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Figure I might as well toss myself in if I'm going to be making things of other folks
Guigarci, Cleverer than Death (Guigarci)

A clever shadow genasi who outwitted Death himself.
Vestige Level: 3rd.
Binding DC: 20.

Legend: Now we’ve all heard about how you can play a game against Death for your life, yet you’d think if it was a test of logic and cold reasoning some great archmage would win and we wouldn’t have ‘em all turnin’ themselves into liches, and sacrificing the spice of life for the cold taste of ash, the vibrant colors for the dull shadows viewed by the undead. Yet they turn to it all the time. So why if they could live forever?

Well let me tell ya ‘bout a man who did just that, a man who beat Death ‘imself in a game of logic and cold reason, who took Death’s very king in a game of Chess. Guigarci was ‘is name, and tales say ‘e had the blood of the shadow jinn in his veins. Now this Guigarci was no tower dwellin’ archmage, in fact not but a dabbler in the sorcerer’s craft. Yet ‘is cunnin’ was brilliant they say, ‘is clever mind able to work in knots and loops that’d befuddle us common folks.

‘e was a layabout and a drifter, always goin’ from place to place and ‘opin’ to reach it before ‘is reputation did. ‘e lived a conman’s life at places, trickin’ folks to make ‘imself a fortune, but quick as ‘e made it, ‘e’d spend it too. ‘e was sharp, though, always able to find a way to make ‘imself a new fortune, and capable at whatever ‘e chose. If ‘e’d chosen an honest life ‘e might ‘ave become a magistrate or governor famous for ‘is laws, a lawyer to lick the Devil King Mephistopheles ‘imself, but ‘e didn’t want none of that. ‘E chose not to put down stakes, not to be pinned like that, but to travel on the wind itself.

Now I could tell ya a dozen stories about ‘ow ol’ Guigarci outwitted the cloud giant and stole its gold, or ‘ow ‘e stopped the rampage of the black unicorn with nothin’ more than the clothes on ‘is back, a sack of wheat, and an apple, or maybe ‘ow ‘e outwitted the mind flayers and why they stay away from the sun to this day, but that’s not the story for the evenin’ now is it. No, ya wante to know why wizards don’t just beat Death in his game.

Well one day ol’ Guigarci heard ‘bout the Witch Lady of Tarjun Bog, yes that Tarjun Bog, so listen up and maybe ya youngun’s can learn why ya are supposed to stay out of it. Now I could tell ya a few tales ‘bout the Witch Lady ‘erself, ‘ow the gods of tricks had a contest to see who could fool ‘er best, and ‘ow they each realized the Witch Lady had played ‘em and not ‘em played ‘er. And it’s that tale that ol’ Guigarci ‘eard, and ‘e thought to ‘imself well she might ‘ave licked ‘em gods, but she’s never seen the likes of Guigarci the Brilliant, for ‘e was a bit arrogant, ‘e was.

Well Guigarci tried ‘is trics on the Witch Lady and she saw through each and every one of ‘em, but Guigarci didn’t realize that at all till it was too late. The Witch Lady laid a seemin’ on her ‘ut and made it all look different so that the oven looked like the exit and the exit the oven, and when Guigarci went to flee carryin’ what ‘e believed was the Witch Lady’s secret treasure, ‘e was in oven ere ‘e knew it, and only realized what had ‘appened when the door slammed shut behind him and the heat came on.

Now Guigarci met a grissly fate, cooked and eatin’ by the ol’ Witch Lady, for she was a fearsome ogress and like most ogress ‘ags had a ‘ankerin’ for people flesh, ‘specially that of young children. ‘is story doesn’t end ‘ere though. After all, Guigarci did beat Death, I told ya that at the beginnin’. So Death came to take Guigarci away, still upset ‘bout that time ‘e was shoved into a sack but that’s another story, and ol’ Guigarci objected, sayin’ “now now, don’t I get a chance to beat ya and live, a game of chess, it’s tradition, ain’t it?”

Death scowled, but that was the rules, a game of chess to escape, and Death nodded to it. “YES SIR,” ‘e said in that voice of ‘is, “BEAT ME AND I CAN’T TAKE YOU.”

And Guigarci smiled and they played their game. In the end Guigarci won it too, and Death sighed. “I win I get to live,” Guigarci said, a grin on ‘is face, smug and confident as an elf.

Then it was Death’s turn to grin. “NOW, NOW, NO ONE SAID YOU’D LIVE, ONLY THAT I[size] COULDN’T TAKE YOU.[/size]”

“So what does that mean?” Guigarci asked, “I become a ghost?”

Death shook ‘is ‘ead, “YOU HAVEN’T GOT WHAT IT TAKES TO STAY A GHOST, I’D JUST HAVE TO TAKE YOU IN A FEW WEEKS. NOPE, I CAN’T TAKE YOU, BUT THAT JUST MEANS YOU GO THE ONE PLACE I CANNOT. TELL, SEGEV I’M WAITING IF HE EVER WANTS TO LEAVE.” And with that Guigarci felt ‘imself pulled out to that place Death cannot reach, but which no man really wants to go, save Segev that is. And that’s why wizards don’t play Chess with Death, cause to lose is better than to win.

A DC 25 Bardic Knowledge check.

Manifestation: Shadows cover the seal and begin to bubble up into a humanoid form. Slowly this humanoid mass of shadows takes on the appearance of a dark grey-skinned man, black tattoos across his bald head. A sly smile grows on his face as he begins to make the pact.

Sign: Your shadow grows overly large and dark, even in the brightest light, and even when light seems to come from all sides.

Influence: While Guigarci is bound you mustn’t pass up the chance to show you’re cleverer than another, or how you can trick someone.

Granted Powers:

Guigarci’s Knack: You are considered to have ranks in each skill equal to 1 plus ½ your binder level in each skill you have at least 1 skill rank in, or your real ranks in that skill whichever is higher.

Inspired Brilliance: Before making an attack roll, damage roll, saving throw, or making a Strength or Dexterity check or based skill check, you may use this ability to add your Intelligence as a competence bonus on the roll (min +1). Alternatively as a free action you may use this ability to gain a Dodge bonus equal to your Intelligence modifier to AC against 1 opponent for 1 round (min +1). Finally if you possess any abilities which use Inspiration Points you may use this ability in place of spending Inspiration points on that ability, if you do so you treat that ability as having the minimum number of inspiration points required spent upon it. Once you have used this ability you cannot use it again for 5 rounds.

Shadow Cloak:While within 5 ft of shadowy illumination (as viewed by a creature that lacks low-light vision) you may hide without cover or concealment even while observed.

Sharper than a Knife: You gain a +4 bonus to Intelligence; this bonus to Intelligence does not affect the save DCs of spells based on Intelligence, nor does it grant bonus spells per day if you gain Intelligence based bonus spells, but it applies for all other purposes.

Trickster’s Luck: You may re-roll a skill check as a free action. If you do so you may take either result but suffer a -2 penalty to whichever you choose to use. Once you have used this ability you must wait 5 rounds to do so again.

For Contractors: Beguiling Influence.

With (Improved) Bind Vestige: When bound through Impoved Bind Vestige Guigarci grants Inspired Brilliance. If you also have Practiced Binder he grants Trickster’s Luck.

Vestige Mastery – Guigarci [General]
You are able to draw inspiration from the rogue who beat death, mimicking his brilliance with your own.
Prerequisites: Brains over Brawns, Favored Vestige (Guigarci), Intelligence 15+ without Guigarci.
Benefits: While Guigarci is bound you gain Inspiration points equal to ½ your effective binder level (for Guigarci), and gain the Shadow Surge ability as an additional granted ability.

Shadow Surge: While within 5 ft of shadowy illumination (as viewed by a creature without low-light vision) you may use this ability as a free action to take an extra standard action during your turn. Once you have used this ability you must wait 5 rounds to do so again.