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    Granting permision so I finally get my own thingy on the playground (hadn't had any yet.)
    Yael, Apostle of the Ancient Ones (Yael)

    An elf who offered his soul to the Ancient Ones becoming their emissary in life, and serving them now even in "death".
    Vestige Level: 6th.
    Binding DC: 26.

    Legend: Yael was an elven enchanter in the age of the Elder Elves, who studied deep into the magic of the mind and mental contact. He schooled his mind to contact that of other beings, to peer into their minds and find all that he could within, and then to seize it, claiming their allegiance with his magic power. All might have gone well for Yael, had he not been assigned to first contact duty at Firestorm Peak. He was there when they opened the Vast Gate and when reality broached into the Far Realm and the Far Realm returned the love tap.

    As the maddening energies flowed out, Yael did his job, he made contact mind to mind with the inhabitants of that place. It is due to this that Yael did not suffer the fate of his contemporaries, that the beings of that realm took a special interest in him. They claimed Yael, but he did not die. He reappeared on Flanness 243 years later, no longer Yael the Mindbender, but Yael the Prophet of the Faceless God. He spread the word and power of the Faceless God across the continent, his words and mental powers instilling devotion in those who listened, driving it into their minds as he bent them to his master’s will. However the people of Flanness arrived to drive him forth, and the dread prophet was forced back into that realm of madness he appeared from.

    He appeared next on the country of Khorvaire, one among many as the forces of Xoriat pushed into that world. Yael, using his seeming elven nature, walked among the defenders and sought to undermine the Gatekeepers with words and mental power both, but again he was found out and when they cast out the forces of Xoriat Yael was among them.

    Yael appeared next on Toril, the continent of Faerun. Yael, now called the Prophet of the Dweller in Darkness, attempted to seed the land with the cults of his god. Unfortunately Yael had arrived during the Time of Troubles, and a god made flesh took an interest in this new cult. They clashed, and the once-elf was overwhelmed. Cleaved in two by a deity’s blow, Yael was taken in by his master and the Crawling Chaos breathed life into him once more. It was not true life, not full life, but as his reward for loyal service Yael was cast into the Void of the Vestiges, to serve forevermore.

    Manifestation: Yael appears as an elf man with a third eye wide on his forehead. He is dressed richly in black robes of the finest material. As you speak his body seems to occasionally spasm, fleshy tendrils seeming to lash out from his back before retreating beneath his cloak. His skin, initially the palest white, darkens as he speaks, his robes lightening as well, until their colors have reversed, skin black as fulagen, and robes whiter than the cleanest snow.

    Sign: A third eye opens on your forehead.

    Influence: While Yael is bound you become evangelic, feeling the need to preach and spread the good word of your god… or the Crawling Chaos if you lack one. This compulsion strikes you at dusk, dawn, and whenever the topic turns to deities.

    Granted Powers:

    Dominating Personality: While Yael is bound if you make a diplomacy check to influence a single creature you may choose to take a -5 on the check. If you do so and you make a DC high enough to bring them to Helpful (or 20 if they already are helpful) you may attempt to Dominate them as the spell Dominate Person. This effect lasts 1 hour per 2 binder levels, and only affects humanoids, giants, and aberrations. If your binder level is at least 14 it can affect dragons, monstrous humanoids, constructs, undead, and outsiders with the native subtype. If your binder level is at least 18 it can affects animals, vermin, fey, magical beasts, plants, and elementals. If your binder level is at least 20 it can affect outsiders without the native subtype. This ability does not allow you to circumvent type based immunity to mind-affecting effects, merely target such a creature if you can get around it somehow or they lack it (in the case of living constructs, druids wild shaped into plants, etc). A Will save is allowed to resist this effect. Once you have used this ability you cannot use it again for 5 rounds.

    Emissary of the Ancient Ones: You gain a +4 bonus to Charisma checks and Charisma based skill checks dealing with creatures native to the Far Realm or Xoriat.

    Inured to Madness: You gain immunity to confusion effects, insanity, Wisdom damage and drain, and the effects of Depravity. In the case of Depravity additional points still accrue, but you suffer no ill-effects from Depravity (including pre-existing depravities) while this vestige is bound.

    Mindsight: While Yael is bound you gain the ability to communicate telepathically with any creature with a language out to a range of 20 ft. In addition you gain the benefits of the Mindsight (LoM) feat.

    Strip Name: Invoking the Crawling Chaos you can strip a creature of its true name. It cannot be targeted utterances or truename spells, and gains Spell Resistance 15 + binder level against targeted spells that do not require an attack roll. However it becomes unable to cast spells or use spell-like abilities unless it makes a caster level check (DC 12 + your binder level), and if used on an outsider the outsider loses the ability to use any greater teleport spell-like abilities they possess. A Will save is allowed to negate this effect, and it lasts 1 minute per binder level or until you use it again. Once you have used this ability you cannot use it again for 5 rounds.

    For Contractors: Song of the Spheres.

    Spoiler: Song of the Spheres
    Song of the Spheres
    Effective Level: 6th.
    School: Enchantment (Compulsion) [Mind-Affecting].
    Casting Time: Standard action.
    Range: Close.
    Target: 1 creature.
    Duration: Instantaneous.
    Saving Throw: Will halves.
    Spell Resistance: Yes.
    You sing the song of the dread lords. Only the merest echo heard on the physical plane, the majority of the song heard only within the mind of your foe resonating with their own intellect using it to drive them towards incoherent madness.
    The target takes 1d6 damage per point of their Intelligence score; a successful Will save halves this damage.

    Vestige Mastery – Yael [General]
    While Yael is bound you gain greater use of Yael’s mental powers.
    Prerequisites: Favored Vestige (Yael), Servant of the Old Ones.
    Benefit: You no longer suffer a penalty to Diplomacy checks when you use Dominating Personality. The telepathy granted by Yael’s mindsight increases to 100 ft. In addition you may use Yael’s Mindsight ability to spend 1 full round action to attempt to read the surface thoughts of a creature within the range of its telepathy (as the 3rd round of concentration on Detect Thoughts) a creature is allowed a Will save to resist this effect.
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