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    Give permission, permanently I do.

    Spoiler: Yoda
    This time it's not about delusions of being an archfiend! Also the Yoda was delicious.

    Atemu, Oni of the Worm (atemu1234)

    A mahotsukai who served Kyuss and was devoured by the same worms he sought to use to devour his friends and family.
    Vestige Level: 4th.
    Binding DC: 22.
    Special Requirements: You must eat a live worm as part of binding Atemu.

    Legend: Atemu was a necromancer, or as he was called in his native land a mahotsukai. Traveling to a far western land to learn the secrets of its powers, he instead learned of its dark gods and fell into the worship of one, Kyuss the Worm who Walks. Atemu brought the dark lore of this gods back with him to the eastern lands, and his spawn as well, the worm-ridden loping corpses.

    Returning to his homeland Atemu taught his fellow practitioners of blood magic of Kyuss, of the promise of immortality in undeath, the escape from the corruption that was life and the nthingness of death. Some rejected Atemu, his new masterís spawn killed them and gave them the blessing they would have rejected. Others came willingly, and a cult of Kyuss was born in Atemuís country. Little by little it gained influence and spread throughout the country, a dark corruption infecting those within. The promise was born, serve the cult well and immortality as a wight would be yours. Even the common folk could gain independence in undeath, for the undead were sacred to the cult and not to be countrolled.

    As Atemuís cult grew in the name of his master, his own ambition grew as well. Finally he decided to make his move, in an offering to his god he would feed the daimyoís household to the worms. However something went wrong. When Atemuís cult barred the gates of the palace and released the worms into it, the daimyoís household was ready and already evacuations had begun through a secret path that Atemu had been assured had been blocked was open, the imperial priests were within the palace and Atemu found his cult rounded up, and forced into the palace they had thought they were ambushing. As the priests flooded the palace with holy water, the undeath-filled worms fled to the same chamber as the cowering cultists and their hunger growing with their pain they turned on Atemu himself. As the worms ate Atemu the holy waters flowed into the room. The worms still feasting on Atemuís flesh burned and died, even as the necromancer breathed his last and the cult he had founded was wiped from the land.

    Kyuss, however, was not pleased. The audacity of Atemuís attempt to follow Kyussís own audacity as a priest, coupled with the abect failure leading to the cleansing and destruction of hundreds of thousands of Kyussís holy worms had enraged the god and he would not allow Atemuís soul within his realm. The gods of Atemuís own homeland would not accept him, not even to their hell for he had turned to foreign devils, and worshipped a god of another realm, and planted the seeds of Kyussís profanity within their own garden.

    With no place to go, Atemu became a vestige.

    Manifestation: Atemu appears as a dark-haired man in a pale blue kimono. His hair is tied up in a top knot and two swords sit sheathed at his waist. He holds a folding fan in a single hand as he discusses the pact with his would be binder. As the pact making process goes on worms begin to squirm forth from his flesh, little holes forming in his skin as they fall free. When the pact is made he comes undone, his whole form dissolving in worms which push themselves into the binder through nose and mouth.

    Sign: Your skin rises and writhes as if worms were crawling beneath it.

    Influence: While Atemu is bound you become adverse to holy symbols of good aligned faiths. You may not voluntarily touch one, nor approach within 5 ft of one.

    Granted Powers:

    Belch Worms: As a standard action you may release a cone of worms from your mouth in a 15 ft cone. Living creatures within this cone must make a Fortitude save. Those that fail are nauseated for 1 round and sickened for 1d4 rounds afterwards and suffer 1 point of Constitution damage plus 1 per 4 binder levels you possess. Those that succeed are merely sickened for 1 round and take 1 point of Constitution damage per 8 binder levels you possess. Once you have used this ability you must wait 5 rounds before using it again.

    Disease Immunity: While Atemu is bound you gain immunity to disease.

    Iajutsu Adept: While Atemu is bound you gain a +8 competence bonus to Iajutsu checks and a +4 competence bonus to Initiative checks.

    Quick Draw: While Atemu is bound you gain the benefits of the Quick Draw feat.

    Walking Sacrilege: While Atemu is bound you are surrounded by an aura of desecration out to 20 ft. This functions as a desecrate spell cast on an altar or shrine to your deity, except that it moves with you. You may suppress this ability or resume it as a swift action.

    Worm Lash: When you draw a melee weapon you may transform it into a whip-like worm for a single attack made before the end of your turn. Your reach with this weapon is triple your normal melee reach (not your reach with a reach weapon even if this is normally a reach weapon), your target is considered flat-footed against the first attack you make after drawing a weapon in this manner, and you may use this worm lash to trip foes or disarm foes with a +2 bonus on the disarm check. Finally an attack with the worm lash is considered evil aligned for the purposes of Damage Reduction and regeneration. This transformation into a worm lash only lasts until you drop the weapon, attack with it, or the end of your turn, whichever comes first. Once you have used this ability you must wait 5 rounds to use it again.

    For Contractors: Crawling Eye.

    Vestige Mastery Ė Atemu [Vile]
    While Atemu is bound you gain the ability to control and create twisted worms to do your bidding.
    Prerequisites: Favored Vestige (Atemu).
    Benefit: While Atemu is bound you gain the additional granted ability listed below. In addition when you use your Worm Lash ability you may insert a parasite into a living target, they must make a Fortitude save or take 1d6 damage per round for 1 round per 3 binder levels as the parasitic worm eats through their body. A Remove Disease (or other disease ridding magic) effect ends this.

    Crawling Scout: You may release a large yellowish-white maggot from your flesh. You can see through the eyes of this maggot, so you can use it to scout or spy.

    The maggot can't crawl of its own volition, but you can direct it to move or climb up to 20 feet as a move action. Its Climb modifier is equal to your binder level (for Atemu) +8. The maggot is considered a Fine creature with AC 20 and 2 hit points. Its Hide and Move Silently modifiers are equal to your binder level. For all other purposes, its statistics are equal to yours.
    In addition you may direct it to climb into a creature that shares its space as a move action on your part. This is resolved as a melee touch attack, and if it succeeds the target must make a Fortitude save or begin to take 1 point of Constitution damage each round until they die. If this initial Fortitude save is a failure the only way to prevent the maggot is Iron Heart Surge, Remove Disease, other magic which removes diseases, either a Remove Curse or targeted Greater Dispel Magic with a CL greater than your binder level, your voluntary destruction of the maggot, or your death.

    You may as a standard action destroy the maggot yourself, this ends any active infection in addition to destroying the magic. You may not release a second maggot while the first is still active (including inflicting Constitution damage), nor may you for 5 rounds after it is destroyed.

    Quote Originally Posted by SangoProduction View Post
    Oh my god dude. Wow. That was...
    emotional response: positive.
    It really makes me want to get back in to making more music videos. Too bad I'm in a do-or-die stage in my college education.

    About the Resonance song, just to simplify it, and to make it more generally useful, I would suggest just "Either you or the resonating ally may choose to take any portion of damage the other takes, instead of them." Perhaps, up to 50% of the total damage to prevent you being completely untouchable (to hit point damage), I dunno.
    Glad you like it. And yeah Resonance steps on too many toes if I make it just two way Shield Other, currently the bigger effect is supposed to be the fact that it gives an ally +5 insight to attack rolls or DR 5/- or +5 insight to saves or ... Pact Augmentation is better than people give it credit for. Either way any changes will have to wait till I wake up.
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