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    Quote Originally Posted by MetaMyconid View Post
    I cast Permanency on this.

    Hocus pocus, permission granted, for spells and feats and swords and all that bogus!
    Sporagloth, Beyond a Myconid (MetaMyconid)

    Sporagloth was a myconid fascinated by artifice and driven mad by it. He grants you the ability to form fungal colonies, use myconid spores, bond with your armor, and pass among constructs as one of their own.
    Vestige Level: 7th.
    Binding DC: 30.
    Special Requirements: Sporagloth cannot be bound when there are dwarves within sight or by a dwarf.

    Legend: Sporagloth was a myconid sovereign, who ruled its fungal people with an iron will. The myconid sovereign had a strange curiosity for its fungal race, looking out at the outside races with awe and interest, looking at their great creations and feeling envy. Sporagloth’s tiny nation captured a dwarven artificer, and Sporagloth developed a plan. The myconids held the artificer captive, threatening his family, so that he would make for Sporagloth’s people a variety of magical wonders for their own use. In some versions of the tale this idea was not in truth Sporagloth’s own, but a suggestion from an imp seeking to taint the fungal king.

    This continued for years, Sporagloth’s myconid people extending their underground kingdom with the help of magical digging tools, enchanted armor, amulets that increased their vitality, and even construct guardians. It was this last that truly interested Sporagloth and Sporagloth began to contemplate becoming more than just a myconid. Sporagloth forced the artificer to create for it a great armor with which it could incorporate, a powerful suit which would allow it to grow beyond the bonds of a mere myconid sovereign.

    The artificer created this armor and Sporagloth grew both in power and size, towering over its circle leaders, as it spread further and further. Sporagloth became equal parts plant and artifice, but there was a curse in the armor, and slowly it ate away at Sporagloth’s mind. It burrowed within and the fungal sovereign found itself controlled by the curse within the armor. It began a rampage and path of destruction, slaughtering and killing its subjects, able to only watch as it killed its kin and kingdom.

    Yet Sporagloth did not die, though it might have chosen to. Although the artificer and his family took advantage of the chaos to flee, and Sporagloth’s kingdom was destroyed, the fungal sovereign lived on still controlled by its cursed armor and still growing. It spread throughout the caverns, a rampant killer, only safe for the unliving and dwarves who the armor restrained it from attacking. The dwarves made use of Sporagloth then, using it as a tactical hiding hole for their wars against the orcs and drow. Yet Sporagloth’s mind was still alive, and it raged against those who murdered its people using it for their defense, yet it was impotent against the curse.

    Sporagloth’s rage grew and grew however, and when the dwarves drove an orcish army into its clutches its fury finally reached a critical point. The self-replicating armor long since a part of its form began to glow as the curse within was converted by the sheer rage into pure magical energy. Sporagloth’s armor exploded, the cavern collapsing crushing dwarf and orc alike, and when the rubble was removed not a single trace of the titanic mass of fungus Sporagloth had become could be found among the tangled corpses.

    Manifestation: Sporagloth manifests as a series of sprouting fungal fruiting bodies that soon begin to spread out from the sign. Pieces of metal seem to be organically grown throughout this fungal mass, and Sporagloth’s voice seems to boom from the entire carpet.

    Sign: Mushrooms along your arms and back. If picked they quickly sublimate even as new ones grow from your flesh.

    Influence: While under Sporagloth’s influence you become extremely protective of your kin and comrades, even those you normally would use as expendable tools, and may not allow harm to befall them if you can prevent it.

    Granted Powers:

    Bonded Armor: By spending one minute you may extend hyphae like growths through any armor you wear bonding it to you until you remove it or your bind with Sporagloth ends. While bonded with your armor in this way you gain a resistance bonus to saving throws equal to your armor’s enhancement bonus and when you need to make a saving throw you may, as an immediate action before rolling, use your AC in place of your saving throw (you do not roll, you simply compare your AC against the DC and if your AC is as high or higher than the DC you succeed on your save). Inspired by this homebrew.

    Bud Cohort: By spending 10 minutes of concentration you may bud a clone of yourself. This clone has the plant type no matter what your actual type is and the plant traits instead of your own traits; if your type was Undead, Deathless, or Construct it has 10 Constitution. This clone has all your stats as if with 4 negative levels other than type, but is unable to act in anyway. As a standard action, however, you may transfer your consciousness into your clone, possessing it as if through Magic Jar while possessing your clone in this way you are treated as having 4 negative levels, and your body is helpless (as if you were using Magic Jar). However there is no range limit to how far you may go from your body and still have your soul return to it on the death of your clone. Your clone has fungally grown copies of any gear you were carrying when it was created, and while you possess your clone as long as your body still carries said items they function as if they were those items, but draw their very essence from them and if they are removed from your body or destroyed so too are the fungal copies, any magical properties are shared but using the magical property of a fungal copy uses it on the real item as well. If an item leaves your possession for more than the time required for a single attack it reverts to its fungal form and loses all abilities.

    You may create any number of fungal clones, but your consciousness may only possess one at a time. If a fungal clone is reduced to 0 or less hp it immediately dies, decomposing and sublimating rapidly.

    Construct Empathy: You may use a Charisma check with an untyped bonus equal to your binder level in place of Diplomacy to effect the attitudes of beings with the Construct type or Living Construct subtype. You may also use a Dexterity check with an untyped bonus equal to your binder level in place of the Ride skill when riding a Construct or Living Construct. In addition, mindless Constructs (Int 0) treat you as a Construct of the same type, and ignore your presence unless you attack them or they are directly ordered to attack you. Pretty much directly taken from this homebrew

    Pacification Spores: As a standard action you may spray forth a burst of spores from your mouth in a 30 ft line. Any living creature in the line must make a Fortitude save or be fascinated for 2 rounds/binder level. Any overt danger directed at themselves, such as having a weapon or spell aimed at them, a creature approaching with drawn weapons, etc breaks this fascination, but the presence of general danger nearby does not grant bonuses against it. Any save bonus or immunity to poison, however, do apply. Once this ability is used you must wait 5 rounds to use it again.

    Rapport Spores: You may release a 30 ft cone of spores as a standard action. You may communicate with any living creature caught in this cone as if through telepathy as long as it remains within 120 ft.

    For Contractors: Painful Slumber of the Ages.

    Vestige Mastery – Sporagloth [General]
    While Sporagloth is bound you are able to more thoroughly incorporate your armor into your being.
    Prerequisites: Craft (Armorsmithing) 15 ranks, Favored Vestige (Sporagloth).
    Benefit: Whenever you bind Sporagloth select one Magitech Templar magitech upgrade, you gain the benefits of it whenever you wear armor you have bonded with through Sporagloth’s Bonded Armor ability. You must fulfill any prerequisites the magitech upgrade possesses, but you are considered to have Armored Fortitude, Armored Reflexes, Armored Will, and Construct Empathy for these purposes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Snowbluff View Post
    Yeah, she's the good guy.

    Anyway, that show definitely fails with its premise. It's clear the whole "kiss to seal their powers" thing is entirely unnecessary, save for 2 cases... maybe.
    I assume she comes back and proves it later.

    I have to finish season 1 and then decide whether it's worth watching season 2, or to look for something different.

    Also I must make 7 more non-epic vestiges before this thread ends... arguably also 3 more epic vestiges.
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