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    Green dragon

    Why do these dragon pictures include people for scale, anyway? When the same creature can be anywhere between dog- and whale-sized, it seems kind of pointless.

    Anyway, green dragons: breath weapon is corrosive vapor, which seems redundant with black: I'm glad they changed it to poison gas in later editions. Special movement is a decent swim speed, and its extra skills are Bluff, Hide and Move Silently. The first is decent, the latter two would be better if green wyrmlings were Tiny: as it is now it's usefulness is reduced.


    Surprise surprise, these things suck. 2d6 acid damage isn't cutting it at ECL 5, and neither are the natural attacks. -0 LA.

    Very Young

    Size increase, breath weapon damage increase... I've seen it before, and it's still weak. -0.


    I could remove half the RHD and this would still be underwhelming. I'm not even kidding.


    Let's take a moment to reflect on what else 14 levels could've gotten you. 7th-level spells or maneuvers, 8d6 sneak attack, a bunch of opened chakras... Instead there's 1st-level sorcerer casting, a few ability bonuses, and poor flight.

    Young Adult

    DR sucks, yadda yadda yadda.


    At this level, 3/day Suggestion is gained. Wizards are casting Dominate Monster, clerics are casting Monstrous Thrall, even fighters have better mind-affecting abilities available than dragons do by now.

    Mature Adult

    Here be suboptimal dragons!


    I dare you to come up with at least one epic challenge that can be solved with Plant Growth.

    Very Old

    Seriously reconsidering the idea of doing all dragons right now. Maybe should I just rate the first three, then briefly mention that all past there is too bad for a LA?


    Congrats on being gargantuan, and it only took 32 levels! It's not like there's ways to do it faster, are there?


    If I didn't dislike dragons before, I did now.

    Great Wyrm

    When a ranger gets a certain spell before you do, be worried.
    When a ranger gets a certain spell at half your ECL, be very worried.
    When a ranger gets a certain spell at one-third of your ECL... run.

    I find it very amusing how conversation is now about what dragons won't get a -0 LA.
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