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Ohh ohh. Can I be a vestige? Notes for Creators: Look at my avatar.
Xavier, the Kinslayer (LordOfCain)

An ancient mageknight who slew his own corrupt family.
Vestige Level: 1st.
Binding DC: 15.

Legend: Xavier was a mage in ancient times, trained with spell and sword as all his family were. They ruled an empire with an iron fist, slowly expanding out from their homeland razing and pillaging as they went. They became known as the Bloody Lords, such was their penchant for murder, torture, and sadism, and such was their love of these things they did not reject the title but embraced it, making their sigil be a flayed man, bleeding across his whole body.

Xavier knew that to openly oppose these practices would be his death, yet the whole disgusted him. He went along with their evil out of fear, but the idea came to him that he could kill them. One by one he arranged their deaths: friendly fire on the battlefield, accidents, disease, poison, being delivered to rebels by someone. It was difficult work to keep his own role a secret, but Xavier persevered killing one after another. Death in cold blood. Murder of the unsuspecting. There was no honor, merely kin slaying, but one by one the extended family was whittled down, till only 5 of the Bloody Lords remained, Xavier, his parents, and two of his siblings.

Xavier personally ended the three, revealing it all to his father as his cold steel pierced through the wizard-king’s heart, condemning the man already near the end of his life to die knowing his son had ended his line. Even Xavier’s mother, already dying of age was not spared Xavier’s blade.

His family slain Xavier declared himself king, declared a new age, an age of peace and fairness where the common man would no longer be oppressed, where the lords would no longer be bloody. In his speech he spoke to his allies in the rebellion, telling them that they had won, that they’d be assured a high place in the new order. He spoke of the certainty of a new, fairer, nobler world. He was killed in his sleep by the same rebels he had allied himself with, by those he had trusted like family.

The gods of good rejected him as a kin slayer, banishing him to the Lower Planes. His soul was condemned to a hell of its own making, to eternal torture in Dis at the hands of the family he had himself slain, the lemures they had become, the imps and spinagons they ascended to. To be torn down and torn down until ready to become a lemure itself, until there was no trace of good left in him. Such woul have been the fate of Xavier’s soul had not a paladin on some noble quest which led him deep into the Lower Planes found Xavier. The paladin drove the devil’s away, for even an evil soul should not be condemned to such a horrible punishment, and he sundered the chains of green steel which bound Xavier’s soul releasing it from its imprisonment. Xavier fled, through some chance managing to escape Baator, but when it did it could find no rest elsewhere, for the Planes and gods still rejected him as a kin slayer. Unable to find rest the soul grew more and more detached from the Great Wheel until it had become just another vestige.

Manifestation: Xavier appears in the seal as a pale skinned, dark haired man dressed in black. Blood slowly drips from beneath his clothes as the pact is made.

Sign: Dark rings form under your eyes, your skin elsewhere growing paler.

Influence: While Xavier is bound you must not kill a living creature.

Granted Powers:

Parry Spell: As an immediate action you may replace your AC against a ray, or other ranged touch attack, with a melee attack roll. To use this ability you must be aware of the attack, and holding a melee weapon that you are proficient with which is not part of your body, or worn as armor (such as armor spikes, or a gauntlet), a shield may be used this way. Once you have used this ability you must wait 5 rounds to use it again.

Learn Death: By touching a corpse or part thereof you may, as a standard action, learn the circumstances of its death to the best of its knowledge as it died, as well as who killed it (if it knew). This only gives you information directly related to its final demise. For example if slavers threw them to dogs that ate them they would know they were eaten by dogs, and killed by dogs; the slavers would not be mentioned.

Sorcery and Sword in Accord: Whenever you cast a spell, use a spell-like ability, or use a supernatural ability as a standard action you gain a +1 bonus to melee attack and damage until the end of your next turn; this bonus increases to +2 at 5th level, and +3 at 12th level. This bonus does not apply to attacks made with touch spells (unless carried on an unarmed strike or natural weapon) or supernatural touch attacks.

Subduing Blows: While Xavier is bound whenever you deal damage you may choose to have it be nonlethal damage instead. If you deal damage to multiple creatures at once such as due to an attack which affects an area) you may choose which to deal lethal or nonlethal damage to individually.

Sword and Sorcery in Accord: Whenever you make a melee attack against a creature which poses you a clear and immediate danger (not a friendly sparring match) you gain a +1 to caster level on spells that include it in their area of effect or targets for 1 round, and a +1 to effective binder level for activated vestige abilities which target it or include it in their area of effect until the end of your next turn.

For Contractors: Soulreaving Aura.

With Bind Vestige: When bound through Bind Vestige Xavier grants Sorcery and Sword in Accord. If you also have Practiced Binder he grants Subduing Blows.

Vestige Mastery – Xavier [General]
You are able to draw more talent of swordplay from your sorcery, and to not merely parry rays but to deflect them towards new targets entirely.
Prerequisites: Favored Vestige (Xavier), Spellcraft 2 ranks.
Benefit: While Xavier is bound you gain several advantages. When you use a spell trigger, spell completion, or command word magic item with a standard action activation time you gain the benefit for Sorcery and Sword in Accord. When you perform an action that does not require a standard action but if it required a standard action would trigger Sorcery and Sword in Accord you may (as a free action) have it trigger Sorcery and Sword in Accord; once you have done so you cannot cause a non-standard action to trigger it again for 5 rounds. Finally when you use Parry Spell you may choose a new target for the ray or effect within its range treating your square as its square of origin. You do not make an attack roll, instead using the original caster/attacker’s attack roll at -4. You may choose to have any damage dealt by the deflected ray be nonlethal.