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    Here you go, that last gif gave me an idea.

    Zee, Thief of Perception (ThiefofZ)
    Vestige Level: 4th
    Binding DC: 20

    Zee was a rogue who had mastered the art of stealth to the point that he hid from the universe itself.

    Legend: Zee was a rogue and spy who specialized in stealth recon and infiltration. He built his career off of getting in to places and observing what he found, relaying that information back to his employers. As he grew in skill, so too did he grow in enemies. After spying on an unsuspecting wizard, the wizard discovered him. When Zee fled, the wizard kept up with his scrying magic and would always be a step ahead of him. Zee realized that anywhere he went, the wizard would be able to find him. He decided to be nowhere and hide from the universe itself, believing that if the universe itself couldn't find him, neither would the wizard. Somehow, he succeeded. Unfortunately, in doing so he lost his way. By hiding from the universe, the universe adjusted to his absence and he was trapped.

    Manifestation: You don't actually see anything when Zee manifests. The sigil blurs and distorts, making it difficult to see, and the area around you darkens a bit.

    Sign: Your shadow stretches in the opposite direction, pointing toward light sources instead of away.

    Influence: Even while trying to draw attention, you make an effort to remain hidden and difficult to see.

    Special Requirements: Zee's sigil cannot be drawn in areas of bright light.

    Granted Powers:
    Blur (Sp): You may use the blur spell as a spell-like ability at will with your effective binder level as your caster level. You can not use this ability if you are suppressing Zee's sign.

    Zee's Skill (Su): Due to the skill Zee acquired in life, you add your effective binder level as a bonus to Hide and Move Silently checks.

    Shadow Strike (Su): You can plunge a weapon into your own shadow and attack your foe from his, to a range of 10 feet per effective binder level. This catches your opponent Flat-Footed. If you are in an area where there is not enough light to cast a shadow, you cannot use this ability. If you used this ability while hiding, you do not take the normal penalty for hiding after an attack. You can only use this ability once every 5 rounds.

    Zee's Vision (Su): While Zee is bound, you gain Low-Light Vision and Darkvision 60 and can also see in all forms of magical darkness. If you already have Low-Light Vision, your vision enhances so that you can see three times as well as a human in conditions of low light. If you already have Darkvision, you Darkvision improves by 60 feet.

    Distort Aim (Su): If you are flanked, whenever one of the creatures flanking you misses due to concealment, treat the attack roll as an attack against the other creature flanking you.
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