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Permission, Pema
School transmutation; Level schlep 1

Casting Time 1 minute
Components E, T, F (a laptop with internet connection)

Range Personal
Target You
Duration Instantaneous
Saving Throw None (Harmless); Spell Resistance No

You weave a pointlessly overwrought joke, allowing any creature on the Giant in the Playground forums to write you into a feat, spell, template, weapon, deity, vestige, skill, midsize sedan, souffle recipe, etc. for the D&D 3.5 or Pathfinder game systems. If a creature does so, they must notify with a link to content.
Nova, the Binder of Dragons (Novawurmson)

Nova was a binder who specialized in draconic vestiges, but was tricked into exchanging places with one.
Vestige Level: 4th.
Binding DC: 18.

Legend: Nova Wyrmson was a binder of draconic descent. Said to have been one of the earliest and greatest binders of his day, and perhaps a contemporary of Ipos or Dahvler-Nar. Nova was particularly known for binding those vestiges which had once been dragons in life, for the raw power he could draw from his binds which make some suspect he was not a binder at all but one of the first contractors or vestige priests. Whatever the truth, Nova’s mastery of pact magic was legendary, especially his ability with a dragon turned vestige whose name is now lost to history.

Nova’s ambition was as great as his talents however, and like many who deal with the beings of the Void he grew too hungry for power and he made a mistake. His patron vestige offered him a special pact, even greater power in exchange for a small exchange of their own vital essences. Nova agreed, and his power became truly great, but the pact would not end, and each day he could feel himself slipping further into the void, more of the dragon vestige entering where his soul was pushed out. He attempted all the techniques he knew to exorcise this spirit, turning even to the gods, but they were of no help, and bit by bit he lost his position, the dragon vestige finding new life in his body, and his own soul passing into the Void.

Manifestation: A draconic maw made of shadows rises up from the center of the seal, and as it pulls away Nova can be seen, a man with red tattoos across his face, and hints of draconic scales on his throat and wrists. “Welcome, pact maker,” He says as the process begins.

Sign:Red text appears across parts of your face and torso, the writing seemingly that of some contract or pact.

Influence: While under Nova’s influence you must stick to the letter of any pact or agreement you make.

Granted Powers:

Expel Possessor: As a standard action you may attempt to force a possessing spirit out of a creature with a melee touch. This ability can expel fiends of possessing, possessing spirits (using the ECS or FCI possession rules), the control by intelligent magic weapons, spirits possessing a creature through Magic Jar, Mind Switch, or True Mind Switch, as well as vestiges and similar entities. The possessing entity must make a Will save or be expelled, or in the case of a vestige (or similar entity) the binder must make a Will save. If an entity is possessed by multiple creatures at once each creature must make a saving throw separately (or the binder must make a separate Will save for each vestige). If an entity possessing a body through True Mind Switch is expelled in this way they die. If a vestige is expelled this way it still counts against the number bound, but the binder loses all abilities granted by it until 10 minutes pass and they go through the act of making a pact with it again at which time they regain all granted powers; if they had a poor pact before the vestige was expelled they maintain a poor pact afterwards, if they had a good pact they must make a new binding check and risk making a poor pact. Once you have used this ability you may not use it again for 5 rounds.

Facilitate Pact: While Nova is bound you gain a +4 to your binding checks, as well as to ability or skill checks made to make pacts or deals of other sorts. This bonus increases to +6 for binding checks to make pacts with other draconic vestiges (Eligor, Ashardalon, Draconium, Zaydos, Pyrohignus, Jormund, Librannon, and Nykthog, as well as other dragon themed vestiges at the DM’s discretion; Nova would be included but only other draconic vestiges are affected).

Improved Draconic Pacts: When you bind a draconic vestige other than Nova (see Facilitate Pact for list) you gain a +2 to your effective binder level for the purposes of the powers granted by it while Nova is bound. In addition when you use a power granted by another draconic vestige which requires you to wait 5 rounds before using it again you may use it again 1 round sooner (this ability cannot reduce the wait to below 3 rounds even if combined with other abilities which reduce this wait).

Improved Pact Augmentation: While Nova is bound you may select 1 additional pact augmentation (as the binder class feature) over the number granted to you due to class levels (if you have none this allows you to select a single one). In addition you gain +2 damage to attacks for each time you have selected +1 damage as a pact augmentation (instead of +1), and if your effective binder level for Nova is greater than 10 you gain hit points equal to ˝ your binder level (for Nova) instead of +5 for each time you choose to gain bonus hit points.

Tap Connection: You gain the ability to draw additional power from the mystic connection to your vestiges. As a swift action, choose one pact augmentation ability that you are currently benefiting from. You gain an increased benefit from that augmentation for one round. You must wait 5 rounds after the ability ends to use this ability again.

  • Hit points - Gain temporary hit points equal to your binder level or your bonus hit points from pact augmentation, whichever is greater. These stack with temporary hit points from other sources, but never from additional uses of tap connection.
  • Energy Resistance - Increase the energy resistance to one form of energy from pact augmentation by half your binder level. If this brings your resistance from pact augmentation to 30 or more, you gain immunity to that energy type instead. You can choose to gain this energy resistance to an energy source you don't currently have resistance from, but the resistance overlaps (does not stack) with any source other than pact augmentation.
  • Saving Throws - Increase the Saving Throw bonus from pact augmentation by an amount equal to one quarter your binder level (min. 1).
  • Damage Reduction - Increase the damage reduction from pact augmentation by an amount equal to one quarter your binder level (minimum 1).
  • Armor Class - Increase the Armor Class bonus from pact augmentation by an amount equal to one quarter your binder level (min. 1).
  • Attack rolls - Increase your bonus to attack rolls from pact augmentation by an amount equal to one quarter your binder level (min. 1).
  • Damage rolls - Increase your bonus to damage rolls from pact augmentation by an amount equal to one half your binder level (min. 1).
  • Initiative checks - Roll your initiative twice and take either result. Using this ability is a free action instead of a swift action and can only be taken when you roll initiative. This still prevents you from using tap connection again for five rounds.

Stolen from here because it is a really neat and flavorful ability did change the saves to match attack/AC a bit more, and so that all abilities would work as a per encounter instead of daily limit (this included reducing duration to 1 round to make it a short term spike buff).

Wyrmson: You gain the dragonblood subtype and may speak Draconic.

For Contractors: Draconic Flight.

Vestige Mastery – Nova [General]
You are better able to expel possessing spirits and to draw energy from your pacts while Nova is bound.
Prerequisites: Favored Vestige (Nova), Knowledge (the Planes) 7 ranks.
Benefit: While Nova is bound when you use his Expel Possessor ability you do not need to make a melee touch but may use it upon a creature within 30 ft. In addition when you use his Tap Connection ability it lasts or 2 rounds instead of 1.

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