end a paladin was called to the town. Tall, proud, and beautiful astride her destrier, the paladin arrived. At once Lixie was smitten. The succubus, heedless of the danger of it all, attempted to court the paladin, yet the paladin was strangely reserved. Still Lixie refrained from attempting to use her powers on the paladin, that would be too easy, would soil it all. The paladin was not so restrained. Ascertaining that this strangely potent evil aura before her was the demon causing the strangeness in the town the paladin lashed out. Where before Lixie had been smitten, now she was smote, and as she begged for her life her pleads fell on deaf ears.

    Of course Lixie had been a demon and such beings when slain find their essence back in the Abyss to slowly reform over painful eons, but she was also a being of lust and carnal sin who had rejected both. Just as she had rejected her Abyssal nature the Abyss rejected her, leaving her soul with only one place to go, the void of the vestiges.

    Manifestation: Lixie appears within the seal in the form of a beautiful woman, her forearms lightly feathered, with small downy feathers, her hands and feet bird-like talons. As the pact progresses she shifts through one female form after another, her hands and feet always remaining avian. Eventually wounds begin to appear across her body, and as the pact is sealed her skull splits bloodily.

    Sign: Your feet become bird-like talons.

    Influence: While under Lixie’s influence you must help foster the growth of romantic love wherever you find it.

    Granted Powers: Lixie the Forlorn grants you the ability to ward off blows with Charisma alone, to change people’s sex, to form bonds of love, and to escape and use ropes.

    Armored by Beauty: You gain an armor bonus to AC equal to your Charisma modifier + 1/5 binder levels; this bonus can never exceed +5 +1/3 your binder levels. This is a force effect similar to Mage Armor.

    Blessing of Gender Bending: As a standard action you may change the physical sex of a single creature within 10 ft + 10 ft per 2 binder levels. You may change it to male, female, or neuter, changing both primary and secondary sexual characteristics. This transformation lasts 1 hour per binder level, increasing to 1 day per binder level if your binder level is 6 or higher, although it may be reversed through the use of a remove curse or break enchantment spell. If used on yourself this effect is instantaneous instead and cannot be removed through spells only other instantaneous effects to change your physical sex. Once you have used this ability you must wait 5 rounds to use it again.

    Lust Forsworn: Once during the pact you may touch a creature as a standard action and gain the benefits of the Vow of Romance feat with that creature as your beloved. This benefit lasts until the pact ends.

    Spoiler: Vow of Romance
    Vow of Romance [Exalted]
    You have sworn yourself to another, a pact of love and faithfulness. This loyal faith grants you a variety of bonuses when your beloved is in danger, and if they return it they gain the same such when you are in danger.
    Prerequisites: Sacred Vow.
    Benefit: When you take this feat select a creature who is your beloved. Whenever your beloved is at less than 1/2 hit points and threatened in some way (such as being in combat) you gain a +1 perfection bonus to attack rolls, AC, saving throws, ability and skill checks. If your beloved returns the affections and you are at less than 1/2 hit points and threatened they gain a +1 perfection bonus to attack rolls, AC, saving throws, ability and skill checks.
    Special: You must remain faithful to your beloved, if you cheat on them, betray them, or otherwise break the faith with them then you lose the benefits of this vow. For your beloved to gain its benefits they must have remained faithful to you for at least one month. If your beloved betrays you, you may choose to give up the effects of this feat for 1 month to select a new beloved. If your beloved dies you must attempt to revive them and failing that wait at least 3 months before selecting a new beloved.
    Special: If your beloved also has this feat in regards to you then the bonuses from this feat are doubled.

    Make Ship Happen: As a standard action you may attempt to forge a bond of charmed affection (not necessarily romantic) between two humanoid targets within 30 ft of you. Each target must make a Will save. If both fail they are charmed as if they had cast Charm Person on each other. If one fails and the other succeeds the one that failed cannot attack the other target for 10 minutes or until they are attacked by them, and has their attitude towards that target improved by 1 step (to a maximum of friendly, this cannot lower it) for 10 minutes. If one target is immune they are considered to have succeeded their Will save. If either target is not humanoid this ability fails entirely. If your binder level is 5 or higher you may affect monstrous humanoids, outsiders with the native subtype, and giants with this ability in addition to humanoids. If your binder level is 9 or higher you may affect fey, dragons, aberrations, and outsiders. If your binder level is 13 or higher it may affect creatures of any type (this does not circumvent type based immunity). Once you have used this ability you must wait 5 rounds to use it again.

    Some of my best friends are devils: You gain a competence bonus on Escape Artist and Use Rope checks equal to +4 +1/3 binder levels. In addition if you hold a rope you can cause it to move as if under the effects of an animate rope spell.

    For Contractors: Beguiling Influence.

    With Bind Vestige: If bound through Bind Vestige you gain Armored by Beauty. If you also possess Practiced Binder you gain Some of my best friends are devils.

    Vestige Mastery – Lixie the Forlorn [General]
    You have learned to draw more deeply upon your favored vestige, to armor yourself further, and spread your love even further.
    Prerequisites: Cha 15+, Favored Vestige (Lixie the Forlorn).
    Benefit: The force armor granted by Armored by Beauty gains a +1 enhancement bonus per 4 binder levels you possess (this may increase its total armor bonus above its cap). You may target yourself as one of the two targets with Make Ship Happen, and may use Lust Forsworn up to your Charisma modifier times per pact (min 1) gaining the benefits of Vow of Romance in regards to each creature you use it upon (note the perfection bonus from the feat does not stack if multiple of them are in danger) as long as you are upfront and faithful to each one.

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    And like all other threads Snowbluff posts in for long enough, this one, too, ends in an endless chain of anime gifs.

    Ah well.

    They feed me. By which I mean they are a surprisingly effective means of slowing or even reversing creative burn out when making a bunch of things of the same type, for example in this case vestiges.

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    You are on a roll, Zaydos!!

    Also where is that gif from?
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