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I LOVE it. Or, well. At least lust after it.

Yes, I'd have preferred to live, but that's tough as far as becoming a vestige goes. :P
It really is. I mean we have had 'torn apart by Tiamat so that their soul can't hold together', 'smote by a paladin while earnestly trying not to be Chaotic Evil', 'killed by two primordial gods of Law, one of which might be Asmodeus, in their Chaotic fight while all you were doing was keeping reality from falling back into the primal Chaos', 'sealed for eternity by the gods for the little thing of being a dracolich bent on multiversal conquest' (I think that's one of the few that didn't die), 'killed by red dragons and made into weapons for the army you tried to stop', 'stripped of divinity and doomed to live in a kingdom you froze just for falling in love with some guy and... making his life a living hell so he would have no one else to turn to', 'killed by your trusted lieutenant, Asmodeus, while trying to secure the place of your species in the cosmic scheme', 'possessed by a ghost and used as its puppet till your soul withered to a husk', 'killed as an abomination by people you were trying to warn', 'froze yourself/broke physics and was kicked out of reality', 'banished from existence by Asmodeus', 'banished from Hell by Asmodeus after being inflicted with a biological anti-fiend weapon', 'turned against your very nature creating massive destruction', 'vanished from reality in a super duel', ... Really this thread could be called GitP Regulars as horrible fates.

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What, no option to screw the rules because you have money? 0/10 would not bind. Seriously, very interesting, especially with the two different abilities with 9 options.
Yeah but one of them you don't have any choice in what happens. Also fine...

Seto the Seahorse (Yu-Gi-Oh)

Seto was a rich jerk.
Vestige Level: 8th.
Binding DC: 45

Legend: Seto was a rich jerk who getting his comeuppance for attempting to murder a lot of people was saved from his horrible fate due to popularity, and proceeded to become the primary rival throughout the legend, and escape it all relatively intact.

Manifestation: A helicopter lands and a man with a badass longcoat steps forth, a duel disc on one arm and a briefcase in his other hand. He challenges you to a children's card game.

Sign: Your hair becomes green, the better to screw the rules.

Influence: While under Seto's influence you must be mean and jerkish to everyone you meet, including your dear little brother.

Granted Powers: Seto grants you the ability to have money, screw the rules, and summon 3 white dragons in one turn.

I have Money: As a standard action you may summon 1 gold piece per 5 binder levels. These gold pieces last 1 hour per binder level.

Screw the Rules: As a standard action you may break the rules. Once you have done so you must wait 5 rounds to do so again.

Summon Blue Eyes White Dragons: As a standard action you may summon 3 adult white dragons. They have blue eyes. They do your bidding for 1 hour and then vanish. You may not use this ability again until they have vanished and then 5 rounds have passed.