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Rijan_Sai hereby steals the above statement for application unto himself!
Rijan Sai, Blade of Death (Rijan Sai)

Vestige Level: 6th.
Binding DC: 25.

Legend: Rijan Sai was a warrior-necromancer whose repeated victories upon the field of battle led him to a high place of honor in the royal court, and the hand of one of the princesses in marriage. With this position of power came many enemies, and there were those who opposed the idea of a necromancer holding a place of honor within the royal court.

Rijanís enemies conspired and with poison in his wine killed him. They congratulated themselves for cleansing the court of his tainting presence, even as a harsh scraping could be heard upon the door of their meeting place. As one went to investigate the sounds, Rijanís ghost passed into their chamber. The battle was quick and bloody but the conspirators were slain. One tried to flee but soon discovered that the scraping at the wall had been the claws of Rijanís skeleton against the door, and its claws found his throat.

Afterwards Rijan returned to the palace and his wife, but she shrieked and turned from this ghost and his skeleton in terror, begging between sobs for him to leave and never return. Rijan did, leaving not merely the castle but reality as it is known.

Manifestation: Rijanís skeleton seems to claw its way up out of the seal, rising to its feet before the would be binder before its shadow rises up off the ground in the form of a man made of living darkness. This wraith speaks with the binder making their pact.

Sign: Your flesh is cold and clammy like that of a corpseís.

Influence: While under Rijanís influence you become extremely suspicious of food prepared or touched by others, and will not eat or drink anything that another could have tampered with, even your most trusted friends.

Granted Powers:

Expel Skeleton: As a standard action you may expel your skeleton from your body. It becomes an unintelligent undead with your Strength, 2 higher Dexterity than you (it gains any enhancement bonuses you possess to these scores), 1 Charisma, 10 Wisdom, and no Constitution or Intelligence. It has hit dice equal to your binder level (BAB +1/2 hit dice, Fort +1/3 hit dice, Ref +1/3 hit dice, Will +2 +1/2 hit dice), natural armor of a skeleton of its size, DR 5 +1/4 your binder level overcome by magical bludgeoning weapons only, immunity to cold, turn resistance +2, and undead trait. This skeleton loses any flight you possess, as well as all special attacks and special qualities you possess except those derived from alignment or elemental subtypes, and gains a pair of claw attacks as primary natural weapons dealing 1d4 damage (plus strength), as well as any armor or weapon proficiencies you possess. If your skeleton is destroyed you take damage equal to Ĺ its maximum hit points and may not use this ability again until your skeleton reforms (which takes 1 hour). You may return your skeleton to your body as a full round action by touching it (at which point it ceases to be a creature and fully heals). Once you return your skeleton to your body you cannot expel it again for 5 rounds. You must have a skeleton to use this ability, and you must have a body beyond just a skeleton.

Feast of Darkness: Whenever a creature within 30 ft of you suffers negative levels you gain a +1 profane bonus per negative level they suffered (to a maximum of +1/3 binder levels) to attack, damage, saves, skill checks, and ability checks for 1 round.

Ghost Form: As a swift action you may become incorporeal. You gain the incorporeal subtype (and a deflection bonus to AC equal to your Charisma modifier) and any weapon you wield is considered to be ghost touch. You may use this ability for up to 1 round per binder level each day, and may end it at any time as a free action. Once you have ended a use of this ability, you must wait 5 rounds before using it again (assuming you still have rounds of use left).

Martial Wraith: Whenever you strike a creature in melee which poses an immediate threat to you or an ally you may channel a spark of negative energy dealing 2 damage to one creature within 10 ft of you. As this is negative energy if used against an undead creature they are healed 2 hp.

Sword of Lost Life: As a standard action you may make a single attack. If it hits a creature which poses an immediate threat to you or your allies you may channel negative energy dealing 4d6+binder level damage to the target and to another creature within 20 ft of the target. Creatures healed by negative energy are healed by this extra damage, and the secondary target is allowed a Will save to halve the damage. Once you use this ability you cannot use it again for 5 rounds.

Twisted Spirit: Whenever you use a Devoted Spirit stance or maneuver that allows you to heal an ally you may instead choose to inflict negative energy damage equal to the amount of hp that would be healed upon a single creature (enemy or ally) within range. If you use Strike of Righteous Vitality you you may instead duplicate the effects of a Harm spell, in which case the target is allowed a saving throw (DC 19 + your Charisma modifier) as they would for a Harm spell.

For Contractors: Word of Final Respite.

Word of Final Respite
Effective Level: 6th.
School: Necromancy.
Casting Time: Standard action.
Range: Close.
Target: 1 creature.
Duration: Instantaneous.
Saving Throw: Will halves.
Spell Resistance: Yes.
With a word you cut the strands that tie a creature to this world, pushing them inexorably towards death.
Target takes 1d6 damage/caster level. If the target has less than half health this damage is increased by 50% (as if empowered; if this invocation is empowered it results in a net +100% damage not +125%). A creature which receives no damage from, or is healed by, negative energy takes no damage from this effect, and any resistance to negative energy applies against this effect. This effect has its full effect on incorporeal creatures with no chance of failure due to their incorporeal nature.

Vestige Mastery Ė Rijan Sai [Vile]
You draw further upon Rijan Saiís necromantic might, cursing your foes with wraith-like powers.
Prerequisites: Favored Vestige (Rijan Sai), Knowledge (religion) 15 ranks.
Benefit: When Rijan Sai is bound you may inflict 1d6 Constitution damage with a melee touch attack as a standard action; a successful Fortitude save negates this. You may also use Ghost Form for 1 minute/binder level each day and while in ghost form each melee attack you make inflicts 1 Constitution damage (Fort negates). In addition your skeleton when expelled with expel skeleton inflicts 1d6 Constitution damage (Fort negates) with its claw attacks. In all cases the save DCs are as if these were vestige abilities granted by Rijan Sai.

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Wow, Zaydos! Thanks! That sounds totally EPIC! I was sad when I read of the Great Elephant's cruel fate, but I guess that's the price to pay for that much awesomeness.
The Trumpet of Judgment and the idea of making every creature experience the limits of their own alignment makes me positively giddy. Also, I laughed at the "must consider the consequences of your action on the balance between the cosmic forces" clause. Most players would hate that, but I plead guilty to overthinking alignment matters in all sorts of verbose and long-winded ways.
All it was trying to do was keep reality afloat. But no, possibly (but I don't believe so) Asmodeus had to be a stupid-head. Also over thinking alignment can be fun. And thanks

Also, Seahorse. Kaiba. Kai-Ba. Sea-Horse. Damn. So obvious. But it never hit me until now. Thanks for teaching me something!
I will note while his name is literally Sea + Horse that's not the Japanese name for seahorses. Also Moku means Wood.