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    Default Re: [3.5/PF] GitP Regulars as Vestiges Type II

    Quote Originally Posted by Libro View Post
    I've lurked and read the GITP Regulars as (insert thing here) threads a couple times now, so...

    I'll see what comes of this, but I guess I'll grant permission for use as The Adversary. Psionic blade, other abilities, the works.
    Maybe have him known as "The Adversary" to binders of Magidin, but a different name to those who bind him. "The Adversary" could similarly have an alternate name for Magidin. Also, for the record, my name is the Italian word for book, not the astrological sign Libra with the last vowel swapped.
    Libro, Thought Made Manifest (Libro)

    Vestige Level:
    Binding DC: 20
    Special Requirement: You can't be bound to Libro and Magidin at the same time.

    Legend: In life, Libro was a powerful soulknife. However making his thoughts manifest wasn't enough for Libro, he wanted to shape reality itself. He sought to become a godmind, a deity made of thought and psionic energy (The Psion Incarnates from the Expanded Psionics Handbook are a lesser form of this power). In order to accomplish his goal, he undertook a ritual in a major metropolis on the winter solstice. Had it succeeded, it would have snuffed out the life force of everything in a two mile radius in order to elevate his own. Unfortunately, he was interrupted by a Dwarf that, until very recently, was only known as The Thoughtquencher. The Thoughtquencher fought Libro to stop the ritual, unleashing his chaotic powers. Had he arrived a few minutes earlier, the ritual could have been stopped, and if he was a few minutes late, it would have been complete, but as it stood, his interference brought the ritual down on them, making them both vestiges.

    Manifestation: A purple flame burns in the center of the seal, which slowly forms into a skeleton. Sinew then forms around the bones, though the skull remains bare. Eventually, it finishes re-forming him, a lithe human male with his skull still surrounded by purple flame.

    Sign: While bound to Libro, your eyes are replaced with purple flames. This doesn't effect your ability to see, but it is very noticeable unless you cover your eyes.

    Influence: While bound to Libro, you are required to accept any challenge that would not go against your morals or subject you to immediate danger. In combat, you must attack a Dwarf in favor of other viable targets if able.

    Granted Powers:
    Fickle Fortune: Whenever you or someone within 30 feet from you makes an attack roll, saving throw, skill check or other use of a d20, you may force them to re-roll and accept the new result. In addition, you may apply a +2 bonus or -2 penalty to that re-roll. When your binder level is 8 and every 3 binder levels thereafter, this bonus or penalty increases by one, to a maximum of +/-7 at 20th level. Once you use this ability, you may not use it for 5 turns.

    Mental Cantrips: You may manifest conceal thoughts, detect psionics, empathy and my light as psi-like abilities at will. You must show Libro's sign to use this ability.

    Psychic Agility: You get the benefits of the Speed of Thought and Up the Walls feats, even if you don't meet the prerequisites. You count as psionically focused for these feats, even if you otherwise aren't psionically focused.

    Summon Mindblade: You may summon a mindblade as a soulknife (Ultimate Psionics by Dreamscarred Press for Pathfinder) and have the enhance mind blade class feature of a soulknife half your binder level. Initially this manifests as a short sword, but you may change it as a full-round action as though you had the Emulate Melee Weapon blade skill. If you meditate for 10 minutes, you may have your mind blade work as though it was modified by an archetype (mind bolt, empowered strikes, etc.) If you chose a mind bolt this way, you may spend a full-round action to modify it as though you had the Emulate Ranged Weapon blade skill.

    If you can already summon a mind blade, instead your binder levels stack for advancing your enhance mind blade class feature.

    Psionic Prowess: You may manifest powers as though you were a Gifted Blade (Ultimate Psionics by Dreamscarred Press for Pathfinder), using your binder level as your manifester level, though you only have the power points of a Psychic Warrior half your binder level (rounded down), though you gain bonus power points for a high Wisdom.

    If you can already manifest powers, you gain those powers as bonus powers known and the power points as bonus power points, though without any extra due to a high Wisdom.

    Libro may be bound via the Improved Bind Vestige feat, though they only get the Psychic Agility ability. Those with the Practiced Binder feat also gain the Mental Cantrips ability.

    Sorry to dip into Pathfinder, but if you want a even halfway decent Soulknife, you've gotta use DSP. I gave him a luck based power because I got a weapon summoning power on my vestige, so there was clearly some exchange in the affair.

    Also, I kinda cribbed from The Dresden Files when making the legend, but it's a cool enough origin that nobody cares.
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    In general, this is favorable to the casters.
    3.5 in a nutshell, ladies and gents.
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