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    Dragon, Red

    The image implies running from a thing with a speed far exceeding your own is a sensible strategy. Then again, it's from the people who thought monk 20 was a sensible build, so it's not too surprising.

    At the top of the chromatic food chain we find the reds. Breath weapon is a cone of fire (finally some classic dragonness!), skills are Appraise (near-worthless), Bluff (pseudo-useful) and, I kid you not, Jump. Because obviously the winged sorcerous engine of death needs to make jump checks. Maybe a Wyrm of War will get some use out of it.


    A grand total of seven HD are good for the fire subtype, medium size, some strength, and a weak breath weapon. I know I make this comparison far too often, but a half-orc barbarian is outperforming a red wyrmling, down to the fire abilities. -0 LA.

    Very Young

    Large size, but nothing else. -0 LA.


    Sorcerer casting at ECL 13, soonest of all dragons. It would be impressive if it weren't so sad. -0.

    Whatever Comes Afterwards

    Because everyone knows that a SLA every few HD and some added strength bonuses can and will never make these into something worth the LA. I'm sorry, Smaug/Veritas fans, but reds are every single problem that plagues dragons, turned up to eleven. -0 for the lot of them.
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