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    Quote Originally Posted by Seto View Post
    I'm the prince of the universe.

    I, Seto, Great Elephantic One, hereby grant permission to anyone willing to use me as an excuse for creative endeavor. (Not that anyone would, but you never know :P)
    Tried to capture your aspects of Elephantness, Alignment Discussion, and True Neutral-ness-ness.

    Seto, Who Carried the Planes (Seto)

    Seto was the elephant which once supported the plane that became divided into the Great Wheel. He grants those who bind him powers over alignment and to carry great loads.
    Vestige Level: 3rd.
    Binding DC: 20.
    Special Requirement: You may not bind Seto while binding a vestige that possesses a special requirement based on alignment, nor may you bind such a vestige while Seto is bound.

    Legend: At the dawn of existence the Outer Planes formed, but they did not form in an instant. Initially Chaos and Law vied for control and Chaos was winning. In this time Seto existed as a balancing force, the firmament upon which the planes rested and who strove to balance their existence lest they slide back into total disarray.

    Then the Twin Serpents of Law Ahriman and Jazirian formed a great ring through reality, and demarcated the realms of Law and Chaos, Good and Evil, and Law rose into ascendancy. Still Seto supported the Outlands upon his back, but Law’s reign would not be maintained. Ahriman and Jazirian began to fight over where reality should be centered upon, Mount Celestia or Baator, ignoring the balance of the Outlands blinded by their cosmic allegiance to Good and Evil and to Law itself so much that they allowed Chaos into their hearts. The fight of the two serpents raged across reality fought on levels mortals cannot comprehend, and in this battle Seto was mortally wounded. As Ahriman crashed into Nessus, his blood giving birth to the first of the Ancient Baatorians, the other Lords of Law realized that reality might fall back into utter Chaos should the Outlands collapse back into the primal void.

    They divided up the elephant’s body, using its bones to build a new support for the Outlands, driving its tusk up through the center to hold the Outlands in place, fixed forever between Law and Chaos siding with neither. Thus was the current shape of the planes fixed in place, Law’s ascendancy shattered, but Chaos not allowed to reign. The great elephant Seto was slain and his name forgotten, but his essence remained, his blood falling into the void. Some claim it became the void of the vestiges, others claim that the void of the vestiges had existed long before the current universe and that it merely bled into that lower existence and in its blood was what remained of its soul. Its purpose and the lion’s share of its being had been taken from it in being incorporated into the Outlands, all that was left was a spiritual husk, but a shadow of its mind still lived on, and could be summoned.

    Manifestation: A swirling mass of chaos forms above the seal, as it spins 16 fragments fly off from it to begin to orbit the central mass. The mass itself forms into a disc, even as the 16 fragments form into miniature representations of the Outer Planes. The spire rises up out of the center of the disc, Sigil forming over it like a crown, and the disc rises higher as beneath it a grey-skinned elephant forms. The elephant lets loose a loud trumpet before gashes appear in his flanks, blood beginning to pour from his wounds, eyes, and trunk. As it speaks with the binder slowly more and more blood leaks, beginning to dribble from its mouth. When the pact is made the binder is bathed in the illusory blood.

    Sign: You grow a pair of miniature tusks (if broken off they vanish and then regrow).

    Influence: Unless under direct and immediate threat you must stop and consider the ramifications of any action you take and their effect on the balance of Good and Evil and Law and Chaos.

    Granted Powers: Seto grants you the ability to maintain a second alignment, to carry great weight, to draw power from your alignment, and to inflict punishment on others for theirs.

    Choose your Balance: When you bind Seto select an alignment other than your own, this alignment must be the same as yours on the Good-Evil or the Law-Chaos axis (but not on both). As long as Seto is bound you are considered the chosen alignment instead of your own whenever it would benefit you.

    Powers of Allegiance: While Seto is bound you gain one ability from the list below based upon your alignment, and a second one based upon the alignment you selected for the Choose your Balance ability above.
    • Lawful Good – Pinnacle of Celestia: Allies (including yourself) within 30 ft of you gain a +3 sacred bonus to AC and are unaffected by your Trumpet of Judgment.
    • Lawful Neutral – Coordination of Acheron: When you flank a creature with an ally you both gain an additional +2 bonus to attack rolls and a bonus to damage equal to +1 + 1/3 your binder level.
    • Lawful Evil – Command of Gehenna: Whenever you kill a creature it rises as a skeleton under your control for 1 round plus 1 round per 3 binder levels. At the end of this duration the skeleton collapses, although may still be reanimated through necromantic magic (it usually cannot be raised with raise dead due to being a skeleton outside of the fleshy body it came with, however).
    • Neutral Good – Blessing of Elysium: You gain a bonus on saves against poison, disease, charms, and compulsions of +2 + 1/3 binder level.
    • True Neutral – Anchor of the Outlands: While Seto is bound you radiate an aura of magical suppression out to 20 ft. Spells (and spell-like abilities) are cast at a -4 to caster level if cast in this aura, and any spell whose spell level is less than ½ your binder level has a 20% chance to fail completely if it is cast in the area of this aura. Spells cast from outside of the aura are affected as if cast within it if their point of origin is within it, and any portion of their effect which is within it when cast is likewise affected with the -4 to effective caster level within the area and potentially a 20% chance of failing completely in the area.
    • Neutral Evil – Sorrow of the Gray Waste: Whenever you strike a creature with a melee attack they suffer a -2 penalty to attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks for 1 round. This is a mind-affecting effect. Multiple hits against the same creature do not stack.
    • Chaotic Good – Blessing of Ysgard: While Seto is bound you gain Fast Healing 1 + ¼ Binder levels.
    • Chaotic Neutral – Shifting Form of Limbo: While Seto is bound you gain a bonus on Escape Artist checks, Tumble checks, Grapple checks made to escape a grapple, opposed ability checks to resist a Bull Rush or Trip, and saves versus transmutation effects of +4 + 1/3 binder levels.
    • Chaotic Evil – Fury of the Abyss: Whenever you take 5 or more damage you gain a +1 bonus per 5 points of damage you received (max +1 + ¼ binder levels) to attack damage for 1 round, multiple instances of this bonus do not stack (use only the highest).

    Shoulders to Carry the World: Your Strength is considered 8 higher for the purposes of determining encumbrance.

    Trumpet of Judgment: As a standard action you may release a loud, elephantine trumpet. This trumpeting sound carries with it a magic that judges nearby creatures based upon their alignment. Each creature other than yourself within 20 ft suffers the effect described below associated with their alignment. If a creature has an alignment subtype that does not match its alignment on an axis use its alignment subtype, not its actual alignment, on that axis. Once you have used this ability you cannot use it again for 5 rounds.
    • Lawful Good: The creature feels the weight of the world upon it, the weight that it professes through deed if not word that it is its duty to carry. They must make a Fort save or become fatigued. If your binder level is 11 or higher they are exhausted instead.
    • Lawful Neutral: You disrupt the order of the creature’s mind, plunging it into the Chaos that it fears. The creature must make a Will save or be confused (as the spell confusion) for 1 round. This is a mind-affecting compulsion effect.
    • Lawful Evil: The creature is forced to feel that ground down lack of self which through deed they support in others even if not necessarily themselves. The creature must make a Will save or be unable to make decisions for itself for a round and does nothing unless granted an action by another creature (through White Raven Tactics or a Marshal’s Grant Move action) and told by them what to do with it. This is a mind-affecting compulsion effect.
    • Neutral Good: Take 1d4 damage per binder level you possess, Will halves. This damage is pure unholy energy, burning away at their purity and not reduced by energy resistance or immunity, and considered to be dealt by an [Evil] descriptor spell.
    • True Neutral: They take 1 ability damage to each ability score + 1 per 4 binder levels. A Will save negates this ability damage.
    • Neutral Evil: Take 1d4 damage per binder level you possess, Will halves. This damage is pure holy energy, burning away at their evil and not reduced by energy resistance or immunity, and considered to be dealt by a [Good] descriptor spell.
    • Chaotic Good: You strip the target of their mobility, the physical representation of that freedom they value. They take 1d6+1/4 binder levels Dexterity damage. A Fortitude save is allowed to halve this damage.
    • Chaotic Neutral: You strip the creature of its ingenuity and freedom, forcing it to repeat what it has already done. The target repeats the actions of their last turn if possible, if not possible they stand there and do nothing. They do not need to pick the same destination for movement, but must still move the same distance, they need not pick the same target for attacks but must make the same number and kind of attacks. If the target is able to repeat their action they must do so and then must make another Will save or repeat it again on the next round, and do so again and again until they cannot repeat the action or succeed on a Will save, or have repeated the action 1 + ¼ binder level times. This is a mind-affecting compulsion effect.
    • Chaotic Evil: You strip the target of the strength they value so highly. They take 1d6 Strength damage +1 per 4 binder levels. A Fortitude save is allowed to halve this damage.

    For Contractors: See the Soul's Allegiance (see below)

    See the Soul's Allegiance
    Effective Level:
    School: Divination.
    Path: Apocalyptic Whispers, Gotterdamerung.
    Casting Time: Standard action.
    Range: 60-ft.
    Area: Cone shaped emantion
    Duration: Concentration.
    Saving Throw: No.
    Spell Resistance: No.
    Truename: No.
    Your gaze turns to the souls of those before you, weighing good and evil, and seeing to whom it belongs.
    When you use this invocation it functions as your choice of Detect Chaos, Detect Evil, Detect Good, or Detect Law. In addition if on round three or later the creature or object whose aura you are investigating has a patron deity which is True Neutral or the alignment detected you learn what their patron deity is.

    With (Improved) Bind Vestige: If bound through the use of Improved Bind Vestige Seto grants you the Shoulders to Carry the World ability. If Practiced Binding is also used Seto also grants Choose Your Balance.

    Vestige Mastery – Seto [General]
    You have found a balance with the Elephant of Alignment within your heart and soul, drawing more deeply on his power.
    Prerequisites: Favored Vestige (Seto), must be neutral on at least one alignment axis.
    Benefit: When you bind Seto you may choose a second alignment with Choose Your Balance. This alignment must match either your own alignment or that chosen first with Choose Your Balance on one axis. You gain the benefits of Choose Your Balance and the appropriate Power of Allegiance for that alignment.
    In addition as a standard action you may designate one alignment you possess (either intrinsically or through Choose Your Balance). That alignment is unaffected by your Trumpet of Judgment until you select another alignment with this ability, or your pact with Seto ends.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fizban View Post
    Worst, paladin, ever.

    Makes me want to take the Cleric of Lastai in my head and shift into (Divine) Anima Mage.
    There may be some not so subtle commentary on the smite first paladin in there.
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