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    Quote Originally Posted by SangoProduction View Post
    Sure, I give it.
    Sango, Captor of Music (SangoProductions)

    Sango attempted to control music and found himself obliterated by it. When bound he grants the ability to produce magical songs to gain their power, and to release sound as a weapon.
    Vestige Level: 5th.
    Binding DC: 25.

    Legend: Sango was a conductor, a producer of music, one who irected others in their arts. Famed throughout his homeland, Sango attempted to create the ultimate orchestra. This was not an ends in and of itself however, no, Sango sought to use this ultimate orchestra to capture music itself, and for this purpose he sought sorcerous help.

    An auditorium was built to perform the deed, the orchestra practiced and trained, and an audience gathered. Sango began to conduct, to lead his orchestra through its songs to try and lure the very essence of music within the trap he had had designed.

    It almost worked. Music came, not just that sound called music, but the very essence of Music, but Sango and his sorcerous assistant had gravely underestimated the strength of this primal force. The trap sprung, Music shattered it, and as strange songs from before sapience first awoke in the Great Wheel began to play, songs as even the gods had not heard since the Wheel was shaped. The Eternal Song raged and the entire auditorium collapsed. Those who did not escape, permanently mad beyond even the reach of magic, were never found, not a single trace of their existence.

    Manifestation: A man appears in the seal dressed as a conductor. He does not speak but merely holds up a hand and a baton causing music to begin to play in the area letting its orchestral tunes indicate mood and consent.

    Sign: On occasion your body will seem to change shade, hair and skin becoming lighter or darker (and not necessarily the same for each) for the blink of an eye.

    Influence: While under Sango’s influence you cannot stand any songs save those you produce, and may not allow others to produce music.

    Granted Powers:

    Claws of Sound: While Sango is bound you gain a pair of natural weapon claw attacks which deal 1d4 damage and can be used as primary or secondary natural weapons (gaining strength as appropriate). In addition any claw attack you make gains bonus sonic damage equal to ½ your binder level.

    Discordant Cacophany: As a standard action you may release a burst of sound. Creatures (other than yourself) and unattended objects within 10 ft of you take 1d6 sonic damage per binder level. A Fortitude save is allowed to halve this damage. Once you have used this ability you must wait 5 rounds before using it again.

    Produce Song: As a standard action you may make music begin playing about you. While it originates from you (and you may make a Perform check with it using ½ your binder level in pace of your ranks in Perform) there is no associated instrument and unless you are actively using the Perform skill it requires no action from you to maintain. This song can be played mutedly so that it is difficult to hear (requiring a DC 10 listen check before DC modifiers such as distance and walls), or can be played loudly imposing a -4 penalty on listen checks in the area (and requiring a DC -10 listen check), or a sane volume (DC 0 listen check). When you use this ability select one of the songs below to begin. Once that song has played for 5 consecutive rounds you gain a benefit based upon it until it stops playing. You may change song or volume as a swift action, though if you change the song you do not gain its benefits until 5 rounds have passed.
    • Resonance: As a standard action select a willing ally within 60 ft. While this song is active the selected ally gains the benefits of your Pact Augmentation ability as long as they remain within 60 ft or until you select another ally for this ability. In addition if either creature would take damage they may immediately end the effect of this song to transfer any amount of that damage to the other creature in the bond; they may not transfer damage greater than the other creature's remaining hit points in this way, and any damage dealt through this transference is not reduced or converted to nonlethal damage by abilities such as DR, regeneration, or hardness. If the song is ended this way it does continue to play and its effect resumes after 5 rounds (it does not require another standard action to start).
    • Stronger than You: While this song is active whenever you make a melee attack against a creature treat your Strength as its Strength +2. In addition whenever you make an opposed Strength check or Grapple check against a creature treat your Strength as its Strength +4.
    • Wave of Reason: While this song is active you gain a +6 insight bonus to Knowledge checks and the Knowledge Devotion feat; you do not however get to add a knowledge skill to your class skills (as the Knowledge Devotion feat normally allows you to). Allies within 30 ft of you gain a +4 insight bonus to Knowledge checks and half the bonus you receive from the Knowledge Devotion feat.
    • Hide and Seek: At the end of any turn in which you do not attack (as defined by the spell invisibility) you become invisible as the spell invisibility until you attack or this song ends. In addition you gain a +8 competence bonus to Spot and Search checks and the ability to see invisible and ethereal creatures and objects as the spell see invisibility.
    • Moving Forward: You gain the benefits of a Freedom of Movement spell and the Improved Bull Rush feat; if you already possess the Improved Bull Rush feat you may push the opponent up to twice the distance indicated by your roll (you still need to move with the target unless another ability circumvents this).

    Song Step: When gaining the benefit of a song created by Produce Song (requiring the song to have been played for 5 rounds) you may end the song as a swift action to teleport up to 10 ft if the song was quiet, 30 ft if it was a normal volume, and 90 ft if it was loud. Once you have used this ability you must wait 5 rounds before you use it again.

    For Contractors: Song of the Spheres (Doomsayer Invocation).

    Vestige Mastery – Sango [General]
    While Sango is bound you gain the ability to remix two songs together to gain both of their powers at once.
    Prerequisites: Favored Vestige (Sango), Perform (any) 8 ranks.
    Benefit: While Sango is bound when you use Produce Song you may produce 2 songs at once gaining all their benefits simultaneously.

    Quote Originally Posted by unseenmage View Post
    Did Draconium's vestige of me ever get an epic vetsion?
    Nope. Though notably no one's vestiges of people have gotten epic versions, there's just been epic vestiges made of people who may all have already had completely unrelated non-epic vestiges made of them (or in Red Fel's case it's now possible for an epic level binder to triple bind him, but only if they're Lawful Evil). But I think there are only 3 epic vestiges in the thread atm. Which is 1 less than official epic vestiges.

    That said I still need to try and break 32 regular in thread vestiges before I turn to making 3 more epic vestiges.

    I may be mad (well I went theurge, optimal no, fun yes, and I'm an NPC I don't care about ECL I'm just build to properly challenge the party).
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